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File 137273983418.jpg - (74.79KB , 512x512 , medicat.jpg )
8133 No. 8133
cause things seem kinda dead. so uhhh. Here's one of the cat sprays I made for myself. Just the same cat in every class but I'll put a random. I could draw different stuff though if anyone shows any interest.
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>> No. 8136
File 137279808942.jpg - (42.51KB , 620x372 , i-dont-want-to-live-on-this-planet-anymore-11372-2.jpg )
What the fuck is this furry shit?
>> No. 8137
I'm not a furry. I just happen to like cute animals. I'm sorry if this offends you. =/
But seriously was someone drawing a medic cat really warranting the 'I don't want to live on this planet' thing? lol
>> No. 8138
Try drawing some different stuff then, like people; let us get a better judge of your abilities and attempt to dispel the immediate recoil at the sight of an anthro cat medic.
>> No. 8139
File 137287207630.png - (47.40KB , 470x774 , engineershit.png )
Eh sure. I was gonna spare everyone though cause I'm no good at drawing people. But honestly. I tried. So I guess that's it?
>> No. 8140
Honestly, this is much better than the first image - and not just because it isn't of an anthropomorphissd animal. 

Not a bad start at all! I'd like to see you keep going since improvement will only come with practice. If you can learn to draw people convincingly (even stylised) you'll be able to do anthropomorphism convincingly as well, if that's you're thing. (Granted, the chan isn't too big on furry art so take from that what you will)

Have you done any life drawing? It'll help with issues like Engie's left hand wrapping too far around the tool box. I'd also suggest you plump him up a little on the topside - he doesn't really have long legs and the dropped waist on his overalls that he normally has gives him seemingly stumpier legs if anything, haha

Keep going!
>> No. 8145
Life drawings? Pass... It's really boring. And convincing anthros? Extreme pass. I'm not into that kinda thing. If I would want to improve a form of drawing that was fun or interesting to me I'd have to work on a more relaxed cartoony look with simpler details. So I think I'll call it quits here. Sorry.
>> No. 8146

Life drawing skills are essential to learning how to draw cartoons better. A good grasp on shape and form can be a boon to rendering those forms in a more simple and stylized manner while keeping those forms believable.

You talk like somebody who's underage b& and I would advise you to take good advice when it's given to you 'round these here parts. We don't take kindly to the "but it's my style" cop out when we're trying to help you improve.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your move.
>> No. 8148
I'm not actually that young and I do see your point. I'd call it quits here in that I don't have much else where to go tf2 wise. And I do understand life drawings and practicing that kind of thing improves drawing skills. Of course it does. But I do mean it bores me. I'm not a serious artist and this is a hobby. I know I can get a lot better by practicing still lives or doing anatomy sketches but that's a lot of not fun time to invest in something I do in my off time. But all the same I get why people would find my posts immature and annoying. I just would rather keep drawing casual and improve at a slower rate. sorry.
>> No. 8169

After review with the other mods, I realized that I came off as abrasive and confrontational where it was not needed. I apologize for that deeply. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Again, my bad.
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