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File 156161236334.jpg - (183.87KB , 795x1004 , 1479027510955.jpg )
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How can I play competitive TF2 if the matchmaking mode doesn't work?

Is there an active server that hosts competitive matches?
>> No. 578
If you just want random games you can use TF2Center. Actual competitive is organized through UGC or ETF2L or RGL or whatever else. PUGChamp used to be an option but I havent used it in awhile and don't know how its doing. And then there were altsites like HLPugs, tf2pickup and so on. A lot of options, and yeah Valve Comp is still there so maybe while playing casual just queue in and see what happens

File 146100731898.png - (170.35KB , 300x338 , 300px-Administrator.png )
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Been wondering what you guys think of the Competitive Matchmaking Beta and how it compares to good ol pub-stomping and UGC. Doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or remember the vanilla days. (Btw, if you're looking to play but don't have a pass just hit me up)

My thoughts: As a med main it's very hit or miss since there's a mix of actual comp players looking to practice and tiny babies that only play pubs. Teams don't always communicate and tend to be disorganized. You're better off getting a group of friends together than taking chances flying solo.
>> No. 552
That's pretty much true for all teamwork-based games, really. A group of friends with organized plans and voice chat will almost always beat a group of randoms, barring massive skill gaps.

What's the major difference in the competitive matchmaking though, for someone who hasn't looked at the game itself in a while? Are there different balance changes made to the game to compensate for the idea that things are intentionally competitive and structured? An ability to queue up by preferred classes/roles?
>> No. 553
Thus far the only thing that distinguishes it as more competitive is the ranking system and medals given out at the end of each round. It's limited to 6v6 but there are no class limits, meaning you can have 2 or 3 people running around as the same class on a single team. Unlike regular comp, there's no banned weapons.

So basically outside of the matchmaking itself and the ranking, it's no different than pubs. Since it's still in beta I'm hoping valve will add class limits or allow you to spawn in based on a list of your preferred classes.

File 145879266981.jpg - (15.24KB , 480x360 , balloon2.jpg )
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Would Competitve Balloon Race Be A Good Idea?

I always wondered how competitive tf2 would be like in a balloon race map (v2 or v1 or v2b). Most of the time, the balloon race maps are filled with afk players and everyone being a sniper. Being born and raised in pubs, I always wondered what competitive balloon race would be like, I couldn't make a lobby because the map type is not allowed.

When people do play the objective in balloon_race and there are a variety of classes with a decent amount of players, gameplay could be very intense and enjoyable. Perhaps someone could edit the balloon_race_v2b map to suit competitive requirements.

Basic Overview

In case you didn't know, let me describe balloon_race to you. It is a TF2 map were RED and BLU race in balloon ships to capture a central point in various locations, think of it like a extended KOTH map. There are four capture points and the map goes in a loop. In order to win, a team must capture three points, or tie and make it to the end first. To capture a point, you must have your team's airship there. To make the ship move, players must stand in front of the balloon ship near the steering wheel to make the craft move (Scouts makes the craft move faster). The longer people are on the steering wheel, the faster the ship will go. The speed of both teams are listed on the screen out of five. Every time you capture a point you will receive a speed boost. Don't fret when the enemy are ahead, though, there are shortcuts in balloon_race_v2b to drastically remove time needed to catch up. In order to board your ship, go into the portals in your spawn room, or manually 'climb' up the ladder on the side of your ship. Your enemies can aboard your craft as well, however, In balloon_race_v2b, you will be damaged a little at a time when on an enemy craft to discourage spawn camping.

The airship has a few features: breakable glass windows to shoot through, an indestructible lvl3 dispenser, and a lower layer with said dispenser and breakable glass.

To clarify, there is land below the aircraft in ce
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File 132655308285.jpg - (127.18KB , 1280x720 , snipe.jpg )
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Post your looking-for-teams and recruiting-players here. Fill out the relevant form so it's easier for people to know if you/your team will be a good fit. Remade with location, thanks for the tip.

