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466 No. 466
It's something that started off pretty simple.


Little did we know that this would transform into a multi-month long epic. Okay, I say epic. I shouldn't get your hopes up like that. This is pretty much me and Izzy derping around and somehow trying to make a comprehensive story out of it all.

Everyone is free to throw any critique our way as they want. Just know that this is very rough-around-the-edges, practically untouched from the time we graced Steamchat with its derpiness. That and we don't plan on changing earlier parts, so all critique should be aimed at making us better writers in general as opposed to making this story in PARTICULAR better.

Expect to see a lot of "HOW CONVENIENT" moments, and even a little 4th wall breaking on the occasion, but hopefully nothing that will take you out of the story.

Named Classes
Rape Triggers
(More warnings as we go on. Can't spoil everything.)

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>> No. 623
And patiently I still wait. I check this page everyday sometimes multiple times.
>> No. 625
New posts to be coming tomorrow, if I'm not banned by then. Sorry for the huge wait to those of you that care!
>> No. 626
WHAT! why would you get banned?
>> No. 627
Read if you're interested.


The next morning, Spy prodded Soldier into going out in "public" to get some breakfast. The man was a little antsy, and was being stared at fiercely by a very paranoid Heavy, but other than that, everything seemed okay. Medic was awake by now and checking up on Sniper.

The swelling had gone down considerably, and now the gunman was able to move his hands and forearms. Everything else still seemed rather tingly, except for his legs which were stubbornly numb. “Better at least, eh doc?” Sniper grinned up at the man, as he practiced closing his hand into a fist, and opening over and over again.

Medic just nodded, with a small smile.

Engie brought them each a granola bar before he started handing them out to the others. Nico had gotten up early, too, and was helping the Texan boil some water on the hotplate.

Spy took a deep breath, and sang softly, "Good mooorning, everyone!"

Engie just cocked his eyebrow, and went back to check on the boiling water. Nico looked up too, but only briefly.

Soldier continued looking down and eating his granola bar. Scout was hovering next to Medic anxiously.

“Ja?” Medic turned to the young boy, in mid-bite. “Vhat is it?” He looked tired, and the bruises on his neck still showed.

"Just... Iunno... Wanna make sure you're doin' alright is all..."
Soldier got the hint, even from across the room and muttered softly.

Medic smiled, and kissed the boy’s forehead, gently. “I am fine, Scoutchen. I promise you.”

A soft coo of contentment. The boy glanced over at Soldier, and leaned in for a whisper. "Even so, Doc, I don't think you should try anything like that again with 'im..."

The older man frowned. “I plan to leave Soldier to his own devices from now on, unless he should require medical attention. Zhat is vhat I haff decided.” He took another bite of the bar.

A nod. "Good."

More chewing, silently. “Oh, by zhe vay, Sniper can move his arms.” He smiled.

The boy's face lit up about 1000 watts. "Wait - fuck, no shit, REALLY?!" he cried, ecstatic.

Medic smiled, and nodded. “You can go see him, if you vant. I vill be fi-“

Scout wrapped the man up in a huge hug and pressed a searing kiss to the doctor's lips, then flounced off to visit Sniper, babbling happily and triumphantly.

Spy's jaw dropped.

Medic just chuckled, and resumed eating his bar. Nico and Engie looked up at him, too, surprised. “Vhat?” He shrugged, spitting granola. Both men just looked back at the boiling pot, awkwardly.

Spy left Soldier to eat, and sidled over to Medic's side.

“…vhat do you vant?” He asked, suspicious.

"Well that was not a very friendly greeting," Spy returned with a frown. "Nonetheless..." He shook it off quickly. "I just wanted to speak to you about some things concerning my partner. Is that all right?"

“I don’t haff any condoms, if zhat’s vhat you vant.”

A pause, then uncontrollable laughter. Spy tried to reel himself in, but only succeeded in giving a few embarrassing snorts.
Medic just stared at him which made him start laughing harder for some reason.

“Vhat is so funny?” Medic deadpanned.

"Oh, you are such a joker!" the man chuckled, wiping his eye. "I think I'll like you, Monsieur. But, no. That was not my concern. Let us get serious."

“Very vell, zhen.” Medic folded his hands on his lap. “Vhat is it you vant?”

"Well. Soldier would like to apologise for last night. In fact, he would come over and say it himself, but he's a little frightened to get near you," the man added in a whisper.

“And?” Medic sat there, looking unimpressed.

"And, a personal request on my behalf. Taylor is a... very special man, and I understand him in ways many don't. I would appreciate it if you came to me before coming to him with such a serious discussion as that, since he tends to fear you, thus resulting in the lashing-out behavior he exhibited last night."
Soldier just seemed embarrassed and was eating his granola.

The older man just frowned. “You haff known him for all of…vhat, zhree days? You know him so vell after zhat, do you?”

"He was exhibiting clear signs of stress, Doctor. Maybe you did not see it, but he had the look of a cornered animal. I cannot say I know him very well, but I find it very easy to read him. I have also had success communicating clearly and effectively with him without pushing him over the edge. Call it a gift, if you will."

Medic sighed. He didn’t for a minute buy this ‘gift’ story, but could do little about it, regardless. Soldier wouldn’t speak to him without snapping again, and perhaps snapping his neck. This Spy was his only option. “You say…you vill approach him, if I vant to send a message along, und not corrupt it?”

"Oh, well, that isn't what I had in mind - perhaps I could mediate a discussion between you two, but if either of you feel uncomfortable with that, I could pass along messages, if you'd like. We could even involve Nico, too. I suspect you three have many things to air out, non?"

“You ah zhree steps ahead of me, Herr Spy.” Medic stood, and crossed his arms. “Shall ve take zhis into zhe ozher room, zhen?” he gestured towards an office on the other side of the garage.

"Perhaps after breakfast," Spy hummed, biting into another granola bar. "I'm still hungry."

Medic nodded. “I vill take Nico in, and avait you two, zhen.” He walked over to the man at the hotplate, and helped him limp into the office. They had things to discuss anyway.
>> No. 628
After a little prep talk with Taylor, Spy led him into the room with Soldier in tow. The man looked jittery and nervous, but sat awkwardly across the room, where there was space.

There was another seat for Spy. Medic sat across from them, his elbow on the desk, near where Nico sat. His long legs hung off the end of the desk, his right ankle still visibly swollen where his pant leg was too short to cover.
“Vell zhen. Shall ve begin?”

"We shall, Doctor. Let's start off with an explanation of Soldier's actions in his very own wording, shall we?" He prodded the man gently with an easy smile.

The man grumbled slightly, and looked down. "I didn't like Medic sayin' shit like that because he don't know anything. He don't know how Nico kept hurtin' me and didn't even bother askin' why I do half the things I do in the first place. He was judgin' me, and I didn't like that. Felt like I was on the electric chair gettin' drilled or some shit. I knew he was gonna blame me and hurt me and starve me just like he did before." There was venom in the man's voice and paranoia in his eyes.

Medic folded his hands, and spoke quietly. “I am sorry zhat I made you feel zhat vay, Soldier. I vas merely angry to see zhe vay you vere treating Nico. I felt it vas…unfair, considering vhat he has put up vith for your sake.”

"And I put up with a lot for Nico, too!" the man shot back, hindered slightly by Spy gently touching his shoulder. "I would have fucking DIED for Nico if there was a hundred percent guarantee that he'd make it if I did. I would have. But he betrayed me. He tried to break me and Spy up so that HE would be the only important person in my life!" Tears. "And after all that, he STILL wouldn't even tell me he loved me. He just wanted to make me as miserable as he was!"

"That's enough, Taylor," Spy cut in soothingly. "Nico, how about we hear things in your perspective?"

Nico looked up, his face devoid of expression. “I don’t really ‘ave anyzhing to say zhat I ‘aven’t already said. I’m sorry, you don’t ever ‘ave to bozher wizh me again. Zhat’s all.” He shrugged. “I never meant to make you miserable.” He shook his head. “If it’s any consolation, I’m glad zhat you’re ‘appy, and I will do nozhing to disrupt your ‘appiness, I promise you.” His tone was flat, and unfeeling, like he was…well, like a zombie, to be honest. Everything that was the Nico they’d come to know - none of it was there.

Spy paused.
"Well, let's start off with something simpler, then. Tell him about why you denied me permission to come see him in the first place? What was going through your mind when you made that decision?"

Nico paused, and thought. “…’e is all I ‘ad, and you were taking ‘im away. I was frightened.” He shrugged, again. “But… I see ‘ow zhings are now, and I ‘ave accepted zhem.”

Soldier huffed. "That's stupid, Nico. You didn't want to love me, so I went to someone who would. Didn't mean I'd drop you all together. People have fuck buddies and regular buddies at the same time all the time. Just look at Scout! He's got Medic, but he still cares about Sniper, right?"
His stance seemed less aggressive and tone more relaxed.

“But you don’t want to be friends wizh me anymore.” Spy stated, flatly.

"Well, I didn't before because I thought you were tryin' to drag me down with ya. I don't really take back what I said. I DON'T love ya anymore. I can't." A pause. "But... I never said I didn't still LIKE you, and I do."

Nico shook his head. “You ‘ate me. I can tell, and I don’t blame you. I really don’t. I don’t expect you to ever want to talk to me again.” His tone grew flatter, and flatter, like he was slowly slipping away from all of this. “It’s alright. I understand what a…what a bad person I ‘ave been.”

Spy looked up. "Medic? Do you have anything to say?"

Medic shook his head, as he stared at Nico, curiously. Something was clearly off with the Frenchman.

Soldier's eyes narrowed. "Nico, I know you're a lot damn stronger than that, and if you're just going to wallow in self pity after I just said I forgave you, then you're obviously not the man I thought you were. This was all a big misunderstanding. If you want to believe that I meant what I said and that the whole world DOES actually hate you, then congratulations - you just made it come true."

"I ain't gonna pussyfoot around with you anymore. We're friends now, and for the first damn time in how long, I'm seeing you as a real person again instead of an idol. So as a friend, I'm TELLING you to stop making problems for yourself and SAY THANK YOU LIKE YOU MEAN IT!"

Nico smiled a tiny little smile. “See? You’re back to your old self already.” He gestured towards Spy. “ ‘e’s better for you zhan I ever was.” He paused, smiling at the other Spy, but only just. “ I ‘ope you two are very ‘appy togezher.”

"I know he's better for me," Soldier growled. "That ain't the issue. The issue is that you never wanted to sleep with me anyways, so why are you getting SO UPSET by the notion that I just want to be FRIENDS with you?!"

The Frenchman just stared back. “ ‘oo is upset?” he shrugged.

"Fine. I'M the one's who's upset. But why won't you agree to the proposition, huh? Why do you not want to be in my life AT ALL anymore? If you're worried about me, don't. Like I said, you're not my idol anymore. As a friend, you can never hurt me again like you did in the past. So I'll ask you again. Do you want to be friends?"

Nico paused, and looked to the other two in the room, before he turned back to Soldier. “May I speak wizh you in private?”

"You certainly may," Spy, chuckled, rising to his feet. "Medic and I will be talking outside."

Medic followed, and closed the door behind him. The two were now alone. Nico was silent, thinking of just how to word what he had to say.
>> No. 629
How could you leave it right there.
I will sit her consumed with "alskdjfhalseuhf"
for the rest of the evening then.
oh I want to know what he is going to say.
>> No. 630
Soldier scooted his chair closer, eyes wide. "What is it, Nico?" he asked softly again.

Nico sighed, and fidgeted with his hands, before he placed them back on the desk on either side of him. “…I…I ‘ave a very…skewed perception of intimate relationships. Incredibly skewed.” He began.
Soldier nodded. "Kinda like me before Spy came?"
“…my perception of relationships of zhat nature is…much much different, I assure you.” He frowned a little. “I…not just zhe relationships zhemselves, but…zhe acts zhat one performs when in zhem. I…ever since…” he trailed off, unsure of how to word what he had to say next.

After a pause, Soldier murmured, "I'm not asking for us to have sex. Spy'll take care of that. I just want us to be pals again."

“I know.” Nico looked down, and nodded, seeming a little sadder than before. “But I…it’s not zhat you…I…I zhink I wanted…but I…I can’t…I…”He sighed, and looked back up. “I ‘aven’t ‘ad sex since I was fifteen.” He blurted out, finally.

"Alright." A blink. "So?"

“…so zhe last time I ‘ad sex, it was in front of my mozher, and I was being brutally sodomized like she ‘ad been mere moments before…” He spoke rapidly, every word blending into the next, and he stared at the ground, ashamed.

Soldier paused and nodded, face grave and reverent. “I suppose I shoulda guessed. It makes a lot of things make sense. But what does this have to do with us?" A pause. "Are you... afraid Spy will hurt me?"

“Forget ‘im for zhree seconds, will you!” Nico snapped. “You wanted me to talk- well I’m talking now, and you just keep wanting to talk about ‘im!” He frowned, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I asked you a question about if you wanted to be friends are not, and you just keep on confusin' me, damn it!" Soldier snapped in return.

“I wanted to be more, and I can’t, and I’m trying to tell you why, but you won’t fucking pay attention!” He snapped again, and curled forward, covering his head with his hands.

