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Hrmmm, definitely interesting but it hasn't grabbed me with an inspiring opening yet. I'm still writing the massive horror that What is Love has turned into anyway. Maybe after that is finished, something will get me going in this direction? I think maybe I have too many ideas. Too many stories trying to hold onto me and tugging me all over the place. I will try to do it eventually though, I swear. D:

>>84 >>94 Oooh, excellent. We need more consensual and possibly sweet Spy pairings, especially with Scout.

>>90 >>95 I am very amused. Someone, proceed with this.

>>91 Mmmm... vests! Yes!

>>92 >>93
Fuck yes! YES! OMG, I need that! Now planning to add a tiny bit into what I'm writing now but shit, I may need to write that idea again with more sexiness. Especially focusing on a Spy/Engineer romance of some sort. Or someone else needs to. Or both! Or something. I'm confused but all I know is Engie giving or taking a paddling is amazing. Soldier too!

>>96 Love this idea and so glad someone's writing it.

>>101 >>105
YES. Just, yes! Would love if it's consensual breaking of Sniper. For some reason I really want it to be Heavy, who has decided to test if Sniper's a true Australian (meaning how much can he handle before being torn down.) Or maybe Soldier (patriotism; America is where you get real men!) or else Saxton Hale (are you from New Zealand? Where is your moustache?!)

>>106 Yes. The Dreaded Gay Virus! An excuse for an orgy!

I want this. I'm voting for threesome ending of Spy/Engie/Soldier. Also, I need food porn and spanking to go with this, y'all.

Also voting for the Soldier having brought wine and, in place of Sacramental bread, strawberries because that's what he has fucking decided is truth and God told him so! And he makes them have some because he thinks Holy Communion will save them. But it's not necessary, just general food porn and spanking is required. And a reference to Disapproving Soldier fanarts would be a major win here.

>>120 I approve, with the allowance of trimming. Overall scruffy Engineer with his hair grown in a bit, as well as the beard. Mmmm! Oh man. So fucking hot. Not sure if anyone else growing a beard is necessary but I would be intrigued if everyone else did it too. Maybe they just ran out of razors? And no one wants the Sniper or Spy to use their knives on them? Hrmmm... Medic with a goatee, good or bad?

I have returned with two new weird ideas!

1) Engineer leaves a sentry outside to protect somewhere around the base. Then he gets up the next day to find like about ten female OCs (either Mary Sue parodies or honestly decent OCs) all huddled around his sentry gun, playing with its inner workings and examining it. Maybe only half of them are truly mechanically inclined but the others like guns or simply wanted to follow their friends to see what they were so excited about or they liked breaking shit. The Engineer then awkwardly has to deal with getting them off his sentry and insisting that they shouldn't be on base. Bonus if you manage to work in another team mate mocking "Your guns bring all the girls to the yard" or some other reference to Engie and Milkshake. Anachronistic but I don't give a fuck. This is about Engie being so goddamn sexy that his sentry guns make women hot.

Incidentally, this also works with ten different Spies (male and/or female) or other Engineers. Or maybe a shit ton of random Australians! Or maybe all four? Or if you want, just the entire other team after their Spy has sapped the sentry into being inoperable but their Engineer kept it from being destroyed. That's right. A whole team being hot for Engie. This entire idea should be played for laughs but I do want some sexual overtones, damn it!

2) I desperately need Dell Conagher inventing a time machine and going back to 1890 or sometime shortly after and meeting Radigan Conagher (before or after Australium changes.) Then Radigan Conagher seduces him at some point, whether he's smart enough to realize something is up or not, and Dell ends up having the best sex ever from his own grandfather (whom he didn't know that well when he was very young, before his grandfather died.) Might work best if it's before Radigan changes, so he seems even less like what Dell remembers vaguely. Yes, it's wonky but that's mostly because it's kind of weird gauging Radigan's age from 1890 and Dell could be in his 30s or 40s by 1968, we really don't know for sure. Either way, Dell/Radigan GRANDPA SEX THAT CAN'T RUIN THE TIME STREAM WITH BABIES GO! Yes, I am that weird. I don't know where this came from exactly, I just know I want it.