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File 136927153633.png - (8.79KB , 158x90 , tf2chansmlogo.png )
1155 No. 1155 Locked Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What this board is for:
*For general meta discussion, such as talking about TF2chan's game servers, PaintChat, Circlejerk, IRC, etc.
*For talking to the staff about the general going-ons here at TF2chan.
*For moderators to communicate to users for opinions and input, and vice-versa.
*For users to make suggestions and feature requests for our imageboard software, Kusaba.
*Things of the aforementioned nature.

If you're going to report a site problem, make sure you post the URL.

File 136132869253.jpg - (41.80KB , 640x480 , ein13.jpg )
1130 No. 1130 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Let's face it, TF2chan is pretty much a ghost town and the only activity we get is a bunch of internet tumbleweeds blowing through. I think we've gone too serious times and not enough fun times wearing hats like the good ole' days.

Just going to other small chans that are more active than ours (and also more laidback and more fun), I have gotten a few ideas, but I want to propose them to not just the mods, but also the users.

I have a few proposals:

1. Secret boards. Boards not listed in the sidebar that can only be found either by tacking a word onto the address of the site or clicking around. Secret boards would be about whatever the fuck weird shit we want. Board only about discussion of hats? Board only about discussing Gaben? Secret board with just Satanic messages scrolling in the background? I dunno. Why the fuck not?

2. Raining hats. Randomly. Refresh a page and there's a chance of just fucking hats raining. Don't know how this would work, I don't know how to work the webternet.

3. Relaxing a few rules to keep the atmosphere slightly less elitist. We can ban people for like being dumb teenagers or whatever, or posting le rage face comics or other redditor shit, or we can just openly mock them until they run away. Speaking of...

4. Joke bans. We don't do them anymore and I miss them. I don't like having to stress out if I'm going to get in trouble for acting on a ban. I feel like it's made me less effective and that I'm at the mercy of a userbase that will be judging my every move.

5. Chilling the fuck out and maybe embracing the chan culture that we used to have instead of becoming more like DA and Tumblr in terms of hugboxing and being offended. We're a chan, goddammit. I'm not saying we need shitting dick nipples all over the dang place, but I really feel like we've become a big NO FUN ALLOWED robot and that because of this, most of the users have left us for Tumblr and we've become irrelevant.
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>> No. 1441
Here from 2019. I see that this site never took off.
>> No. 1444
Reporting from the future where new players are shafted out of in-game communication of any kind because papa valve sed so.
2020 sucks.
>> No. 1445
it really is a shame, bring back community matchmaking please..
do something

File 131577956120.jpg - (55.93KB , 199x330 , 1314849679014.jpg )
442 No. 442 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Okay, so some of you might have known that a while back, some airwolf was spamming red scout on TF2chan because he was buttmad about scout rule34. Well, I have confirmed that he was seized by the Oswego Police Department, and is currently facing trial. Approximately a week and a half ago, he defaced his school's website with red scout (Big red flag to everyone who knows him.) While doing this, he was connected to his IRC network, and was discussing it with his internet butt buddies. Now, at this point the Oswego Police Department heard that this kid (Blair Strater, aka r000t) was a suspect. After getting a warrant for searching, his comptuers and other devices were seized by. After they found his IRC logs un-deleted on his computer, they had a warrant for his arrest, and he is currently facing trial.

Now, I thought I'd just like you to know you won't be seeing 2,000 pictures of the Scout posted 2 seconds apart.
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>> No. 1437
please delete this thread immediately or I will have my lawyers contact you
>> No. 1438
File 147322595574.png - (414.77KB , 568x315 , tumblr_mld36jRD5q1qj43juo1_1280.png )
>> No. 1439
If there's one thing Chans are known for, it's their fear of internet-lawyers.

No. 1295 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
For real, this place is deader than a door nail (what the hell kind of saying is that anyhow?) Is this site dead, did everyone just leave?
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>> No. 1426

How there's like nobody in here but the child porn spammers?
>> No. 1427

That's a different thing. I meant the drama things I am constantly embroiled in. Like, which ones?
>> No. 1434
I legit can't even remember why I left tbh. I think I might've had a falling out with the staff, but I can't for the life of me remember any details. Not surprising, considering I have a habit of blocking particularly upsetting events.

But whatever happened was like 4 years ago. I still like Tumblr (honestly, I think the tumblr hate has gotten as old as the people who only pop up to whine about drama), but I'd really like this site to get a second wind.