"Wanted to be more WHAT?!" Soldier cried, voice strained with frustration and irritation.

“I wanted to be…what you…wanted me to be…” He mumbled into his knees, “But I can’t…I just can’t…I’m sorry. Not after what I’ve ‘ad done to me.”

".... You mean... Lovers...?" Soldier asked softly, it slowly dawning on him.

Face still buried in his knees, Nico nodded.

"..." Soldier sighed. "Well, Nico... I'm sorry to say, but that's over n' done with. I'm with Spy now, and, let's face it, he is best for me. We ain't any good for each other, Nico. We're both really..." he searched for words. "... Unstable. I think it'd be too dangerous to ever be that close - especially with your baggage and mine." Soldier grasped one of the man's hands. "Nico, I'm sorry, but... being friends is the best I can do for right now... What do you say?"

He looked up, eyes wet. “I say it doesn’t really matter, anymore.” He paused, “I’m not going to zhe Keys wizh you and zhe ozhers, Taylor. I just...wanted you to know 'ow I felt, before we got separated."

"Huh?" Surprise. "What do you mean?"

“Zhe Engineer ‘as family in Canada.” He explained, wiping at his eyes with his sleeve. “ ‘e is going to drop zhe rest of you off in Florida, and keep driving up norzh…I’m going wizh ‘im.”

"Wait, for how long?" Soldier gasped.

“For…forever, I guess.” Nico shrugged.

Soldier frowned and looked down. "I... I don't like that... I want you to stay with us, where it'll be safe..."

Nico scoffed, good-naturedly. “Nowhere is safe. Remember? Not wizh all zhose zhings running about.”

"But nature itself would isolate us from those things..."

“It would in Canada, too.” Nico replied. “It will be winter soon. Zhe infected will all freeze solid.”

Soldier shifted uncomfortably.
"I... I don't want you going up there, Nico... I know I said I don't love ya anymore, and I don't, but... I still wanna have you close... And safe..."

Nico just frowned. “Can you honestly tell me zhat you won’t still ‘ave feelings for me if we do stay togezher? Ever?”

Soldier glanced away, frowning.

“You see? Zhis is why I should just…drive to zhe ozher end of zhe continent. Why we can’t be around each ozher.” Nico looked sad, now. “I’m no good for you, and we bozh know it. I’ll only cause you more pain and more problems by being around you.”

Soldier hugged Nico tightly. "... I still don't want you to go, Nico... I'm.... Jeez, I'm pretty scared for you, alright?"

“I know.” He hugged him back as much as he dared to. “I’m scared, too, but…zhis it’s what’s for zhe best, I’m sure.” It was clear from his tone that he wasn’t sure at all.

A sniff. "Th...This is so unfair..." Taylor grumbled quietly, pain filling every word. "I don't want you thinking I left you just because of.. s... sex, alright?"

“…zhen why did you?” Nico looked up at him with glassy eyes. “I zhought we…zhat what we ‘ad was okay, but… I just don’t know what you want from me. Besides zhe…” He trailed off. Taylor would know what he was referring to.

"Because I... I needed to know that what I felt was natural. That it was -okay-. That I wasn't one sick son of a bitch for wanting you like that... I mean, the, uh... The way I grew up... It..." The man trailed off, looking worried of how much he should say.

“Yes?” Nico asked, wiping his eyes. He didn’t know why Taylor had stopped.

Taylor looked down, and twiddled his thumbs silently, before he offered a quiet, "My mom... liked me. As an adult."

“What do you mean?” Nico asked again, not quite understanding.

"Before Spy came along and... helped me... the last time I'd ever been with a person and... had sex... was with my mom. I was twelve when it started."

“…what?” Nico’s eyes went wide in shock. “She…but…what do you mean? I…” He really didn’t understand, and prayed there was some sort of language barrier thing going on.

Taylor's eyes welled up. "I... I told you about how my dad got offed by my batshit crazy uncle, right? I was just finishing up second grade when that happened - I was about eight. Well, my mother never marred again after that. She was so sad all th time, and so lonely... She hit the bottle pretty hard and usually wouldn't leave the house..."

"Time went on and I started growing - fast. Faster than most kids, I think. Got involved with football - our football - the American kind - started getting muscles and a deeper voice... My mom would always say that I was growing up to be just like him. That the resemblance to my dad was uncanny."

"Then, one night... I think she was drunk, but not enough to excuse it... She... came into my room and..." He shuddered, the abhorrent, emotional scene playing out in his mind. "She made me feel her breasts. She made me kiss her, and she... sucked me, too. She kept saying that it was alright - that this was what boys wanted - that I was a man now and that I could do this with her..."

A loud, messy sniff - he was really a mess now. "We had sex. She made me come inside of her. I felt... dirty and used, but it wasn't rape because I came. It happened a few more times after that. I can't be mad at her - I know why she did it. She was lonely, and she probably ddn't think she was hurting me... All boys want sex, right? But it did. I never told her, though, because I didn't know how to feel about that... And I... I just wanted her to be happy again..."

Nico listened to the entire ordeal with wide eyes. He was silent for a long, long time after Taylor had finished,and then stood from the table. Quickly, he crossed the room, and bent over the garbage can, sick from the story.

Taylor just looked away, in shame. It felt judgemental to him - as if Nico were saying he was a sick human being for what he did and what he felt. But it was the truth.
>> No. 631
(Sorry - had a problem with character limit!)
“Oh my god…” He said, into the trash can. “She… ‘ow could she do that?!” Again, he coughed, and gagged on the vomit still stuck in his throat. “You were a child! I…” he looked back at Taylor, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He didn’t know what else to say. “… I’m sorry.”

Taylor was stunned. “… I…” The absence of judgement was actually a bit too much for him. He'd expected to be called all sorts of rude names. "She... didn't know..." he finally said. "Rape only happened to girls or to boys treated like girls."

“ ‘De conneries!” He spat. “She knew zhat it was wrong- any mozher would! It was rape, and she knew it, and I…” He sniffled, wiping at his eyes again. “I’m…I’m sorry zhat it ever ‘appened to you. I mean, what ‘appened to me was bad enough, but…” He swallowed, hard, and held onto the wall by the can. “Zhat’s…I can’t even imagine…”

Taylor smiled and hugged the man, despite the tears.
"I wasn't there forever, you know. My Grandpa didn't like me living alone with my mom because he was afraid she was making me into a softie. He asked me if I wanted to come and live with him - learn how to be a REAL man, and I said yes. I didn't tell mom until the day I was to go. I was 14, then, I think. We haven't talked since." A pause. "I feel like she... knew, then. How I felt about it. I think she was guilty. There wasn't any talking - just... a hug."

Nico hugged him tighter. It was all he could really do that might help at all. There was nothing he could say.

"Now do you... see why I... needed him?" Taylor asked quietly. "I could hardly even deal with my own revulsion with myself. I... I wasn't like you. The trauma didn't stop me from wanting sex. If anything, it just escalated it, along with my own self disgust. Things got worse when I realized I wasn’t feeling these things for the girls. Sometimes I wonder if my mom made me how I am now. Like… if she screwed me up or somethin’…"

“So he…he helps you wizh zhis?” Nico sniffled again, pulling away from the embrace, slightly. “He makes it…makes you feel better?”

"Yeah. Before the only way I could vent my frustration was in the heat of battle. But now, we're playing for keeps. I can't be that reckless anymore. He makes me feel human again. Not like a disgusting pig for what I feel."

“And you don’t…you don’t need me anymore, zhen.” He looked away, letting his arms fall from the hug entirely now.

“You mean more to me than just sex,” Taylor muttered, still hugging him firmly. “We’re still friends, alright? Nothing can change that.”

Nico just hugged him back, stomach churning with grief for his friend.

(Sorry for kind of glossing over Nico's past there. I realized, going back, that it was a little unfair of me. Thing is, I'd thought Nico had already said he was raped by the soldiers, and even though he didn't, it was kind of one of those, "Oh, yeah. Saw that coming." moments. Not only that, but I REALLY wanted to spend time on Taylor's past. The original version of this glossed over the details, and I didn't want that. So we went back and RPed most of this section again so I could bring the whole conflict to light. Sorry, Nico, you had your chance to tell your angsty backstory!)
>> No. 632
Meanwhile, outside, Spy was munching on another stick of gum.

Medic frowned at him with disdain.

"I've been meaning to ask you something, Medic," the man started, his voice far less warm than it had been inside of the room.

“Vhat is it?” He asked, in the same icy tone.

"It's about Taylor - and something he keeps saying - often - about you. The reason he fears you as he does."

"Did you ever tie him down for days at a time without food or water?"

“Technically yes, but it vas because he vas mutilating himself, and in my defense, I did put him on an IV so he vouldn’t starve.”

"Hmmm... I see... I think we should have another discussion about that. Soldier doesn't seem to remember much about the incident, but he remembers being scared. And lonely. And... well... you."

“Perhaps, sometime after zhose two are done vizh zheir discussion.” Medic nodded, leaning closer to the door. “Can you heah anyzhing?”

"I wish to preserve the sense of confidence, mon ami."

“Sure.” Medic rolled his eyes, and just leaned a little closer. “I hope zhey vork out zheir differences. Such good friends…it is a shame to see zhem split up like zhis.”

Spy slowly raised his eyebrows."Eh.... Doctor. I know they are good friends, but... I'm not sure their relationship is healthy." A shrug. "Maybe staying apart would do them both good. Then again, I admit to being selfish and biased."

“Nooo, you?” Medic droned, sarcastically, then went back to his srs face. “I vill admit, it is not a healzhy relationship zhat zhey haff, but…I haff seen Spy-Nico…I haff seen Nico during zhis ordeal just grow…more and more despondent. It is distressing.”

"You think of me as selfish, Doctor? When have I ever shown such a trait?"

“Anyvone could see zhat zhe Soldier and Nico haff some sort of…relationship.” Medic replied. “To squeeze your way in zhere in any way, just so you can get a little physical release- zhat seems very selfish to me.”

"I simply thought Soldier had a little crush on him, is all. I did not think it was returned - especially when Nico complained of his affections."

“Even if it vas just a little crush, to come between zhem like zhis…” Medic just shook his head, disappointed.

Spy huffed. "I'm sorry if I made the assumption that we are all ADULTS here, Doctor. I will not make it again."

“Good, because you’re certainly not acting like vone.”

Spy just huffed again.

Awkward silence as the two men stared at the door. “So…vhere are you from?” Medic asked, trying to make small talk.

"Since the infection began, you mean? Ohio."

“Vhat is it like zhere? Many infected, rioters, vhat?”

"The army over reacted so zealously, that, for some time, they were a bigger problem than the infected themselves."

“Vere you anyvhere near vhere zhey dropped zhe bombs?”

"Near enough to feel it and see the cloud - yes. I was a full city away."

“And vhat of your team?”

"Most of them? Dead."

“I see.” He nodded, in sympathy. “Mine as vell. How did you get here?”

A laugh. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Medic smiled, bemused. “Try me.”


(Oh dang - a scene went missing! I'll go hit up Izzy later to try to find where it went, hurpa.)
>> No. 633
Izzy and her porn to the rescue!

Contains steamy man-on-man lovins. Enjoy.


It wasn't that Scout disliked the huge garage - he kind of loved it. It was safe and enclosed without threat of the infected, but large enough to run in and escape that uncomfortable, "trapped" feeling most buildings gave him. But still. It was so... big. And so lonely. Even when everyone was awake, but with everyone asleep as well...

He didn't want to wake Sniper up again for idle chit-chat - he really needed to be resting. Feeling a little skittish, Scout went off looking for Medic in one of the guard rooms.

Medic was slowly starting to doze off, a book in his hands, as usual. In these late hours, when he was alone, he liked to read. Even in the zombie apocalypse, it was always good to learn new things.

Outside his room, he heard footsteps. “…hello?” He called out, softly. God, don’t let it be an infected…

"Hey Doc," came the soft voice. Scout grinned as he poked his head in. "Just me. Was gettin' kinda lonely, but I couldn't sleep."

“Couldn’t sleep as in you vant to chat, or couldn’t sleep as in go get zhe lubricant?” Medic smirked, putting his book away.

"Oh... Iunno..." Scout curled up beside Medic, snuggling his face into the man's neck. "Just... wanted to be around ya, ya know?" He streched, get comfortable next to Medic.

“Vell, alright, zhen.” Medic smiled down at him, wrapping his arms around the boy. “Feeling alright?”

Scout smiled up at him, eyes warm and affectionate. "Yeah." He leaned forward for a kiss. It was gentle and loving - much unlike his dominate and needy ones that usually took place.

Medic kissed him back, just as tenderly, and stroked his hair as he gently stroked the boy’s lips with his tongue.

Scout parted his lips to make way for Medic's tongue, patiently wating his turn. He carressed Medic's cheek ith his thumb, as his other arm secured the doctor's waist.

Medic broke the kiss, briefly, to catch his breath, and then pressed his lips against Scout’s again, slipping his tongue into his mouth. “Mmm…” he moaned, softly, one of his hands travelling lower to gently tweak Scout’s nipple through his shirt.