- Players Looking -

Approximate Location:
Game mode/League: (6v6, Highlander)
Experience: (Teams, leagues, hours played, lobbies etc.)
Contact Info: (Steam Profile link, IRC nick, etc.)
Other information:

- Teams Looking -

Team Name:
Approximate Location:
Game Mode/League:
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>> No. 312
- Looking -
Username: TheLaughingMedic
Approximate Location: East Coast
Game mode/League: Highlander
Experience: 7 Years on Steam, 400+ hours as medic. No official team experience, but countless hours spent with local friends, making people rage quit pub servers. 600+ hours total.
Class(es):Primary: Crossbow+Amputator Medic
Backup: Stock demo-man (excluding melee) and soldier (Load-outs change to fit team needs)
Contact Info: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SilverLeafClover/
Other information: I've gotten sick of pubbing with the pals, a medic shouldn't usually be #1 on the leader boards. I think I can flex my schedule accordingly if a team is formed. Thanks for reading.
>> No. 322
Username: Fiskie
Approximate Location: England, UK
Game mode/League: 6v6/Highlander
Experience: I play mixes almost every day throughout the week with some friends
Class(es): Demoman
Contact Info: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012598620
Other information: I'm mostly looking for a Div 6 team based in the EU. Preferably one that understands British humour.
>> No. 362
Players Looking -
Username: Nakkitohtori
Approximate Location: Finland
Game mode/League: Highlander preferred
Experience: None, I've played on pub servers for about 100 hours, now looking to get into competitive for the first time.
Class(es): Medic, Pyro, Soldier (trying to learn Demo and Sniper)
Contact Info: http://steamcommunity.com/id/nakkitohtori
Other information: Not looking for super intense and extremely hardcore competition. I want to get into competitive and see if I'm good enough to play for fun.

File 137158067110.jpg - (4.71KB , 184x184 , icon.jpg )
332 No. 332 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi, guys. Long time lurker, first time thread submitter.

I'm curious to see how many people on TF2Chan are actually competitive TF2 players. I've been in competitive for a year now, and I really like it. What do you guys think?
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>> No. 347
I've played comp for a while now - Div 5 ETF2l 6s and a sub for a friend's HL silver team.
>> No. 360
Div 2 ETF2L ESEA Main 6v6 and UGC NA plat HL here.
>> No. 361
Competetive to the point where I've played enough sniper to the point that I can't play pub matches without being called a hacker.

File 134793092274.jpg - (9.08KB , 256x256 , 13224280549.jpg )
319 No. 319 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, I'm a pub player looking to ease into competitive play. I main soldier, but realize they're a dime a dozen class so I'm asking the competitive people what is the most in demand class for highlander, 9v9, 6v6, etc and what tactics can that class assume so that it can be a credit to team.

I don't have any interest in leading the score boards, or being a star, I just want to be a solid member and serve the purpose, you know?
Load out suggestions for said classes are welcome too.
>> No. 359

File 13487849337.png - (124.96KB , 500x498 , tumblr_luikrjZGfe1qmp4f4o1_500.png )
320 No. 320 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, me and two friends recently put together a highlander team of us and friends. We are actually needing a couple more people, but that's not what this thread is about. We have a bit of crap to get organized before we start looking to add new people.

My question here is, how does a very, very new team start getting into competitive? Should we look for other teams to go against? If so, how? Should we do pugs together first? Some of us have some experience with pugs, but others do not.

We're all decent pub players of varying skills, (some pretty good, some very good) but we know that doesn't translate entirely well into competitive, so we want to know where our starting ground should be. We've got a mumble, and will have a server fairly soon.