File 146120670378.png - (129.75KB , 369x400 , sniper.png )
1431 No. 1431 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The new Captcha system seems to be working like a charm, Kumori!
>> No. 1432
I had my doubts right away, since the day after it was implemented the spam happened again. The difference was that it finally had text in the post box, which I spamlisted. That ended up catching them the next time they tried three days later. Hasn't been a post or attempt since, but if the board starts catching it on its own due to the spamlist some more, I'll feel a lot better.
>> No. 1433
And as of today they've gone back to not having spamlistable text. At least we had a nice week of no spam though.

File 139940447622.png - (227.29KB , 1152x1089 , TF2Chan1.png )
1378 No. 1378 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I really feel like this place could use a makeover, this post is just my 2 cents about what I would change.

Attached is the image I'll refere to, it's the frontpage with the changes I have in mind (I know it's a bit shit, but it's just an "alpha" to illustrate the stuff I'll talk about).

First of all, notice the different color-scheme. I know it dosen't have the "chan" feel, but I feel like grey/white/orange would be more related to TF2. I think it should be a little lighter, but I was a bit lazy when making it (sorry).

First the frontpage, I've made a few changes as you see.
I rearrenged the "news/boards/FAQ ect" into a more natural order, I feel like this is more the order people would want to know the stuff.
I removed the "boards" because really most boards here is either self explanatory or have an explanation as to what they're about as the very first post.
I removed the "servers" because all id does is say "N/A" and that makes the site seems pretty abandoned. It could be readded if we ever get the servers up and running again.
Same thing with paint chat, I removed it because it always appears to be offline (I figured it should be added in "community" in the sidebar anyway, if it ever became active again).
"contact us" is now "mod(eration) team" (alternative titel "meet the mods"), because I feel like it's more self explanatory and makes it easier to figure out the page is about the mods and not just the owner of the site.
Left a few blank boxed as I figured other might want to add something.

As you can see, I made some changed to the right side of the front page too.
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>> No. 1397

I still listen to the jukebox now and then. Namely the following songs:
1) The Nucleus Incident OST: Flight (because it's good, enjoyed reading the story and can't find it anywhere)
2) Karnov Relax (can't find it anywhere else and just to darn catchy)
3) Gay Bar
4) Walk the Dinosaur

The other songs are okay, just not my taste and the only 'TF2' song mash-up being the Aristospies kinda got old on me. Personally I would like to see the jukebox contain more TF2 songs, from the official soundtrack to various remixes scooped up from Youtube and the inter-webs. Maybe having a longer playlist that has more TF2-esque type music would give the jukebox more life?
>> No. 1398
Exi may have purged the original version of TNI, because she's completely re-writing it. She's up to about Chapter 10 on her Tumblog.
>> No. 1401
I would listen to it if it actually got updated now and then. There's like a million awsome tf2 remixes out there and we're stuck with the same few songs...

File 140547182676.jpg - (90.92KB , 750x600 , sage.jpg )
1405 No. 1405 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
With all the necrobumps lately, I feel like a crabby old lady getting pissed off at ancient threads topping the boards when our active/recent posters get bumped down with little to no comments on their work.

So I have a question though I have a feeling it is impossible to achieve but here goes anyway:
Can we not have 'sage' be the default entry in email fields for every reply? Maybe accompanied by some text that explains this next to the field?
My thinking is that if you're not paying attention to the email field when you post, at least it will automatically sage. Much easier to go back and purposefully bump the thread, rather than have newfags (or oldfags making an honest mistake) continue to necrobump.

Probably been suggested before but I couldn't find any discussion about it. Apologies if it has been, based mods.
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>> No. 1409
I'd agree with having default sage on the text board but not image boards. Least of all because on the image boards you can pretty well see by looking at it what the most recent post is. On the image boards you have to click the thread title, wait for the page to arrive via pony express load, scroll down through god knows how many previous chapters + comments + flame wars, and by the time you find out whether or not it's a real update, your anticipation boner is starting to ache.

As far as people posting an update and forgetting to unsage... as an author, I'm not worried. I doublecheck my babies every time I post them, and then I hover around like a vulture waiting for feedback for several days. I'm sure I'd notice sooner rather than later if my thread hadn't been bumped.
>> No. 1410
But what about the recent necrobumps to Desole and KGB's threads on /fanart/? The sight of those made my heart sink just as much as a necrobump on the text boards.

I should probably add that, as >>1409 pointed out, most OPs tend to hover around their threads waiting for replies. So you'd quickly notice if you forgot to unsage.