Scout gasped slightly, sucking in a deep breath. His blood began to bubble slightly and his cheeks became flushed, but he didn't want to break away from Medic long enough to sate his welling desires.

Again, Medic had to break for breath, but was right back into the action once he had. His hand rubbed and tweaked the other nipple now, and soon slipped under the boy’s shirt, to rub against them with his bare hand.

"Mmmmmm... Hold up for a minute, Doc..." Scout sighed, sitting up to remove his shirt, then his pants. Boxers stayed on for now. Socks, too. Maybe he had a weird sock fetish - who knew.

Medic unbuttoned his shirt as Scout undressed, but left his pants on for now. His growing bulge could be seen in them, though, and he smirked down at Scout’s boxers, in a similar state. “Eager, Scoutchen?” He rubbed the boy’s thighs, tenderly, just barely reaching his fingertips up the legs of the boxers, to gently tickle his hips.

"Yeah, a little." A small grin. He seemed like he was doing better than usual in regards to his hair-trigger, but he was still full of teenaged hormones. Humming gently, he brought his knee up to slowly carress the fork of the man's legs.

“Ohh…” Medic sighed, rolling his hips up into the knee. “Yes…” He smiled, regaining a bit of his composure, and worked his hands around to grope at Scout’s ass.

"There, see? You got it just as bad as I do." A smal snicker as Scout relaxed into Medic's warm palms, and spred his legs for no reason at all other than to be a show-off.

“Hmm. Maybe I do.” He laughed back, his hands travelling higher, to rub at Scout’s lower back. “Villing to help me vit zhis…burning desire, zhen?” A cheeky grin, as he pressed his forehead against Scout’s.

Scout leaned in more to give Medic alother kiss. "Sure... Whatcha got in mind, sexy?"

He moaned against his mouth, biting the boy’s lower lip, gently. “I vant you to suck my cock.” Medic replied, breathless as the knee teased him further. Sweat was already starting to shine on his forehead. Scout was getting to him fast. It was sort of arousing, seeing the situation somewhat reversed from the norm.

"That it? You sure?" A small chuckle.

“Hmm…for now.” He grinned. Creativity flashed behind his eyes, though, hinting that he had more to come for Scout.

A smirk. "I know that look..."

"Well, c'mon then, big boy... lemme have it."

“Mmm…” Medic sighed, unzipping his pants with one hand, letting his already-fully-hard member spring free.

"Wow, all this fuh me? And I didn't even get you nothin..." Scout snickered, spitting into his palm, and starting with a short handjob.

“Oh don’t vorry, you vill.” He smirked, rolling his hips up into Scout’s hand as he moaned softly. His hands travelled back again, to rub along Scout’s spine.

Scout couldn't imagine what all this was about. Casting aside the thought, he began broadly licking the tip, sucked on the head a little bit, and planted a soft kiss on the crest.

“Ohhh…yes…” Medic hissed, pushing on Scout’s back to help him bend forward. He grinned at how flexible the boy was, and couldn’t wait to exploit that. Medic’s cock twitched, excitedly, under Scout’s ministrations.

Scout lapped up the precum that bubbled out eagerly, then tilted his head forward, finally ending his short, yet effective bout of teasing.

“Ahhh…” Medic spread his legs, and leaned over Scout’s bent form, panting. “Yes, suck it Scoutchen…Oh, so good…” He moaned, his pitch wavering from the pleasure.

Scout swirled his tongue, and looked up at Medic, eyes glinting with lazy, smug satisfaction. A small purr.

“Yes,yes,yesss…” He hissed again, thrusting forward slightly into Scout’s mouth. “Oh, god, Scoutchen, I’m…I’m going to…” A whimper.

Scout let Medic have full control, simply bracing himself as he was facefucked. The taste of precum was heavy now - wouldn't be long before Medic gave him a taste of the real thing.

“Ohhhh, Scout!” He moaned, high-pitchedly as he came into the boy’s mouth, trembling through his orgasm. “Scout…Scout…” He panted, whimpering as the last bits of his seed shot forth.

Scout gulped it down, moaning. The faster he swallowed, the less of it he'd have to taste. Truth be told, he was a little disappointed. What was that huge thing Medic said he had planned, huh?

Medic’s breaths slowed, and he chuckled down at the boy, face still in his lap. “Tell me, Scout…” he idly traced a pattern on the boy’s spine. “Haff you ever heard of…autofellatio?”
>> No. 634
"Uh..." Scout shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not...into the whole car-fuckin' scene, Doc... Maybe you should ask Engie - I bet he-"

Medic cut him off with a laugh, slapping his back lightly, and playfully. “Lay down. I vill show you how it is done. I zhink you’re flexible enough to try zhis.” Scout did as he was told, watching curiously.
“Alright, now if it hurts, just let me know somehow, okay?” He slowly picked up Scout’s legs, pulling off his boxers first, and then angled them in the air, so they were hanging over Scout’s head. “Comfortable?”

"Uh,, Not really...?" It was a little disconcerting, being in a staring-contest with your own junk.

“Well, here.” He placed a pillow under Scout’s shoulders, and repositioned him so he might be a little more comfy. “How about now?” He tenderly kissed Scout’s asscheeks, nipping at them slightly.

"Oh...." Scout sighed gingerly. A small laugh. "Okay, yeah, that's a lot better. "But, uh... W...Why all this, man? This a new kinky position or some shit? Don't you need to get hard first?"

“Nein, nein.” He smiled. “I don’t need to get hard at all. Because…you are going to pleasure yourself.” A devilish smirk, as he licked at Scout’s entrance. A little rimming couldn’t hurt, in addition to it all.

"Wh...What?!" Scout gasped. "Y... You're serious? I'm gonna... But... how, and... oh JEEZ that feels good..." A soft moan.
Well, Scout didn't quite know how he was going to go about doing this, or how long he could even stay in this position, but one thing was for certain. Medic was getting his jollies from this, so he could at least try it out.
Grunting a little, he strained to reach the head of his cock. After a few tries, he made it, but could only really reach the head. Huffing with exhaustion, he began sucking on it as best as he could.

Medic helped to push his hips a little closer- slowly, though, lest he choke on his own cock. “How does zhat feel, hm?” He cooed, stroking the boy’s legs.

"G...G--hhkGoodfhnm..." Scout managed to splutter out. It did, but jeez, he was already feeling light headed, and he couldn't really grasp his limits in such an awkward position.

Medic pulled him back for the moment. “Breathe, Scoutchen. Take a little break. Zhis is a stressful positon, I know.” He moved to rim the boy again, tenderly circling the puckered entrance with his tongue, dipping into it gently.

Scout huffed quietly, letting Medic take over for a while. He had to hand it to Medic - he was one kinky bastard. Scout never thought he'd be taken by surprise by one of his 'conquests'.

“Here, again.” He smiled, pushing Scout’s hips forward again, slowly, moving his cock toward his mouth. “I’ll stop you every so often, so you don’t get overvhelmed, okay?”
Scout hmmmed around his penis, was momentarily shocked by the vibrations of pleasure it sent through his body, then gave a flushed nod.

Medic let him suck at himself a little longer, and then pulled back again, to give him another breather. He took over, again, moving his mouth up this time to lap and suckle at Scout’s balls.
Scout gave a delighted moan at this. He loved Medic's mouth on him anywhere it could go, but the balls had always been his favorite. "Hmmm.... Wana finger me, Doc?" he rasped quietly, eyes half-mast with arousal.

“Alright, vone moment.” He smiled down at him, lovingly, as he reached into his bag for the lubricant. Still holding Scout in this precarious position, he lubed up one hand, and gently began teasing the boy’s entrance, as he lapped at his balls lightly.

Scout groaned again. He was in absolute heaven. Spurred on by his eagerness to be sated, he began straining again, and finally was able to reach his cock again with his lips. Humming as he sucked on the appendage, bringing his hips forward every few seconds to mouthfuck himself.

“Ooh, you like zhat?” Medic smiled, dragging his tongue across the balls, slowly, as he slid his finger inside of Scout, quickly curling up to find his prostate.
Scout's voice hitched a notch further and his entire body jerked, then quivered. With even one finger, it was hard to miss how tight his walls felt - the unnatural position was getting him to tense up.

“Easy, easy, Scoutchen.” Medic soothed, pulling his cock back from his mouth. “Just relax, and let it feel good, okay?” A loving smile, as he began to gently fuck the boy with that one, lubed finger.

Scout's eyes practically rolled back into his head as he let the German take full control over him. It was nice to let go like that. Maybe that's why he liked sex so much. Hardly anything said "I trust you" as much as letting another being with a perfectly functioning set of teeth suck on your naughty bits.

“Mmmm.” Medic cooed softly, kissing his balls as he fucked him with that finger, curling up to caress the prostate every so often. “Are you getting close, Scoutchen?” He eased his hips forward again, encouraging him to suck himself.

"Yeah... Yeah Doc..." Scout whispered in that husky voice he always aquired when in the heat of the moment.

Still grinning, Medic pushed Scout’s hips forward- the closest he could, this time. “Zhat’s it, Scoutchen. You know what to do.” He placed loving kisses on the swollen and tense ballsack, flicking his tongue over the turgid flesh.

Scout was as helpless as a baby, sitting there, gurgling around his own cock in pleasure and an absolute lack of self control until he came, filling his mouth with his own warm cum.He gasped in surprisee at the dual feeling, some of it splurting on his face and chin as well.

Medic stroked his prostate as he came, and slowly withdrew, kissing the boy’s ass and thighs as he slowly moved his legs back, laying him down normally. Even he was panting from it all. “So…how vas it?” He grinned.

Scout seemed a little dazed, huffing. "Um..." he muttered softly. "...Good. Real good, actually." A laugh. "But I think I'd rather stick to you bein' the one sucking me off, to be honest... I'd only be interested in that for the sake of givin' you a show or if ya ain't around." A small smile

“Hmm. Very vell.” Medic smiled, and leaned down to give the boy a soft kiss, licking the cum from his face. “It vas a very good show, by zhe vay. Very…very good.” A loving nuzzle.

Scout snickered, and stuck out his tongue. "I ain't surprised. This is ME we're talking about, after all."

Medic laughed, and prodded the tongue with his own, kissing the boy deeply for a bit, before parting their lips, and laying down with him on the desk. “I vas qvite zhe…show-giver, in my day, too. If you can believe it.” A soft laugh. “But age takes zhe flexibility out of your muscles, so it’s been…probably a good tventy years since I vas even able to get close.”

"That explains it," Scout laughed. "And when I hit on you, I thought I'D be the one ta show ya all the moves... I had no idea what I was gettin' inta, eh, ya kinky old bastard?"

“Vell, being a medical professional does have its advantages.” A snicker, and he kissed Scout on the forehead, tenderly. “But youzhful vigor is certainly necessary to employ zhat knowledge, and I’m glad I have such a…fine guinea pig to vork vith.” Another snicker, and he tickled Scout’s ribs, playfully.

Scout laughed and squirmed about delightfully. "Oh, yeah right, ya fag! Guinea pig my ass! You know you'd miss me if I was gone." Another snicker, and he nuzzled him.".... Come ta think of it...I think I'd probably go apeshit if I lost you, too." His brow furrowed in concern, as if the thought hadn't struck him until then.
Medic sighed, and pressed his forehead against Scout’s. “Ve vill be fine. Bozh of us.” A comforting smile. “You know I vouldn’t let anyzhing happen to you, right?”

"Hell, -I- wouldn't let anything happen to me!" Scout laughed, kissing Medic's nose. "But I wouldn't let nothin' happen to you, either."

“I am glad I have such a brave, strong protector.” Medic laughed, holding Scout in a bear hug, bringing his face flush against his chest.
>> No. 635
yes... YES. feed me more of this amazing story. I literally check this everyday twice a day.
>> No. 636
WHoot! Update.

That was cool, and hot. That was contradictory right there. I sorta forgot about the whole Nico Soldier dymanic for a second so I re-read a bit. That smut was surprising and awesome. Soldier and Nico are starting to tick me off because I just wanna smack them both upside the head for being so...infuriating.

Also, Three days? This whole story takes place over three days? Woah. It's sorta easy to forget considering I've been reading for several months. Great update. I'll look forward to the next one
>> No. 637
Not the whole story. Medic's just saying that Spy has known Soldier for about that long. We've never really counted how long it spans, but the entire story probably crosses a few weeks. Maybe a month, or a little more. I'll have to calculate it some day.
>> No. 639
After a few days in the garage, the survivors began to grow restless, and, since Medic saw such improvement in Sniper, he deemed it okay for them to travel. And so, they packed up whatever supplies they had, and those that they had found, and headed off towards Florida once again. Scout was doting on Sniper - pretending that it was all just a joke, but actually being quite concerned about the older man's health still.

Sniper continuously slapped the boy’s hands away from his splinted neck-mainly because he could now. His legs still didn’t seem to want to work, but he was sure the feeling would come back there soon enough.

Medic was napping in the front seat. He’d spent the night preparing Sniper for the journey, and thus, hadn’t gotten much sleep. Engie drove, and fought back his usual whistling tune for the dozing doctor’s sake, opting to just occasionally fiddle with the CB radio instead. Nothing but static so far.

