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File 131074171744.png - (602.99KB , 1200x799 , soldier and rocket.png )
2213 No. 2213
Lets keep the Final Combat thread clean and gather all the porn collected here. For the glory of Rule 34, I kindly request porn of all the classes. Bonus points for pairing them with their original counterparts. Do whatever you please!

Just do MOAR glorious ripoff porn.
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>> No. 2214
File 131074182298.png - (61.78KB , 942x879 , soldier and rocket 2.png )
>> No. 2217
I was going to request Fatman, but then I remembered that the entire character has pedophile written all over it. And that's just horrifying, and not funny horrifying.
>> No. 2218
Is it OK to post the Lady Sniper one in /afanart/?
>> No. 2219
I don't see why not. it's porn, right?
>> No. 2232
File 131078221391.jpg - (282.00KB , 991x947 , SNIPERS.jpg )

I dunno if you mean mine or not, as I haven't seen anyone else draw Lady Sniper yet.

Sooo many problems with this. It seems as I have gotten better at drawing men, i've become worse at drawing women. Had to draw her head nine times just to get it looking somewhat ok. If I do ink and colour this, i'm gonna need some major redlining first.

Oh, and as someone else pointed out, her tits and stomach totally looks like a face.
>> No. 2237

If you haven't seen anyone else draw a female Sniper yet then clearly you should probably take a peek at /tits/.
>> No. 2238
They mean the Final Combat sniper, not just a genderbend of the Team Fortress one.
>> No. 2241
her nipples are like the opposite of where they are supposed to be
also work on your line quality
>> No. 2248

Noted. It is only a sketch though, the lines will be a lot nicer if I get around to inking it.
>> No. 3271
Bump for great justice?
>> No. 6213
File 147040155728.jpg - (43.29KB , 600x446 , moar.jpg )
>> No. 6224
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