Anyhow, I think maybe extending it to /fanart/ and /afanart/ (maybe /3d/?) would be good, too, but /dis/, /offtopic/, /dumps/, etc probably don't need it as much. I enjoy the odd necrobump on those boards.

tl;dr - maybe have sage as the default for contributor content boards (the text and art boards), not so much the other discussion boards?
>> No. 1411
is there even such a thing as necrobumping in the image boards? the art is always there to enjoy... its not like its a fanfic and you dont know if its actually updated with new content until you get into the actual thread. you can tell right away.

No. 1368 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  i'm sorry if this is the wrong board to post in, but i've lurked for a long time and i really would like to post my art here. i know that things have really changed a lot here and i find you all to be quite lovely people, but i'm a little nervous because i started drawing because of anime and subsequently, transitioning away from that hasn't been easy.

i'm more than willing to accept constructive criticism, but i know how people on here feel about anime (not even gonna bother to call that a 'style') and while i would love to improve, i don't want to be torn apart.

is it okay to post my art here, even though i'm still transitioning away from anime? i don't really like hipstr because there are so few adults there that i can communicate with effectively...

btw, while on the afanart board, my roommate happened to be in here when the random flying dicks happened. without asking me what kind of chan this was, he asked me if i was looking at 'my stupid tf2 shit again'.

congratulations, guys. you've captured tf2 in a way most people dream of. (i wonder how big each respective class' dick is? huuuuuuuuuuuh. that's something to think about on a rainy day)
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1370
I don't know about the rest of TF2chan, but my personal issue with the so-called "animesque" style is that a very homogenous, watered down version of some artsyles common to anime is adopted as a supposed way to shortcut learning how to draw, except as you have probably found out already, it ingrains some pretty horrible habits that are very hard to unlearn.

Since you actively want to improve your style and seem willing to take a few slings and arrows along with concrit, I would say go for it and post your art. I for one would be more than happy to nitpick you to death (out of a genuine desire to see you grow into your own style, whatever that turns out to be).
>> No. 1371
Never apologise for Rickrolls.

I won't ever give you up, not ever gonna let you down, especially when you're putting in the effort to change.
>> No. 1372

i didn't expect to get replied to... you guys are so nice! and funny, mawaru!

i don't have much of my art on this computer but i'll get a-postin'. it means a lot to me that you guys would be willing to help me learn how to get better. i may never be picasso, but improving on a thing i love to do always makes me happy. i hope i make new friends here!

tf2 is my passion.

File 139165995771.jpg - (96.73KB , 812x595 , tf2_zombie_scout_by_thel3gend-d4zfxnm~2.jpg )
1359 No. 1359 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Would a CYOA Thread (choose your own adventure) go in fanfiction or roleplay?
>> No. 1360
I would say probably the roleplay section. I've seen one here done in gmod a long time ago and it was a bit all over the place if I remembered correctly. If it was in the fanfiction section, it'd be a shame the board's not set up where each chapter someone does is a new page. That way, it'd be easier to click on links to choose your path. I guess it would depend on what the mods would think would be best.

A CYOA would be fun if executed properly!
>> No. 1361
Oh man, I don't care what thread it goes under, I just know my body is ready!
>> No. 1362

File 135085754983.png - (130.34KB , 259x315 , tf2christmas.png )
1112 No. 1112 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Would anyone be interested in doing a Secret Santa Exchange this year?

For new members of the ‘chan, the Secret Santa Exchange is an event in December where artists and writers each create a gift (a drawing or story) for an anonymous person in the fandom and receive a gift in return. You can see last year’s gifts here:

Art: http://tf2chan.net/dis/res/11026.html
Stories: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/9426.html

I’m asking because I’d volunteer to manage it, in case no one else steps forward. I’ve asked Kilo, who did an excellent job last year, and I’ve asked the TF2chan mods, but unfortunately it seems they’re all prevented from taking on the task. I’ll have the time for it in December, though, and I loved how the community came together last winter to create some amazing art and stories.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in participating. If you guys are okay with me managing it, I will post details on how to sign up in mid-November.
17 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 1293

Excellent! I can't wait to get this going! I'll be working on my 3 prompts within the next 24hrs. I don't expect a big turn out this year being how quiet the chan's gotten but hopefully still as enjoyable! Whither small or big, this is one of the best community projects I always want to be a part of for TF2Chan!
>> No. 1294
Same here! I'm gonna look around and see if I can find my prompts from last year, actually. I might end up reusing one of them. Thanks for taking this on, Mawaru!
>> No. 1347
Eh, not sure how much this post is needed but...
Here's the 2013 Secret Santa masterpost:


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