Soldier was dozing off in the back whilst Spy stared out of the window nearby, ignoring the man drooling on his suit. After all the poor outfit had gone through, drool was the least of his problems.

Nico, too, was staring out the window, nursing a nasty headache he’d woken up with. He’d chalked it up to the rainy weather they’d had the past few days- humidity wasn’t great for his sinuses.

Heavy was scouting the area for any dangers that could threaten the vehicle. It was tough, but a witch in the rode could slash the tires, a Charger might knock something loose, and who even knew what would occur if a Tank crossed their paths!

Medic shifted, and began to snore loudly-embarrassingly so.
Scout sneaked up behind him, crawling on the floor like an "assassin".

Still he snored. Engie looked at Scout, out of the corner of his eye, with a bemused smirk.

Scout growled quietly, imitating the sound of a Hunter.
Medic immediately jerked awake with a scream, and accidentally slapped Scout in the face.

Scout yelped and fell into an embarrassed burst of giggles. "Uh... S...Sorry, man - it's just me. Sorry." A toothy grin.
The doctor just stared at him, and then sighed, half in relief, half exasperated at the Scout’s trick.

A laugh and a short snort. "I really got cha, huh?" He leaned up for a short kiss.

Medic looked away, with a frown.

"What?" A frown. "Did I really scare ya that much?"

“I do not like Hunters.” He replied, still pouting out the window. “Don’t do zhat again.”

"Well no one likes Hunters, man.... But I won't if you're really THAT scared." A good natured grin.

Medic glanced back at him, and merely nodded, still upset.
Scout just huffed and went back to his seat. "Well, sorry if I try to liven the damn place up a bit..."

Everyone else was silent for a bit. Nico broke it, by throwing up into the trashcan between his knees again. Migraines were a bitch.

Scout rolled his eyes. "I'm out later guess," he sighed, laying down to go to sleep.

The younger Frenchman wiped his mouth, and leaned back in the seat, slowly. “Do we ‘ave any more aspirin?” He asked the group.

"Doc?" Scout asked, holding his nose.

“Ja, zhere are some in zhe back, behind Spy.” Medic pointed.

Nico looked over at the other Spy, pleadingly.

Spy sighed. "If it would stop you from throwing up everywhere..."

He got up, startling Taylor out of his sleep and clamored in the back for the medicine. Taylor sniffed and cringed.

“Zhank you.” Nico mumbled, shifting the can so he had it settled securely between his legs. Last thing they needed was for it to spill. Engie had announced, not long ago, that they’d stop at the next town, and he could dump it, and they could all stretch their legs. So far there was nothing but farmland, though.

Suddenly, there was a VERY loud, thunderous noise, and about half a mile away, there was a geyser of dirt and... bodies.
It looked like an explosion.

Nico clutched his head and cried out in pain. Medic jerked out of his half-asleep state as well, and Sniper swore. “Wot the fuck was that?”

"By that barn over there!" Taylor shouted - pointing to where the explosion pretty much came from. "Someone must be alive over there!"

Engie drove in that direction, carefully. “Anybody got a plan?” he asked. “What if it’s not a survivor? What if it’s some weird, new kind of infected?”

"One that blows people up?!" Scout asked, skeptical. Taylor was already handing out weapons.

“Well…y’never know.” He shrugged.

Nico refused his weapon, and just curled forward, hanging his head over the trashcan. He’d be no good like this anyway. Medic took his, though, and quickly cocked it, fully awake now.

Taylor nodded in agreement, and just placed the gun by the man's hand. "Engie, stay here and protect yer vessel. Heavy, you might wanna stay, too - help protect everyone who needs protecting. Everyone else, with me!"

Already, there were fresh waves of infected straggling towards the barn from nearby farmlands, snarling and gnashing their teeth.

Engie opened the sun roof- the opening that led to the mounted minigun on top. “All yours, big guy.” He smiled at Heavy, as he leaned out the driver side window and began firing at the crowd of undead with his shotgun.

The infected nearest to the vehicle stopped for a moment, then rushed forward, as if noticing it for the first time. Taylor cursed, kicking a few of them away and shooting the rest as he tried to lower the ladder.

From the passenger side window, Medic and Scout fired at the horde, clearing them away from the ladder as best they could. “I don’t see any survivors!” The doctor announced, over the gunfire. “Does anybody?”

Spy shook his head, squinting as a few drops of rain landed in his eye. He muttered with irritation.

Nico looked up from his can, and out of his window. “Over zhere!” He pointed.

Two forms were climbing up on the rooftop, and shooting at anything that came near, or in the taller one's case, hacking at them with an oversized sword.

“Hang on!” Engie hauled up the ladder, and stepped on the gas, motoring towards the structure. The infected screeched as they were crushed beneath the wheels of the vehicle. “Ah’ll get as close as Ah can! Maybe they can jump.”

Heavy was roaring with laughter, mocking the infected loudly as he sprayed them with bullets in short bursts - to conserve ammo. Perhaps not as satisfying, but still a great feeling.

Engie drove as close to the building as he could get, but because of the way the ground was, he was still stuck a good ten feet away. “Ah can’t get no closer! Y’all gotta go get ‘em.” He announced, firing out his window again.

Taylor grinned as he saw the taller man - a BLU Demo - waving towards them. The Pyro was also BLU.

"AWRIGHT - LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!" Scout whooped, swinging out from the window and splashing into a puddle of mud. He disregarded it and began sprinting around crazily, peppering the infected with shots from the scattergun and using the slick grass to his advantage.

Medic lowered the ladder, and quickly followed. He worried about the two on the rooftop. The Pyro was kneeling, close to the roof, and holding his stomach as he fired the pistol in his other hand.. They had plenty of medical supplies to treat them, but hopefully the wounds were not too severe.

Soldier rushed out behind Medic, closely followed by Spy, who covered his back with two pistols. Scout led everyone inside the barn so that the infected would have to filter in, and sprinted away, looking for a ladder.
>> No. 640
There was one leading up to the hayloft, and a stack of boxes leading to a hole in the roof. Medic held the rickety ladder while the young man ascended, and then climbed up himself, leaving the other two men to guard the barn door.

"Oh, thank cripes!" the Demoman sputtered once the two had made their ways up. "I thought this would be the death of us for sure! Yeh gotta get me mate here some help!" he cried, pulling Pyro over. "She's hurt real bad! Our own Medic went berserk and attacked 'er!"

Scout squawked. "I-I KNEW it! I KNEW pyros were chicks the whole time! Snipes owes me a fuckin' donut!"

Demo looked unamused.

As did Medic, who helped the Pyro to her feet, and over to the hole in the roof. “Easy now, easy.” He soothed, letting the young woman lean against him as she limped. The wound on her leg was bleeding rather badly, and she still held on tightly to her stomach. “Scout, hurry! Ve must get back to zhe truck!”

Scout saluted and swung and scrambled back down to the basefloor with Spy and Soldier. He whipped out his bat and began cracking heads open left and right, wanting to clear a path before he tossed the pipe bomb.

The Demo followed behind him, quickly, swinging the sword, decapitating a whole string of infected at once. Engie revved the engine and yelled, “COME ON!” and the group ran towards the truck as fast as they could.

"Go, go, go!" Scout screamed, trying to distract the infected by sprinting off in another direction and popping a few in the shoulders and noses to get their attention.

Spy was already in the vehicle and helping Soldier lift Pyro up.

Nico, feeling otherwise useless, dumped the contents of his trashcan out the window, dowsing the infected in vomit. He scooted closer to the window to make way for the Pyro, and Medic immediately began treating the wound on her ankle. “Only vone?” He asked Spy, still at the door.

"Two - a Demoman, also."

“Vhere is he? Are zhe ozhers alright?” Nico asked, worried.

"I think so..." Soldier panted, climbing up as well. He held his hand so that Demoman could grab on and climb up.

Scout was feeling a little overwhelmed. He was getting pretty separated from the group and couldn't seem to dislodge the pipe bomb from his belt.

He managed to unclip it and toss it as far as he could to his right, sending the commons scrambling after it. Then, suddenly, there was a high picked shriek and Scout was grounded, struggling for his life.

The hunter began biting furiously at his shoulder as he clawed at the boy.

Engie moved to the passenger side and started firing out that window. “Hey! One a y’all get out there and help Scout! Ah think he’s in trouble!” He declared. Sniper immediately became upset, but Nico stood up and moved to him, and tried to calm him down.

Soldier squinted, looking out of the window, but the wind was sweeping the rain up in a frenzy.

"Where is he?! I can barely see!" he screamed.

"Should we leave him?" Spy asked, voicing the same question Demoman was thinking, but didn't have the guts to say.

“NO!” Medic and Sniper both yelled. The two felt equally useless - Sniper because of his paralysis, and Medic because he still had to tend to the injured Pyro.

Engie kept looking out the window. “Over there!” he pointed. “That Hunter’s got him!”

Medic gasped, and froze, staring out the window, his fingertips still doused in the Pyro’s blood.

Scout was struggling and screaming, flailing uselessly as the creature clawed and bit at him. Spy cursed and jumped out of the vehicle. They weren't going anywhere unless the stupid kid was in the truck.

It took a few shots, but eventually, the Hunter was killed. Scout rolled it off of his body and shuddered.

Spy grabbed him roughly and began dragging him back to the truck with Heavy giving them cover fire as best as he could in the storm. Not all of the infected had heard the pipe bomb due to the howling winds.

Medic reached down and quickly pulled Scout up into the truck and into his arms, murmuring soothing sweet nothings in his native tongue. Nico limped near the door, and held a hand out for the other Spy.

Spy took it with a grateful nod and pulled up the ladder, shutting the door.

Soldier winced, looking at Scout. "Hot damn..." he muttered.
Scout was shivering, cold, and wet, and his back was splattered with mud. His hands shook and his eyes were wide with fear. He was probably going into shock.

“Neineinein…” Medic sobbed, “Stay vit me Scoutchen, stay vit me.” He slapped bandages over the wounded area, doing his best to stop the bleeding. Pyro could wait.

Scout hugged the man numbly, eyes still wide.

Demoman winced. "Oy... He's been bit now... There ain't no savin' 'em once that happens... We should put 'im down before he turns into a monster like the rest." He frowned, looking back at Pyro in understanding.

Their medic hadn't turned until he was bitten, either.

“What are you talking about?” Nico looked back. “I’ve been bitten before, and I’m still ’uman. Most of us ‘ave been bitten, and we’re just fine! What are you talking about?”

"Has the lad been bitten before?" Demoman asked gravely.
The young man hadn't - he was usually too nimble and quick on his feet for any of the infected to catch him.

He sobbed a little, holding on to Medic. "I don't wanna die, Doc..."

“You von’t.” Medic shook his head, sobbing too as he piled on more gauze to stop the bleeding. “I von’t let you.” The rest of the cab watched on in sad silence, knowing the poor boy was probably done for.

Scout went silent, helplessly looking up at Sniper.

Sniper did his best to look at Scout, but still couldn’t turn his head, really. “Just hang in there, P.” He swallowed back his own tears. “You’ll be fine. Medic knows what he’s doin’. You’ll be just…fine.”
>> No. 641
oh god noo scout! ah somebody save him!
>> No. 642
Oh noes.... scoot. How dare you end it right there, your leaving me on the end of my seat. I can't wait to see what happens.
>> No. 645
Oh right. Updates. Updates are fun.
Heavy placed a hand on Medic's shoulder, and looked around at the group in the large truck. "We will not be killing Scout. I will not see this here. Scout has been with us for very long and did very much to help everyone. Unless Scout turns to infected, we will not harm him, understand?"

Demoman frowned slightly. "That's just plain dangerous! Even if he weren't turned into an infected, how much help could he be like that?! A deep gash or two is fine, but..." The man winced.

"You would kill helpless man because it would be easier?"

"I'd never do anything like that. But it'd be safer for sure."

“Would’ve been safer t’leave you two up on that roof, too.” Engie spoke up. “And people get better, son.” He gestured to Spy and Sniper. “Neither one of them were doin’ so good a few days ago, but look at ‘em now.” He popped back into the driver’s seat, and buckled his seat belt. “Scout stays alive ‘s long as we can keep him alive, y’hear? Now buckle up, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.” He put the truck in gear and began driving over the half-corpses.

Demoman sighed and nodded uneasily.

Heavy took his place up by the driver seat. Soldier and Spy sat next to the Pyro in the back, and Nico, still not feeling well, just sat on the floor by his bucket, not far from Scout and the fussing Medic.

Nico looked up at the other Spy. “Zhat was…very brave of you.” He remarked.

"Oh." A Smile. "Thank you." Spy looked pleased to have someone stroke his ego like that. He was currently working with Pyro since Medic was busy.

Pyro peeled off her mask, her short, curly red hair springing forth. “Yeah, thanks for saving us, too.” She smiled, still holding onto her stomach.

"Not a problem - there is safety in numbers, no?"

“I guess, yeah.” She shrugged. “Do you guys have a safehouse?”

"No, not really," Taylor offered. "We're heading towards Florida right now - for safety. Well, most of us are - Engie and a few others will be heading up north afterwards."

“Up north like…Canada?” She brightened up.

"Uh... Yeah. Exactly like Canada. Why?"
Soldier blinked.

