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File 13964909604.jpg - (102.09KB , 446x695 , 1396490509202[1].jpg )
5774 No. 5774

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>> No. 5775
File 139649101247.jpg - (248.42KB , 997x331 , 1396488361346[1].jpg )
>> No. 5777
god i love this. fan service to the max
>> No. 5778
I smell fem-fortress and classic fortress)
>> No. 5779
My only concern is the people who are convinced that having female characters in the comic definitively equals Fem Fortress added to the game, and that if they're not in the game, they don't give a shit.

Just because the ladies are not playable does not mean they do not matter.
>> No. 5780
File 139803359342.png - (651.42KB , 1000x1048 , 1348263 - SniperStalker Soldier Team_Fortress_2.png )
it has already begun
>> No. 5781
Sweet zombie jeebus

some anatomical issues but I will bite my tongue because it is a repost and the content more than makes up for it
>> No. 5787

oh god please yes! new skins for everyone!

so thatll be

1. Vanilla tf2

2. Femforetress 2

3. Classic TF

4. Robot Fortress

5. Zombie fortress

>> No. 5790
please stop drawing 'beefy [insert character here]' and learn how to draw different body types for once also its nice to see you not directly tracing from bodybuilders and pasting traced pictures of characters' heads on them but seriously put some diversity into your damn work
>> No. 5791

P. sure that's a repost and not the original artist posting it.
>> No. 5792
then the message must be delivered. hands down my least favorite team fortress fanartist.
>> No. 5797
Some if the artist's Beefy Sniper isn't bad, Same with Soldier, but I can also agree that I much prefer their normal anatomy.
>> No. 5798
I have some of the same sentiment.

I love bara/bear art, but when a character isn't heavy-set, muscular, or hairy in canon, and people make them into that, it's not my thing. How often do other bara fans make beefy Sniper or fat Spy and completely ignore Heavy, who is already canonically that way?

That being said, I actually like this drawing a lot. Might just be my food fetish. And a naked Soldier is always fine, too.
>> No. 5801
File 139984593585.jpg - (524.60KB , 720x1200 , 1399497831_cureboltium_honey_soldier_resized.jpg )
>> No. 5810
oh I love you guys.
>> No. 5833
websiteshutdown :(
>> No. 5855
yeah we need more soldier x honey. maybe fucking a honeycomb? soglad this is canon.

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