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File 133609113985.jpg - (277.52KB , 1187x986 , cum bucket medic.jpg )
3976 No. 3976
My last thread seems to have maxed out, so have another.

This was a request; I'm always happy to do them when they're the kind of thing I entertain myself by drawing anyways.
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>> No. 3977
I love you. So much.
>> No. 3979
Is it just me, or does Medic look preggers?

Captcha: Singrind star- You read my mind!
>> No. 3981
The one who requested it wanted a Medic who was stuffed with jizz, and it seemed like a a good excuse to be a little fetish-y. The average male ejaculation is only a teaspoon or two, but since when has realism had a place in cartoon porn?
>> No. 3982

Ah, I didn't realize that. Okay, thanks for letting me know that!
>> No. 3987
File 133676798394.jpg - (259.14KB , 1251x936 , 00.jpg )
More mindless self-indulgence. I'm disappointed that there aren't more pictures involving Engineer's inventions.
>> No. 4026

>cervical wash

Medic, stop using Ms. Engineer's stuff.

>Livestock Insemination

WHAT. I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS. But I like it anyway.
>> No. 4062
I could be wrong, but Medic's arms seem just a *tad* too long.
>> No. 4153
File 134124296445.jpg - (175.50KB , 945x1215 , tf-medic you old whore.jpg )
Still my favorite pairing ever.
>> No. 4161
Can anyone give me some sniper porn without scout or demo in it?
>> No. 4164

You might want to check /dumps. There should be all sorts of Sniper there.
>> No. 4176

Might I suggest fucking everywhere?
>> No. 4178

Yeah, despite popular belief. Sniper with Scout and/or Demo is pretty rare compared to the hundreds of Sniper/Spy pictures.
>> No. 4192

uhhhh yeah no
>> No. 4207

coooon criiiiiit coming yo' way girly

I think you should let depth and color speak for itself instead of adding in unnecessary lines. I'd say the best example of this is on Heavy's back. Theres a zillion little etchy lines were you've already colored in depth so when you have that those little etchy lines going on top of implied depth we can already see, they come off looking like guide lines for the artist. Too many things going on.

Also, medics pecs are up waaaaaaaaay waaaay waaaaay to high because there right next to his shoulders so slide those puppy's down.

I also feel like the indent between the cheekbone and the chin of medic's face goes in to far I think.

Also, about the color scheme, maybe avoid having a strict black line art? Something I've learned over the years is that straight black and white tend not to be wise decisions when used for shadows and light. And consider the color schemes of heavy and medic, on one hand we've got skin tones, the cool white/light purple on medics clothes then the cold purple background. so we've got a whole lot cooool purple shades on warm pinkish orang skin tones. So making the sheets a warm purple or warm pink would complement the cool colors more. Maybe add some pillows for some compositional elements? Define the edge of the bed more?
>> No. 4265
File 134426546188.jpg - (174.70KB , 1030x962 , 00.jpg )
I apologize for taking so long to get back to you on this feedback- as always, I really appreciate it when people are willing to take the time to point out what they dislike or find 'off' about a picture I've done, since even when I don't agree with the opinion, it gives me another perspective to consider. I didn't bother reposting this one after altering it, as the only thing I really changed after seeing your critique was the position of his pecs and I didn't want to clutter the chan at the time with more incessant reposting. I didn't bother adding more interesting effects to the background because I just felt too damn lazy and wanted to move on to other things. Putting detailed backgrounds into pornography is always something that bugs me- on one hand, it can add more atmosphere and interest to a piece, on the other hand, it often feels like gilding the proverbial lily to spend even more time adding effects to a piece when most people are only going to be concerned with the figures in the foreground.
>> No. 4268
File 134427954181.jpg - (171.46KB , 796x1214 , 0.jpg )
I wanted to draw some consensual Scout/Medic porn for Writingcyan, and for the cute person who commented on dumblr about how the pairing would only "make sense" if it were Scout raping Medic's corpse.
>> No. 4269

Scout's rib cage is looking awfully tiny there. His abs are also poorly defined and don't conform to the implied posture you've given him.

Otherwise, thanks for making me feel like a super-perv! Scout's about the same age as my little brother, he is not allowed to be this hot.
>> No. 4369
File 134725740763.jpg - (149.29KB , 1191x1077 , 00.jpg )
Clearly, this is one of Medic's weird sex fantasies, and Heavy is just patiently playing along, despite how silly he thinks it is.

I was trying to make it appear that he was swaying his back, though the position of his arms didn't help as far as definition goes. In photos I've seen of slimmer men leaning back or stretching themselves, they had a kind of ridge of definition along the mid-point of the ribcage, which is what I was trying to define there.
>> No. 4389
File 134844702062.jpg - (261.28KB , 1248x1002 , 000.jpg )
I don't know if I'm getting happier with my lineart or if I'm just getting lazy, but I don't feel like adding as much heavy obnoxious shading to everything I draw these days....

Also, Medic in his glory.
>> No. 4390
I've never commented on your thread before, but I thought you should know: I absolutely adore all your art.
>> No. 4716
File 136353026754.jpg - (165.78KB , 1152x1036 , 00.jpg )
>> No. 4717

Pretty sure the penis isn't that low or far back on the crotch.
>> No. 4718
whoa dude is it me or are those balls huge damn
>> No. 4720
>> No. 4740

>> No. 5811
I wanna see some honey soldier bear and a heavy bear fighting
>> No. 5828
If you want Yang to draw you a thing, go commission them on fumblr. They may not see it here.
>> No. 6014
File 144443938935.jpg - (42.32KB , 501x364 , mindless_self_indulgence.jpg )
>mindless self indulgence
>> No. 6015
Why are you responding to a post from 2012?
>> No. 6020
Those are definitely hairstyles, wow
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