“I’m from Alberta!” The firebug smiled. “You guys heard any news from up there? Like, is it safe?”

"Not from what I've heard, no..." Soldier mumbled. "Didn't you hear? The infection started up there, then trickled down this way. What we're getting is just a taste of what it'll be like over there."

Engie just frowned. He wouldn’t be deterred from his journey.

Pyro looked down at the floor, sadly. “Oh…” She replied, disappointed. "I heard it started in Mexico..."

"I don't know who told you that," Soldier mumbled. "Maybe another huge outbreak started down there because of travel."

Spy nodded. "I came down from Ohio. It -is- very bad up there - things were so out of control that they began bombing cities."

"There's a chance that things might have calmed down on their own - the Infected are still living beings, but I don't think they eat or sleep. It's possible that within a few weeks, they would run themselves down enough to die on their own."

“Ya think?” she smiled a little. “I hope that’s the case. Maybe then this whole thing’ll blow over.” Her tongue swished around her teeth, trying to get out some bad taste that lingered there. “Anybody got any gum?”

Spy instantly handed over a piece, smiling, as Soldier frowned a bit and shifted away. He trusted Spy - he just... really didn't like being so close in an enclosed space with a woman.

Pyro reached over and took it, taking her hand off of her belly for the first now. Now that it wasn’t covered, it was clear that it was…well, a lot…rounder than one would normally see on a Pyro. A LOT rounder. Like a beach ball.

"You are..." Spy paused. "You are pregnant, Madame?"

Popping the bubble that inflated from her lips, she nodded, and resumed chewing. “Seven months.” She replied.

Spy pursed his lips and looked at Demoman.

“What, you guys couldn’t tell?” She chuckled. “Jeez, guess I’m not as fat as I feel.” Pyro leaned back in the seat, stretching her feet out.

"Is it... The Demoman's?" Spy asked awkwardly.

Pyro blushed, and looked out the window. “I don’t see what business that is of yours.”

Demoman leaned over to the Spy, and whispered in his ear. “She don’t know. Don’ give ‘er a hard time about it, aye?”

Spy nodded.

Heavy was star struck by the younger woman. After a moment of spluttering quietly, he finally said, "Pyro does not need to worry. I will make sure you and little baby are safe from harm, da?" A small flush.

Pyro smiled at him. “Thanks, big guy. We got anything t’eat ‘round here? Junior’s been whining for brekkie for a while now.” She patted her belly lightly.

"You like granola?" Spy chuckled, reaching back to get some.

“Eh…’s alright.” She shrugged. “But Junior ain’t picky. Food’s food to him.” She laughed. “Except Chinese. Not a fan of that stuff. Kicked like a Rockette all night.” Pyro rubbed her hand over her swollen stomach, affectionately.

"What do you think he will be named?" Heavy asked, smiling as he took a seat beside her. Spy handed her a few bars and went back to his place beside Taylor.

“Haven’t decided yet.” She replied, munching on the bar. “Not even sure if it is a he, actually.” Pyro shrugged again. “Few days before I was gonna find out, all this mess happened.” She gestured to the torched wasteland around them.

"Is sad..." He blinked. "BLU knew you had baby? What did they say? Did they still make you fight?"

She shook her head. “Nah, they wouldn’t let me fight once I started showin’. Made me do office work and cleaning and stuff instead. Said I could go back to being a Pyro once I had the kid, but I had to give it up.” She rubbed her belly sadly. “I guess at least this way I’ll get to keep him.”

Heavy nodded gravely.
Demoman was poking around in the back, looking for any drinks they might have. Alcoholism didn't just go away, after all. And if ever there was a time to drink, this was it.
>> No. 646
“So we just gonna keep driving and driving?” She asked, “or we gonna stop somewhere? I could really go for a nice soft bed right now.” Pyro smiled, knowing full well they’d likely never come upon one of those. But hey, a girl can dream.

"Is not likely, but if we see safehouse, we might stop is Engineer says so."

“Reckon Ah could go fer a nice soft bed m’self.” Engie replied with a yawn. “Few more hours, then we’ll stop for the night. Sound good?”

"If we find someplace to stay," Spy interjected helpfully.

Engie nodded, and repeated “If we find someplace to stay, yeah.”

Nico briefly rose from his place on the floor, and limped up to the front to peruse the map.

Scout had quieted down by this point and was resting, looking about the vehicle with sadness.

Medic was there with him, hands pressed tightly over the wound on his neck to stop the bleeding. “How are you feeling, Scoutchen?” He whispered, with a soft smile.

"It's starting to tingle a little..." Scout muttered, the numbness of shock beginning to fade away.

“Good…zhat’s good.” He soothed. “Spy, can you get somezhing to prop up his legs?” He looked back at the Frenchman, but only for a second.

The man looked around. "Like what?" he asked. "All we have is food..."

“A…a box, a pillow, some blankets…” He tried to explain. “Hell, get down here and use yourself as a prop if you haff to.” He huffed.

"No thank you - I have found a box full of peanut butter. I think it will do."

“Gut.” He nodded. “Bring it here, and put it under his legs.”

Spy brought it over and propped the young man's legs up, staring at him uneasily. The boy huffed. "Don't look at me like that..." he grumbled.

“Danke, Spy.” Medic replied, shifting the Scout a bit so he’d be more comfortable. “Is zhat better, liebling?”

"I guess... Why did we do that, though?" the boy asked, blinking.

“It is to help zhe blood in your body keep circulating.” He quickly switched out the sodden bandages for new ones. “I really need to get you somevhere I can stitch you up, zhough.”

"Oh. Alright." A pause. "Vince? You still awake, man?"

“Yeah P. ‘m still awake.” He replied, though the tone in his voice sounded a bit sleepy.

"... I'm sorry, bro... I shoulda been more careful..." Scout sighed.

“Don’t worry about it, mate.” He smiled, though couldn’t turn his head to aim it at the younger man. “Wot matters is you’re safe now, eh?”

"Yeah... I guess..."
"... I'm scared..." the boy sniffled softly, so that no one else could hear him but those two.

Awkwardly, Sniper moved his arm around, until he could grab onto Scout’s hand. “It’ll be okay, P. Just hang in there. ‘m here. Don’t be scared, ‘m here.”

Scout nodded, eyes filling with tears.
Medic kissed them away as they fell down his cheeks. “I am here too, Scoutchen. I vill not let anyzhing happen to you.”

"You can't let anything happen to the other guys, though, alright?" Scout sniffed. "Guys, I... I don't wanna say it, but there IS a chance of me... of me turning, alright? And if I do, I want you guys to be the ones to stop me."

“Zhat von’t happen.” Medic kissed his cheek again. “It von’t. I promise you.”

Scout just sighed and nodded.

Nico was still perusing the map. He held his finger over a section, then held it over to the Engineer, who shrugged. Nico rose from his seat, and limping, came back to the others. “Anyone know anyzhing about Mississippi’s state, in regards to zhe infection?”

Taylor shrugged. "All I know is what I could figure. The infections started at Pennsylvania and radiated outwards, so the further north east you get, the worst the infection will be. So... Things will probably be getting worse."

“Merde…” Nico replied, turning to look out the window, as the sign ‘Now Entering Mississippi’ whizzed past. “Let’s just ‘ope we ‘ave enough ammunition.” He rubbed at his temples, and sat back down on the floor. It was a bit darker down there, and easier on his head.
"I never got my aspirin did I."

Taylor rummaged around for a few pills and handed the tablets over.

“Zhank you.” He accepted them, his hand lingering against Taylor’s a little longer than it really needed too, and popped the pills dry before he laid back on the floor at their feet.

Pyro moved her legs so he could properly lay down, but still wanted to stretch them out. She chuckled. “Not much room in here now, eh?”

"No not really," Spy chuckled, laying across Taylor's lap. "Not since you two came. It was a tight squeeze before, but now it's almost impossible!" A good natured smile.

Nico looked over at Spy and Soldier, and frowned, sadly, before he turned on his side, away from them.

Pyro shifted her legs more, but just couldn’t get comfortable. “Doesn’t help that I’m the size of a whale, either.” She laughed, and bumped into Heavy during her shifting. “Oh, sorry big guy.”

"Is not problem!" Heavy blurted. "You can sleep on me, if you like? Had many sisters. They all say I am like pillow!" Another awkward grin.

“Thanks!” She beamed, and climbed into his lap, resting on him in a sort of bridal-style . “Wow! You really are like a big pillow.” She remarked, getting comfy.

Heavy just smiled and nodded awkwardly. "You are... very pretty woman..."

“More like ‘pretty fat’, you mean.” She rolled her eyes, and laughed, patting her belly. “Eh, two more months, and then maybe I can see my toes again.” Pyro smiled, thinking of it hopefully.

"Does not matter. You are beautiful." The man laughed. "I cannot see my toes, and I have no baby for blame!"

Pyro laughed again, and then stopped suddenly with a gasp. “…ow.” She put her hand down on the belly. “This kid’s gonna play soccer, I tell ya. One hell of a kicker.”

"Or maybe boxer, da? I could teach little baby when he grows up."

“Maybe.” She smiled, rubbing her hand over the belly again. “You wanna feel?”

Heavy nodded, smiling. He felt the woman's belly gently, his large hand covering nearly half of it.

The little tyke growing inside of her kicked the large hand, but Pyro didn’t really react to it. She seemed to be used to it now. “What’d I tell ya? Kid’s gonna be a handful when he pops out.”
Heavy laughed. "Is good! Needs to keep fighting spirit."

“Yeah, he’ll probably take out his first zombie as soon as he pops out.” She laughed, laying her head down on Heavy’s large arm. “Hope he calms down a bit, soon, though. I could really use a nap.”

Luckily for her, the child did rest soon enough, and the vehicle was silent mostly as they traveled the countryside.

After a while, Engie soon felt the gentle embrace of sleep starting to encircle him, and he could take no longer. He turned a dirt road that led to an abandoned farmhouse, and, as he pulled up in front of it, prayed it was safe here.
There were a few rotting human bodies inside that really stank. They showed no sign of being infected before their death, but were huddled in a corner before they'd presumably been shot to death. There were a few long-dead cattle outside as well, the heads stripped of skin - probably to test for rabies. Other than that, everything seemed deserted.

“Alrighty then.” Engie nodded, picking up his shotgun, just in case. “Everyone out.” He opened the door, and let the ladder down.
>> No. 647
yay for pyro babies! im starting to ship pyro heavy now so this post made me happy.
I hope scout will be alright. can't wait to see more.
>> No. 648
This is adorable. Also please let it be The Sacrifice cannon once again. I couldn't handle Scout zombified or even zombie baby pyro.

There are so many characters now, I have no idea how you keep track of them all.
>> No. 650
It's surprisingly not that hard. We're about split down the middle on them. I play Medic, Pyro, Nico, Sniper, and sometimes I take over for Engie. TwoRefined plays everyone else (Scout, Demo, Taylor, Spy, Heavy).
I'm really anal about things, too. My mind when we RP is constantly thinking 'Okay, who haven't we seen in a while?' so when they're split off into groups, we can usually make sure that no one gets left behind.
>> No. 659
I still really look forward to the next update.
>> No. 660
Heavy offered to carry Scout as well as support the Pyro on her way out. Scout, by this time, was asleep, having been heavily sedated.

Medic and Engie both carried Sniper out, helped to the ground by Demo, and soon there were only Soldier and the two Spies- one of them still passed out asleep on the floor.

Spy nudged his counterpart. "Wake up, Nico. We've found where we're to rest for the evening."
Nico merely groaned, and covered his face with his arm, seeming content to remain on the floor of the truck.
"Come on, Nickie," Taylor grumbled, jostling him more. "Get up. I don't want to have to stay in here with you..."
“Zhen don’t.” he grumbled back, rolling onto his stomach, ignoring the two.

"You want to stay in here by yourself?" Spy huffed. "Why? Are you going to drive off in the middle of the night, stealing our food and leaving us stranded?" He squinted at the younger spy suspiciously.
“Yes, you’ve found out my ultimate scheme.” He replied, flat and sarcastic, before yawning into the floor mats. “I’m tired, and I don’t feel well, so just…leave me alone. I’m not going anywhere, except maybe outside to empty my stomach again.”

Soldier touched his palm gently. "If you're sure..." he murmured quietly
Nico whimpered, but pulled his hand away, and curled in on himself. “Just go.” He mumbled, quietly.
Soldier nodded and left along with Spy, trying not to show how upset he felt.

The lonely Frenchman curled up under the seat of the SUV, shivering and depressed. Damn near every fibre of his being wanted to follow after them, but he knew that, as soon as they hit Florida, he wouldn’t have the security of Soldier’s embrace to fall back on. Might as well get used to being alone.

Soldier didn't like the feeling of leaving Nico alone, but it was Nico's decision and he'd respect it.

Nico didn’t like it either, frankly. It was cold in the truck, and the sounds of the infected echoed for miles and OH GOD WHAT WAS THAT HITTING THE WINDOW?

“WAIT FOR ME!” Nico called after them, sliding down the ladder, landing roughly on his feet. Limping towards the rest, he looked back at the car. Nothing but a tree branch. Embarrassing.

