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File 129114911337.jpg - (85.29KB , 337x427 , Jace ultrafast 1.jpg )
113 No. 113 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I was wondering, since this section became also for zombies in general, if i may allowed to post my special... Zombie... Girl... Jace.

Her story, for short: she's a zombie hunter in a world where humans lost against the undead and had to hide in fortified cities and islands, Land of the Dead style. She's one of the people who is in charge of killing as many zombies as possible, together with other hunters. One day, she got bitten and bludgeoned to death by her best friend before she even had time to notice this, and for mysterious reasons, while still turning, her coscience stayed intact so she basically is a zombie, who is still somewhat human and DOESN'T KNOW SHE IS A ZOMBIE. She has a mental block, so she doesn't realize why people see her as strange and don't talk to her anymore.

It sounds so boring if i explain it like this...

I hope you like her...
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>> No. 149
File 129133478312.jpg - (15.13KB , 435x390 , 1286987585510.jpg )
1 i don't hang out in workshop
2 i don't have the patience to read an entire story even if I already know it's good

if there are "critique my oc" threads elsewhere that aren't getting attention welp sorry
>> No. 156
You can find more about Jace right there, on Eva's tumblr, I think it's pretty interesting with this

>> No. 163
If you are heart-set on having a sentinent Zombie; might I suggest you read the online comic "Maggot Boy"

File 129094252431.jpg - (629.34KB , 843x1200 , smokarrr.jpg )
104 No. 104 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I don't know why it took me so long to make proper L4D fan art.
>> No. 105
It was worth the wait.
>> No. 107
Damn, I added you on deviantart, saw this picture and accidentally deleted it from my messages THEN forgot to go and find it later!
Long story short, I love you and you need to make more L4D art <3

File 128920480289.jpg - (341.16KB , 1305x731 , ehllus.jpg )
11 No. 11 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
oh my god i finished something
betcha can't guess what game i just got
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>> No. 34
>> No. 35
File 128950244371.png - (10.51KB , 414x504 , 12836474013.png )
>> No. 43

I will authorise this, yes.

File 128918055764.png - (211.80KB , 716x410 , coach\'sgals.png )
1 No. 1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Did some fun/sexy doodles with some friends on iScribble; thought I'd share them with you guys, seeing as how there seems to be a lack in EVERYTHING...

Also, first time posting ever :3 ~sort of nervous!
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>> No. 26
the feet are lookin kinda small but lkjfdklsjg
i need to iscribble with you, momo
>> No. 29
Oh emzy! What's your iscribble name? I can invite you to the room I use, not promising to be in there 24/7.... I think I have a Zak Bagans pr0n in there right now
>> No. 32
it's myze (nickname, anyways)! Although it's under the name emixoo too, idk how this whole invite thing works

but either way, hooray!

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