Thanks for any advice!
>> No. 356
low level highlander is fairly disorganized, TBH.
you should be alright as long as you are aware of and follow the rules of the league (recording demos, etc)

File 134480395892.jpg - (50.80KB , 720x540 , 1337232432222.jpg )
310 No. 310 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I'm a pretty good pub player, always with a 3-1 kill-death ratio minimum. So I figured competitive games wouldn't be that hard right? Nope, got my ass kicked. So how would you recommend one does the jump to comp?
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>> No. 329
>> No. 330
MGE is just fine to practice with. It's a great warmup and the perfect arena to learn new tricks in and observe certain map geometry. Whoever says that MGE is not useful hasn't used MGE to it's fullest potential.

If you want to transfer from pub to comp, make a friend in the competitive scene that can help you out. Find a mentor in the class you want to main, and eventually work your way to finding a team (or eight/five other friends).

As far as practice goes, tf2lobby.com is good. Once you get the hang of that, go to IRC and go to #tf2.mix.nahl or #tf2.mix- then #tf2.pug.nahl / #tf2.pug.

Hope that helps! Contact me on Steam if you have questions at KaiThePhaux.
>> No. 331
Look for local PUG groups on Steam. I couldn't do tf2lobby without being screwed over by lag, but I found some local PUG groups who send out announcements for when their HL and 6s rounds are about to start.

Mind you, a lot of people in my PUG game were still of solo pubber mentality, and refused to communicate anything useful, only using their mics to berate the team for not meeting their standards. I would assume that actual teams would.. you know.. be coordinated. But if you just want to see what level of play you're against, go for PUGs.

File 13256103304.jpg - (342.40KB , 1000x500 , Banner1.jpg )
233 No. 233 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Before all of the holiday meals are eaten and brothers and sisters are clawing each other for a singular stuffed animal, the United Gaming Clans are proud to introduce the beginning of UGC Highlander Season 6. This will be our largest, and best season yet, but it can only happen with your help! So maggots! Get off the couch (or equivalent seat), get 8 or more of your buddies together, and start your rise to the top of the Highlander ranks!

Our prize pool has been growing and growing: Crate keys for winners, and GENUINE in-game medals just for participating (with better medals for finishing well in the playoffs too)! We plan on going even larger this season. In addition to prizes, any person registered with an active team can enter in a Highlander-themed Unusual Hat raffle! One unusual hat for each class will be given out as a way of saying thanks for helping the community thrive. More information on this as the season progresses.

Preseason begins on January 23rd. Teams will have until January 30th to sign up and register for this current season. The season will conclude with the finals taking place on April 30th.

At the end of the 10 week regular season, teams will be split into divisions based upon final ranks and compete in a single-elimination playoff to separate the best from the rest, and crown our season 6 champions. Every team will be placed into a playoff division and have a chance to become a champion.

Find out what it is like to play TF2 the way it was meant to be played!
Check here for select videos from season 5’s playoffs here (http://ugcleague.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9909)

Are you ready?
Current team leaders have until JANUARY 3rd to submit their votes for season 6's map rotation. The final rotation and schedule will be released shortly after, along with this season's weapon restrictions.

So get cracking ladies and mentelgen! Make some new friends, frag some new models, and enjoy the medals (and hats of course)! We hope to see you in UGC Highlander Season 6!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 235
File 132561053199.jpg - (183.43KB , 1000x300 , Banner3large.jpg )
>> No. 240
How does one enter the unusual hat raffle? I can not seem to find how to do so on the website.
>> No. 327
stout shako for 2 refined

File 13415331809.jpg - (280.52KB , 1920x1200 , cp_coldfront_rc20001.jpg )
305 No. 305 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey guys, I thought maybe you could help me out.
I saw a match recently, which I would like to show a friend. However, I do not remember the actual video link anymore.

Things I remember:
-map: coldfront
-One medic was wearing a christmas tree and therefore was called "the tree"
-One player played a quite successfull battle engie for almost the entire match and impressed the commentator quite a lot, who was speaking of a "revolution to be had"

Thanks, guys.
>> No. 324

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