Soldier grinned broadly and welcomed him back with open arms, hugging him tightly. "Thanks for coming..." he murmured quietly.
Spy looked totally unimpressed.
“Yes, well…it’s….razher cold in zhe truck.” Nico replied, clinging to Taylor, trembling a little from the earlier fright. “Don’t want to get ‘ypozhermia, or anyzhing.”
"Nah, we got enough problems, I think." A friendly smile.

Heavy was sweeping aside huge piles of rotting straw so that he could build a small fire pit in the middle. He'd stacked up a few bales of hay and draped a blanket over them to make a crude chair for Pyro.

“Thanks, big guy.” She smiled, and plopped herself down on it. “Say, what’s your name by the way? Never thought to ask.”
"Oh..." A smile and a blush. "Is... Dmetri. What is yours?"
“Emily.” She stuck out her hand. “ ‘s nice to meet you.”
"Is... Is beautiful name. Is very beautiful."
He shook it with just his index finger and thumb, smiling.
“Thanks. Oh!” She looked down at her belly again, and just led Heavy’s hand there now. “Jeez! Up again. What’s keeping you up little guy?”
A laugh. "Is excited to meet me." A smile.

“Must be.” She smiled back, rubbing at her swollen stomach. The chill of the room started to seep into her arms and she shivered. “Brrr. There any more blankets around here?”
"Da. You can have mine, Emily." The huge man handed it over and draped it over her, smiling. "Do not worry. Am big man. Will stay warm natural way!" He patted his belly as well, smiling.
“You sure?” She asked, concerned for him.
"Yes." A blush. "Unless... you would want to cuddle, yes?"
“Sure.” She shrugged. “I love cuddling.”
Heavy grinned.

Emily held up the blanket edge, and scooted over on the hay bale to make room for Heavy.
Heavy smiled and scooted over next to her. "I... I hope I... I do not scare you..." he started slowly.
“Now why would you scare me?” She giggled. “You’re nothin’ but a big ol’ teddy bear, you are.” She smiled, cuddling up into him.
"Because I... Your baby. I... I want to... to be father to it. For it."

“Yeah? No foolin’?” She smiled. “Even if it comes out…lookin’ nothin’ like ya?” She looked over at Demo, blushing with shame. Not at his skin colour, of course, but just the fact that she had no idea if he was the father of her baby or not. One-night stands were frequent on the bases, and birth control wasn’t always readily had. Could belong to pretty much anyone from their BLU base.

A laugh. "Does it matter? I know little baby is not mine! Does not matter."
“But still, I mean…when he’s older…what do I tell him?” She looked up at him, lost and pleading for guidance.
"Father died because of infection." A shrug.
She looked back over at Demo. “What if he didn’t?”
"...." A shrug. "Then I do not know. We will figure it out."

She cuddled into him, sad now. “He doesn’t want it, you know. Never did. None of them did. None of them would own up to takin’ responsibility for it.”
"Do you think he is bad man?"
“No.” she shook her head. “He’s just…a bad father, I guess.”
"Then there is no need for me to kill him."

The Pyro looked up at him, shocked for a minute, and then laughed. “You’re funny, Dmetri. I like you.” She cuddled back up with him, resting her head on his chest.
A gentle smile. He snuggled up to her, grasping her hand.
>> No. 661
Medic was over on the other side of the barn, fussing over Scout once more. Quickly he’d rinsed off a tarp, and was using it as a makeshift operating table. His needle passed in and out of Scout’s flesh, gently, but as quickly as it could. Sniper watched what he could from over in the corner.

Scout yelped quietly, and grunted, flinching away from the needle, the muscles tightening.
“Hold still, Scoutchen, please.” Medic looked down at him, worriedly, and tried to hold him down.
"It... It HURTS, damnit!" the kid growled, gritting his teeth and growling slightly.
“I know it hurts, but please, try to stay still. It vill be over soon.” Medic soothed, stroking the boy’s face with his less-bloody hand.
A whimper as tears welled up in his eyes, but he nodded, groaning quietly.

Medic kissed Scout’s forehead tenderly, and kept stitching his wound until his work was done. Then he bandaged it, propped the boy’s legs up on a hay bale, covered him with a blanket, and left to wash his hands.
Scout was pretty placid for a while, but kept staring into Medic's face, sometimes seeming to slip in and out of a trance.

The doctor noticed this, and cupped the boy’s face. “Scout? Scoutchen, can you hear me?”
"Yeah... Yeah, yeah, I can..."
“Here. Drink zhis.” He held a bottle of water to the boy’s lips. “You lost a lot of blood. I’m going to ask if anyvone is villing to donate some. If not, I’ll do it myself, don’t vorry. You’re going to be fine.” He smiled down at him.
"Alright..." the boy croaked softly, drinking slowly.
Medic took the bottle and recapped it once he was done. “I vill be back shortly.” Another kiss to the forehead, and he was off to find Spy.

The man greeted him as h came into the room he was sharing with Taylor. “Hola, Doctor.”
“Hello. Look, I need your help.” He admitted. “And yours, actually.” He motioned towards Soldier. “Ve…may haff a problem.”
Spy blinked, chewing on some gum. He raised an eyebrow. "Does this have to do with Nico again?"
“No. It is…vhere is Nico, anyvay?” He asked. He hadn’t seen him come in yet.
"Asleep," Soldier answered, throwing some straw into the fire.
“Good.” He nodded. “He should rest. But…I am concerned about Scout. He is…I zhink…he may be…”
"......." Soldier's jaw dropped, but Spy just nodded somberly.

“I…I cannot be sure, yet, but…” Medic exhaled, shuddering, upset. “Ve cannot kill him! Ve…ve cannot!” he protested. “Zhere must be a cure! Somevhere, yes?”
Spy looked away, blowing a bubble quietly.
“Taylor?” He asked, looking at the other man, pleading for a ‘Yes’.
"I... I dunno, Doc..." Soldier muttered, afraid.

Medic inhaled, hard, and sat down, covering his eyes with his hand. “Scoutchen…” He whimpered.
"I'm... I'm sorry," Spy murmured.
“I am not giving up him.” He spat, wiping the water from his eyes. “I vill find a cure. Zhere is an answer to zhis, I know it!”
"With all due respect, don't get your hopes up, Doctor."
Tears spilled down Soldier's cheeks. He stared at the fire.
“I VILL find a cure.” He glared at Spy, clearly more sad than angry. “Now get in zhere and let me put some of your blood in Scout. He vill need his strength to fight zhis zhing.”

Spy just looked doubtful, but Soldier stood and nodded nobly.

“Not you.” He pointed. “Your injuries vill still need healing, and you’re zhe wrong blood type, besides.” He pointed to Spy. “It’s his zhat I need.”
Spy huffed. "I gave blood before. Not only that, I don't want to waste it on someone who may not be with us on the morrow!"
“You, I, Scout, and Nico are zhe only vones who are O positive.” He explained, clearly desperate. “Vould you prefer I take it from zhe half-dead sleeping invalid instead?”

Spy frowned. "I told you I don't feel comfortable with this situation. What if something were to happen to you? I'd much rather give you my blood in the hopes that you'd keep the group going and not waste it on... the boy. It is not kind, but it is reality."

“You couldn’t.” Medic shook his head. “My blood is O negative. I can give to ozhers vizh O positive blood, but can only receive zhe blood of ozhers like me.”
"..... Oh... Well... That is another matter."
"I can't have you wasting your blood at all, then. We need you."
Medic smiled, gently. “So you vill do it?”
A sigh. “If... I must."
Soldier clapped him heartily on the back, grinning.

“Zhank you.” Medic shook his hand, gratefully. “Zhank you. Please, zhis vay.” He led the Spy out of the room, and prepped him for the transfusion.

Limping steps could be heard on the staircase above Soldier's head, as Nico came back downstairs.
"You're back." Soldier smiled and opened his arms as if for a hug.

Nico just walked past him, quickly, out the screen door, and onto the porch, where he leaned heavily over the railing, coughing and gagging once again. Once he’d finished, he came back in, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “Sorry about zhat.” He walked into Taylor’s hug, tiredly.
Soldier rubbed his hair fondly. "Not a problem... Would rather you not do that on me, actually." A laugh.

Nico laughed back, once, into the other man’s shirt. “Where’s your Spy?” he asked, flat and worn out.
"Oh, he's with Medic. Scout isn't... doing too well." He looked down, twiddling his thumbs silently.
“Not doing well like me, or like…?”
Soldier bit his lower lip.
“Taylor.” He spoke, sternly, yet concerned. “ ‘ow bad is it?”
He shook.
"Medic... thinks... he might be turning."
Nico gasped, and stepped back, to sit on the stairs, just shaking his head in terror.
"Wh...what do we do?"
"I.... I don't know..."

Spy bit his lip, wrapping his arms around himself. “I’m scared, Taylor. What if ‘e turns and attacks one of us? Or all of us?”
"I don't think Doc would let it get that far... He loves that kid, but not enough to endanger all of us like that."
Nico just sighed, rubbing at his upper arms. “I’m still scared, zhough. Still worried.”
Soldier nodded.
"I liked Scout, Nico..."
“Don’t…don’t say it like zhat.” Nico was sad too. “ ‘e’s still alive. We still use zhe present tense for ‘im until ‘e is ozherwise.”
"Alright." A nod. "He still is a good kid." Pain.
“Yes.” Nico nodded, too. “Yes ‘e is. I’ll miss ‘im when…when we separate.”
"Poor kid..." Soldier sighed.
"C'mon - let's get some sleep...."

Nico sighed, and turned to go up the stairs. “Well…maybe zhere is ‘ope. You all zhought I was going to turn, and I didn’t, after all. Maybe…maybe Scout is immune too, and we just don’t know it.” He shrugged, and looked over his shoulder at Taylor.
"I hope so...."
“I do too.” He nodded. “…goodnight.” Nico whispered, before he began to limp his way up to the hayloft.
>> No. 662
Holey Doley...
would it be a sin to ask for more?
If so then I don't mind dinning in hell tonight.
this is great!
>> No. 663

That. I really want to know what happen, although I feel like there's gonna be heartbreak right there and it makes me sad.
>> No. 664
Ask and ye shall receive.

Scout was quiet when Medic came back with Spy.
"Everything okay?" He looked at Spy with a sort of animalistic paranoia.

“Everyzhing will be fine, Scoutchen.” He knelt by him, and gestured for Spy to sit. “Spy here is just going to give you some of his blood, and you’ll feel much better.”

"Oh... Yeah, I'd like some blood..." He smiled and licked his pale lips quietly.

Medic froze, and then chuckled. “Such a…a silly boy. You’re delirious.” He patted his shoulder, gently, and attached the mechanism for the transfusion. He smiled at Spy. "He's delirious."

Spy just gave him a disappointed look. He sat and extended his arm, chewing on his gum vigorously.

Medic attached the mechanism to Spy’s arm, and just sat there, watching the blood flow from his veins, into Scout’s, chewing on his lip nervously.

Scout watched it stoically. There was a strange glint in his eyes as he watched the crimson liquid flow between them. A warbling groan.
Medic turned away from him, and shut his eyes tight to block off the tears. “Vhen zhis is done, go get zhe Engineer.” He whispered to Spy.

"Why?" the man whispered.

Scout was still watching the blood.

“Ve….ve vill haff to restrain him.” He choked out, like the very words made him sick to his stomach.

Spy nodded.

When Medic removed the transfusion device, Scout was licking at his vein before anyone could stop him, grunting and sucking noisily.

“Oh gott…” Medic sobbed, covering his hand with his mouth. “Hurry.” He looked at Spy as he did his best to hold Scout down.

Scout growled at Medic, struggling against him. "What the hell are you doing, pal?!"

“SCOUT. SCOUTCHEN, PLEASE.” Medic sobbed. “Stay vith me…please…I can’t lose you…”

"LET ME GO, YOU PSYCHO! I'm fucking FINE!" Another snarl as his upper lip raised as if he were a dog.

Spy ducked out, feeling a little light-headed.
“SOMEVONE! HELP, PLEASE!” He sobbed, finding it harder and harder to keep the boy pinned to the ground like this.


Spy stumbled into the barn again, moaning slightly. "Engineer... Engineer, help..." he called out weakly, his head swimming from the sudden drainage of blood.

“Spah?” Engie quickly scrambled down the ladder. “Spah, what is it? What’s wrong?” He put his hands on the other man’s shoulders to steady him.

"You have... Have to help Medic... Scout may be turning, and he... needs to be restrained.”
He leaned against the bowing wall.

“Jus…sit down, here.” He helped the other man slide to the ground and sit. “Ah’ll take care a this.” He dashed up to the hayloft, grabbed some rope, and ran into the house where Medic was still crying and yelling for help. He tied the boy up, like a cattle he was roping, and left him in the corner, panting from the stress.

Scout screamed fruitlessly in the corner, cursing and squirming in his restraints.

He growled and gnashed his teeth, face flushing with rage.

Medic sobbed, and clung to the Engineer. He was the only thing keeping him from running over there and undoing the restraints.

Scout quieted eventually, snarling and glaring at the man. He seemed confused.

Shaking, Medic made his way over to him. “Scout…do you know who I am?” he asked, desperate.

"You....... Me.....dic...?"

“Vhat is my name?”

"..... Medic. I just said, moron!"

Medic swallowed, and shook his head. “Do you remember your name?”

"I'm Scout!" Frustration.

“Not your class.” He frowned. “Zhe name your mozher gave you. Vhat is it?”

Scout looked at him like he'd grown a second head.

".... Hey. We...." A grin. "We used to have sex. Didn't we? I'd like to fuck you a good one right now... Make ya scream...”

Medic sobbed, and turned away for a moment. “Do you remember who Vince is?”

"C'mere, big guy. Let me fuck ya good, huh. How about you, pudgy? Any takers? Huh?"

Engie just shook his head, disappointed.

“VINCE. TELL ME WHO VINCE IS TO YOU.” Medic spat, desperate.


“What about Nico? Or Taylor, or Dmetri!” He kept trying.

Scout just smiled. It was almost cruel in a way.
"I really, REALLY wanna cut ya right now... Just a few drop of blood... everywhere." He tried to wriggle closer despite his restraints

Medic looked like he was about to be sick. “Vhat about…Peter? Do you remember him?”

"I don't care about ANYBODY! Least of all some Peter piece of shit faggot!"

Another sob, and Medic stood. He knew the boy was gone. But he would find a way to bring him back. “I…I love you, Peter.” He sniffled, and ran out into the next room.

"THEN WHY DON'T YOU MARRY HIM, HUH, JACKASS?!" Hysterical laughter.

Engie shook his head, and took a rag out of his pocket. Quickly, he strode over to Scout, and shoved it in his mouth, before he started tying it around the back of his head.

Scout thrashed around and snarled. He seemed scared somehow.

Once the rag was securely in place, Engie tenderly stroked the boy’s hair. “Just calm down now, Peter. We’re gonna do our best t’getcha better. Just hang in there.”

Peter paused and nodded. He seemed tired now.
Engie sighed, and covered him with a blanket. Poor kid.
>> No. 665
Peter didn't sleep during the night. When Medic came back, he was sweating and feverous and muttering unintelligibly.

Medic dipped a cloth in some water they had, and began running it over Scout’s warm skin.

“Peter…Peter, can you hear me?”

Weak muttering.

“Everyzhing is going to be alright, Peter.” Medic soothed, making another pass of the washcloth. “I am going to find a cure for zhis, I promise.”

The boy squinted at him, as if trying to make him out. His eyes were pale, but bloodshot around the whites.

Medic’s eyes were bloodshot, too- from crying, and from the lack of sleep. But he didn’t look nearly as bad as Scout. Tenderly, he kissed the boy on the forehead, and made his promise to him again.

Scout gurgled quietly. It wasn't long before he began vomiting weakly and groaning.

Medic pulled the gag away to wipe up the vomit. “You must be hungry.” He reached into his pocket for a granola bar, and held it in front of Scout’s face. “You vant it?”

Scout grunted and turned away weakly. A quiet growl.

“You haff to eat, Scoutchen.” He unwrapped it, and held it to the boy’s lips.

Scout snapped at Medic's hand and bit viciously at his finger.

“ACH!” He recoiled, and gulped when he saw the bit of blood that dripped from the digit. “This. This vhat you vant?” he frowned down at the boy.

Scout grinned, smiling at the blood dripping from the man's finger. He extended his tongue, trying to catch it.

Medic smeared the crimson liquid on the cereal bar. “Zhere. You vill eat it now, yes?”

Scout sniffed at it and frowned, but ate it anyways.

“Gut.” Medic frowned, and tied the gag back in place once he’d finished chewing. “Now behave yourself.” He scolded, and left to stitch up his finger.

Scout whined slightly, squirming helplessly on the ground.
>> No. 666
my face is contorted into a permanent sad face...
I want scout to live he is one of my favorite characters in this story!!!!!!!!
but I love this anyways. please... continue.
>> No. 667
666 get! but seriously, this is a good story, keep up the good work!
>> No. 668
This is a strange story, but enjoyable none the less! Hehe! Keep it up and I'll keep reading fo sho!
>> No. 669
Wow your pulling my heart strings right with this lastest post... I can't wait to find out what happens to Scout
>> No. 670
Don't take this the wrong way, but I almost feel like it's Scout's time to go. We haven't lost any major characters thus far in the story, and a death would add a lot of impact in my opinion.
>> No. 671
True. But I will still be sad to see him go but I understand that having him die or change would be a real big turn in the story. I would say a good one. I just love how this is done and where it is going. please never let this die with out an ending.
>> No. 674
I hope there is more soon I'm running out of finger nails.
>> No. 677
This was wayyyy too long a wait.

Nico climbed down, slowly, from the hayloft, and limped past the other Spy. Why had he fallen asleep there?

“ ‘ey.” He shook him, gently. “ ‘ey, wake up.”

Spy shifted, groaning. "What...? What is it? Leave me alone, or-- augh!" A twitch. "My neck!" A groan.

Nico watched him in his pain. “…It’s morning.” He stated.

"... Thank you." A scowl. "... How is the possessed boy, hmmm?"

“I don’t know. I’aven’t seen ‘im.” Nico paused. “Did you sleep zhere all night? Why?”

"I was too tired to make my way back." He rubbed his shoulder, wincing.

“Like a ‘and up?” Nico extended his hand.

"I'm fine." Spy stood up on his own, sighing and cracked his neck. "Things are not looking good for Peter. If you believe in any sort of deity, I suggest you begin your prayers." He popped another wad of already-chewed gum in his mouth.

“I was going to just zhat. Would you care to join me?” Nico smiled at him, genuinely.

"I'm sorry, but I stopped praying a long time ago." A tight, overly polite smile.

Nico shrugged, still with that smile. “To each ‘is own. Excuse me.” He gestured to the doorway that the Spy was currently blocking.
Spy sighed and moved over, still feeling irritable and tired.

"Where is Taylor?"
The younger man shrugged, and moved past him, out the doorway, and knelt in the hall, hands clasped together on the windowsill. He closed his eyes, and quietly began to pray in his native tongue.

Heavy woke up with a snort and a stretch, mumbly as he scratched himself. There was a pause as he realized he was still beside his lovely lady. Once again his heart melted and he snuggled up to her.

Pyro shifted, mumbling in her half-awake state, and let out a loud belch. “…’mornin’.” She yawned.

Heavy shook the rafters with his laugh. “Good morning, Emily and baby!" he greeted warmly, hugging her.

She patted his arm back. “So what’s for breakfast?” She laughed. “Right now I could go for some pancakes, bacon, eggs, french toast, regular toast, fresh fruit, and about ninety cups of coffee.” She rolled onto her back, and smiled at Heavy. “You got all that?”

A smile. "No."

She just smiled back, and scratched at her messy red hair. “What do we have, anyway?”

Heavy smiled and offered her a bar. "This. Is good. Better than peanut butter."

“Thanks.” She mumbled around it, already having shoved it greedily in her mouth. “Got lotsa granola bars but not much else, eh?” Pyro swallowed, and patted her belly. “Let’s hope you don’t come out part horse, then.” She laughed.

Heavy just smiled. "I am happy you have good spirit still."

“Hey, I’m just glad I’m not getting woken up to the feeling of puke coming up my throat anymore.” She smiled. “Morning sickness. It SUCKS. Seriously.” She chomped down the last bite of the bar. "So what's the plan for today?"

"Not very sure..." He looked around. "Has been quiet for today..."

“Shit…you don’t think they like…left us behind, do you?”

"Well... I hear voices, so I don't think so..."

“Phew. That’s a relief.” She smiled. “Speaking of, we got a piss bucket around here somewhere? Or a bathroom? Dare I dream.” She giggled.

Heavy pointed her to a dark corner with plenty of hay piled up.

“Ah. Excuse me, then.” She nodded, with a smile, and waddled over to the corner.

"You will not be needing help?" A pause. "I promise there will be no peeking." An embarrassed smile.

“I’m good!” She called out, and disappeared behind the hay. “Thanks, though! You’re really sweet!”

A blush. "Th...Thank you..."

“You’re welcome!” She called back. “Now can you be quiet for a second? I need to concentrate in order to piss these days!”

An embarrassed smile and a nod.

A rough hand shook Sniper awake.

“Mm…wot? Wot is it?” The Aussie mumbled, sleepily. “ ‘s’going on?”

"It's yer old pal Demo," the man murmured. "Lissen - you gotta get up, mate. There's somethin' yeh gotta see."

“Wot?” he rubbed at his eyes. “And if y’hadn’t noticed, ‘m gonna need some help up.” Sniper gestured to his still-rather-dead legs.

"Oh. Right." Demoman helped support him to his feet, grunting. "Any feelin' under the belt yet?" he asked, half-jokingly.

Sniper clung to him, legs hanging limply, and his braced neck turned straight ahead weirdly. “Can feel m’hips. It’s a start. Now wot’s this you wanna show me?”

A pause.

"It's yer Scout felleh."

Sniper blinked, and bit his lip. “…is he okay?” He asked, knowing the answer was probably no.

Demoman just sighed.

“At least…tell me he’s alive, mate.” Sniper choked out.

"He's alive still."

“But he’s…he’s hurt, then?”

"He's changin'.”

“…wot?” Sniper exhaled, barely audible. “No…no he can’t be! He’s…are you sure?”

"I'm takin' you to see 'im. Yeh can decide for yourself once we're there."

“Christ…Peter…” Sniper hiccupped, and clung to Demo, afraid of what he’d see.

When the two got there, Scout was rolling around on the ground, hissing and growling unnaturally. There were a few droplets of blood oozing from his ears, and his eyes still looked horridly bloodshot with white irises.

“NO!” Sniper cried out, and wished to god that he could turn his head away right now.

Scout barked back at him angrily, as if taking his agonized cry as a challenge.
niper sobbed, and covered his mouth with his hand. “Christ…you’re…you’re gonna have to…then?” He couldn’t say the words ‘kill him’, as if the poor boy would drop dead on the spot.

"The doc's goin' crazy trying to look for a cure before that happens. I cannae say if it'll help anything, though." He looked down at the pathetic figure sadly.

The Aussie just sobbed, clinging sideways to Demo. “Please, mate…I can’t look at this anymore…can’t look at him…like this.”

Scout just growled threateningly.

Demoman nodded and led him out of the room quietly.
>> No. 680
ok I love this I check this literally every day.
I need more. but I can wait how ever long you need me to. please do go on. poor scout
>> No. 681
Cute chapter. I'm just waiting for Scout to kick the bucket at this point. It'll just rip the soul out the the Sniper and Medic. Gosh I'm feeling a bit sadistic today. Cool chapter, update soon?
>> No. 690
Woooowww sorry, I got really busy stitching Christmas ornaments.

It fell to Engie to make breakfast again. Why, he didn’t know, but the day didn’t feel right unless he started it by cooking up some of the oatmeal they had.

It tasted blander than hell, but food was food.
Demoman and Sniper arrived to the scene, looking somber.

Engie knew why. He’d seen the boy earlier. It was not a pleasant sight. “Like some oatmeal, fellas?” Sniper politely refused it, but he held the bowl out for Demo all the same.

Demoman nodded and tipped his bowl forward. "Ay. So what's the plan for today, then?" he asked, watching the faces of the other men. "How long should we stay here?"

“Reckon I ain’t too sure.” Engie admitted. “With…our…circumstances bein’ what they are…” he treaded lightly, “Ah think it’d be best to sit tight for a few more days.”

"I disagree," Spy huffed, walking in on the scene. "We can't afford to be held up any longer."

“We’ll y’all ain’t the one drivin’, now are ya?” The Texan frowned, holding out a bowl for Spy.

"True, but I thought you were trying to reach you family. Wait too long and they might not be there when you arrive."

Demoman growled. "Now that just ain't fair!" he protested. Using the man's family against him like that...

“Don’t remind me.” Engie grumbled. “But it ain’t safe to travel…like…some of us are. Need to think ‘bout what we’re gonna do to…to make it safe.”

"Sometimes the best answer is the easiest one," Spy responded in a low, solemn murmur.

Engie frowned. “Just eat your dang oatmeal.”

"With pleasure." Spy began eating quietly, staring down into his bowl.

In the background, Nico peeked through the door, saw what they were eating, and went to the basement to get something.
He came back up with a smile, and a jar. “ ‘ere.” He plopped it in the middle, before taking his own bowl and sitting beside the Spy. “Found some preserves in zhe basement. Might make zhis a little more…palatable.”

"Fook yeah!" Demoman cried, momentarily distracted by the thought of better food.

Nico smiled, and shook the jar, letting a glob of the indistinguishable fruit plop onto the Demoman’s bowl. He did the same with Engie’s, and with his, and held it over Spy’s as well.

Spy raised an eyebrow and pulled his bowl away. "I'd rather not die of Botulism, thank you."

Nico rolled his eyes. “Zhe jar only dates back to last winter.” He turned it so Spy could see the label on the side. “You really zhink I’d feed everyone somezhing I didn’t know was safe?”

"I don't trust these farmers to truly go through the safety measures needed."

"Just fookin' eat it," Demoman sighed. "It's good stuff!"

"Fine. But when we're all dying from food poisoning later on, don't say I didn't warn you." He held out his bowl, looking bored.

Nico tipped the jar, and let a glob of fruit pour out into the bowl. “Duly noted.” He remarked, before he capped the jar, and sat back to eat his own oatmeal.

Heavy and the Pyro came forward, then, with Heavy supporting her generously the entire way.

Demoman looked up at them, eyes masked a little.

Emily laughed. “Dmitri! ‘mitri, I can walk for Pete’s sake! My ankle barely even got scratched, come on!”

"I just want to be making sure."

“I’m fine.” She laughed. “But you might have to help me sit down.” She squatted, trying to get to the floor without falling violently on her ass.

Heavy was there to support her all the way down, then went and fetched her a blanket to be snuggled up in as she ate her breakfast.

“You’re too sweet. Really.” She smiled, patting his arm as she took her oatmeal. “OOH! JAM!” She was excited by the glob of sugary fruit that Nico proffered, and took it gladly.

Demoman nudged her quietly, looking like he wanted to talk.

“What?” She asked, with her mouth full of oatmeal.

"What's with you and the big guy, eh, lass?" he whispered, looking suspicious.

Pyro swallowed, and frowned. “What do you mean?”

"You two are nigh inseparable now. What's going on?"

She shrugged, and took another bite. “He’s being nice to me and I like it. You got a problem with that?”

“Are you sleepin' with another man already, lass?" Demoman asked bluntly. "I know what we had wasn't that serious, but I hadn't planned on letting yeh go yet." He frowned irritably.

Another bite, and she looked away from him, snootily. “Well you shoulda thought about that before you told me you didn’t want this.” She patted her stomach.
"He does, and that's all that matters to me right now."

Demoman grunted a bit."C'mon, lass - I helped you practically across the bloody country... Yeh know I still care about you, right...?"

“Well you have a pretty crappy way of showing it sometimes.” She frowned, and scraped up some more of the bland oatmeal.

"How? What did I do to you, eh, lass?"

"I am hoping there is no problems here, yes?" Heavy asked, frowning as he stepped into the scene with his arms crossed.

Pyro looked up at him, and back to Demo. “ ‘s not what you did, ‘s what you didn’t do, and that’s take responsibility for this.” She patted her stomach, and held her hand out for Heavy to help her up.

Demoman glared into the fire, knowing he'd be spending a lot more lonely nights from now on.

Heavy led her away. He stroked her face, looking deeply into her eyes. "I do not know what Demoman says to you, but did not like how you were looking. You are okay now?"

“Yeah. ‘m fine.” She pouted, and hugged him, still saddened by the conversation. “You really wanna be my baby’s daddy?”

"Absolutely. Demoman says he will be or that I will not?"

“No. Just wanted to be sure.” She smiled, and leaned up to peck him on the lips, sweetly.

Heavy held her close, his large hands as gentle as down feathers.

"You are beautiful woman, and deserve to have strong man to protect you and baby and help you with child.”

She smiled at him. “You’re so sweet. Really you are.” She kissed him again, and took his larger hand in her own. “Come on. We should make this official.” She said, leading him off towards another room, away from the others.

"Official?" The man looked confused. "We go to get married?"

“Not quite.” She smiled at him coyly, and gave him a little wink.

"Oh..." The man blushed and smiled dumbly.

Pyro grinned, and shut the door behind them.
>> No. 694
I want more.
>> No. 695
I second this
>> No. 710
File 146783619166.jpg - (293.34KB , 1319x1758 , 507A2040_1.jpg )
Haha whooopsss I forgot all about this thing and I doubt I have it backed up on my computer back home... You could probably ask Izzy if she still has it, but I wouldn't hold your breath for this to be resolved any time soon.

Sorry! ; u;
>> No. 711
Thought I'd go ahead and put some blackboxed spoilers for those really yearning for catharsis. If you haven't read the whole thread already, I wouldn't recommend peaking, but IDK I can't tell you what to do with your life.

Scout turns into a Hunter, as was foreshadowed by his little prank on Medic before THE THING happened. We actually planned on Medic finding a cure using Pyro's immune stem cells after she gave birth or... some shit. But I'd probably go with something different, if I were to continue the story today.

You guys said that Scout's death would add a lot of impact, and I agree. I would probably have him being kept in the cellar / barn, chained up like a junkyard dog while Medic worked furiously to find a cure, only for him to be found one day, assassinated by a gunshot to the head by an unknown party.

Medic and Sniper would go apeshit, trying to figure out who dun it, especially since Medic was close to a breakthrough. Eventually, they would strongly suspect RED Spy, as he was the most vocal about wanting to keep moving. The bullet also would have matched the kind that comes out of his Ambassador.

Spy, however would vehemently deny being responsible, even as everyone started to turn against him. Desperate, he'd turn to Taylor, asking him to talk some sense into them, but even Taylor has doubts. At the end of the day, no one would be able to proove anything, so they'd continue on their journey, being highly suspicious of Spy the entire time. But not before holding a really touching, heartbreaking funeral for poor Peter.

So who dun it? I'll tell ya later.

>> No. 712
File 146985834831.jpg - (33.40KB , 512x384 , 7e2305c4439394b461bec2c147cf0118.jpg )
Spoilers. Click at your own risk!

Dmitri is obviously head over heels for Emily and lil baby. He even loots finds a ring to propose to her with and the two get married This obviously makes Demoman pretty upset and jealous. He doesn't find very much booze, so he copes like any recovering addict would - by moving on to another substance to abuse. This time, it's huffing. Glue, paint, whatever. It's potent, and it's everywhere, so it works for him. Things get ugly fast.

If I remember right, huffing causes a lot of harmful effects like reduced cognitive ability and slowed reflexes, so he becomes quite a liability in the heat of battle. One day, he severely fucks up, and explodes a propane tank near Nico on accident.

Spy sees this play out, and is able to shield Nico from the blast just in time, but is badly injured from it.

I don't control Nico, but I'm guessing he would ask Spy why the hell he would sacrifice himself. Spy would grin even though he would be in excruciating pain, and would say that, in a way, he considered Nico his responsibility, and always has. If asked what he meant by that, he'd pass out and would have to be carted off for Medic to operate on him.

After that fucking disaster, the rest of the team would be rightly pissed and hold a forceful intervention for Demo and give him an ultimatum: either give it up, or get the fuck out.

Demo would be heartbroken over the pain he caused everyone and would swear off the stuff, and ask for help and understanding as he battled his vice. They'd forgive him, but would be adamant on making him follow through on his promises.

Meanwhile, Spy would wake up in the good Doctor's care, and stop him in the midst of wrapping him up in a cocoon of bandages. Instead, he'd implore him to save what little medical supplies they had, and would ask for a private audience with Nico and Taylor.

>> No. 713
File 146986036391.jpg - (42.35KB , 600x600 , 24-italian-symbol-for-friend-on-fingers.jpg )

So, Spy would state right off the bat that he knows his time is short, but he finds it "distasteful" to leave loose ends. He says he's spent his entire life trying to obscure his personal history, but he'd like to leave at least two good friends who knew the truth about everything.

Assuming Nico asks him to clarify what he'd said right after the blast, Spy would say this wasn't the first time they'd met, though he'd worn a "different face" back then.

He'd say that he recognized Nico for the first time after he gave Nico his first transfusion. The swastika scar had been a dead giveaway. He'd then clarify that the French liberation had been his first real assignment. He'd infiltrated the American ranks at the time to act as a mole for the Italian government - where he was from.

He then said that on his travels, he remembered encountering a crying youth with a similar scar on the streets of a small French town he was deployed at. Despite himself, he felt sympathy for the poor boy, and was able to get him to a hospital. There he learned the horrors he'd been forced to endure, and became enraged. He tracked down the soldiers that mutilated and abused the poor boy and cruelly murdered his mother. He inflicted much worse on them, and left their corpses for the wild animals. Then, he quit the war and his espionage of the American troops all together, deeply disturbed by all the horrors he'd seen.

He reappeared years later, with a hardened and brutal outlook of the world, and quickly built up a rapport as one of the most deadly and ruthless Spies money could buy. After a lifetime of making enemies, he found himself resorting to engaging in the rediculous feud between RED and BLU. It paid well, and was much safer and away from the leagions of people he alienated over the years.

More tomorrow. I'm tired af
>> No. 714
File 146989910084.png - (166.67KB , 364x600 , tumblr_o3jnqhaaN71qgpyh7o1_400.png )
Photo credit: http://denimecho.tumblr.com/post/140478673011/a-belated-happy-birthday-to-my-dear-friend

Spoilers continue.

So, obviously by now, it's clear that Spy was the "American" soldier that rescued Nico when he was a boy. If Nico asked why he never told him, Spy would claim that he didn't want to reopen old wounds needlessly. He also wanted to keep his personal history under wraps - force of habit, he supposed. But now the point was moot - he was pretty much on his death bed.

Taylor would fucking lose it and would start denying the fact and saying Medic could help him, but Spy would insist that it would take way too much medical supplies to heal someone who had 3rd degree burns on 40% of his body. Maybe if it happened before the apocalypse happened, he'd have more of a chance, but it'd be unwise to even attempt it now. More than that, he just felt... tired. Tired of running. Tired of having to hide who he was. Tired of fighting. He felt it was his time to go, and he'd made peace with it.

At Taylor's despair, he'd reassure him that it was for the best, and he'd thank Taylor for being the only person in who knew how long who trusted him implicitly. Even though he'd doubted Spy when Peter was murdered, he never stopped defending him and wouldn't let everyone leave Spy to die alone on a gut feeling that he was responsible. That meant a lot to him.

Sensing his time was near, he'd ask Taylor to lift up his mask and kiss him one last time - for the road. Then, he'd ask Nico as a personal favor to "take care of" Taylor. For them to take care of each other. He'd close his eyes for a moment, then open them again, and say, "Oh, and remember when you wanted to know my name?" He'd motion Nico close and would whisper in his ear, "Giovanni".

Satisfied, he'd lay back down and would give a nod with a smile. But it wouldn't take long for his shuddering breaths to get more and more shallow, then stop all together.

>> No. 715
File 14699069029.jpg - (28.77KB , 500x282 , tumblr_nf6zsnkRfc1rzozeqo1_500.jpg )
Picture credit: http://atrocedie.tumblr.com/post/102881270036/demoman-why-you-look-so-sad

Spoilz. Hoo-rah.

Soldier would fall apart. The entire group would be somber as they laid to rest the second casualty in a month's time. They'd bury the body like they did with Scout's, and mark it with a makeshift tombstone that had his name on it.

Everyone would be quiet in the vehicle as Taylor continued grieving over his loss - using Nico for support.

Demoman would especially be quiet, then would apologize for everything that had happened. Taylor would express forgiveness, saying he hadn't meant to set off the sticky that blew Giovanni up, and that he didn't blame him for it, as long as he upheld his promise about no longer abusing inhalants. Demo would just shake his head and quietly mutter that wasn't what he'd meant. Not entirely.

At Taylor's confusion, he'd take a deep breath, and would confess that he'd been the one to kill Peter. He'd been angry about the attention Emily was getting from Dmitri, and was getting anxious about continuing on their journey. Scout was holding them up, so he took matters into his own hands, and carried out the deed with Gio's gun to frame him for it.

Things would have probably gone very quiet in the vehicle, as everyone digested what he'd said. Then, someone (maybe Medic, or Sniper, or even Solly) would leap on Demoman and try to beat the shit out of him. Demo would try to defend himself, but wouldn't fight back, knowing he was clearly in the wrong. Eventually, Engie would pull over and someone would separate them. The assailant would be highly in favor for abandoning Demo on the side of the road for what he'd done. They'd even call a vote for it.

Dunno how that vote would've played out, but if they did vote him off the metephorical island, he'd accept their decision and would once again tell them he was sorry for the damage he'd caused. Then he'd get out of the vehicle and would be left - presumably for dead. (See wat I did thar?)

If they decided to keep him, he'd give them a sincere, thankful apology, and would agree to stay. Even if he'd be cramped and forced to share his space with at least three people who HATED HIS GUT, and likely would forever.

>> No. 716
I can't really remember anything else I had planned. I did have an idea of keeping the drama going even if they did get to the Florida Keys and were zombie-free by throwing like a typhoon or hurricane at them or some shit, but that's all.

Really, this RP was a lot of fun, and rereading it has made me miss it bunches. I can't say I was all that taken with Nico as a character, though. He was really fucking annoying to have to work around. Reading it now, I think I would have had even less patience for his shenanigans.

You could kinda tell what characters were mine by how they interacted with Nico in the middle, towards the end. Izzy's characters were much more likely to take his side and express "concern" for him, while mine routinely thought he should man up.

I think that's why I brought in my RED Spy, tbh. To kinda be like "THIS is what (imo) Spies should be like." Playful, charming, merciless, calculated, and just the slightest bit manipulative. But not fragile.

In the end though, I suppose Nico/Taylor was always gonna be the OTP of choice, so there's not much use in griping.

Again, a lot of fun writing this, and a lot of fun rereading it. Hope yall enjoyed.

Unrelated aside: Spy chewed hum because he had an oral fixation after smoking for so long. The more you know!-
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