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File 130825558997.jpg - (506.81KB , 453x3000 , tf2kinkmeme.jpg )
1917 No. 1917
got a little free time today.
Expand all images
>> No. 1918
I aprove the grenades and the wet shirt and the cum drink and the hemets but that was implicit
>> No. 1919
kg you are magic. i love everything about this. heavy jerking off with sasha and pyro being socked by demo and oh man scotsman's skullfucker. i have only seen it done a couple of times before! saxton hale and ms. pauling? i really do want this now.

ok so overall, i love your work, never stop being amazing.
>> No. 1920
[quote]Whatever the hell this is...[/quote]

I think that is called "Jane".
>> No. 1922

That one is so relevant to my fetishes.

Except for the grenades part.

>> No. 1923
File 13082660176.png - (55.14KB , 256x256 , Why are you so awesome.png )
Reminds me - I need to make a new thread for this meme so we can collect the current channer's replies there all neatly and in one place.

Hot stuff, KGB, as always. It's also the funniest shit I've seen all week - Chi is already giving me weird looks because I'm giggling like a little schoolgirl.

>> No. 1924
I've been waiting for you to come back
http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=G5mG-eGJPQA
"I luv you."
>> No. 1925
... I'mma just be over here, writing some Heavy/Heavy wrasslin'...
>> No. 1926
I want a hug from Heavy!
>> No. 1928
'Nade fucking! And boy, dose heavies
Lolspy panel made me imagine spy with a handlebar mustache.
This is aces! Never stop!
>> No. 1931

Just as i thought: I DEMAND THIS! Marty says he want to write it. It seems some wonders still happens.
>> No. 1932
now that its not locked allow me to mouthbreathe furiously at the heavies and helmets.
>> No. 1933
I thought about how I'd never seen it. I'm glad you're on the case Marty.
>> No. 1938
File 130842580129.jpg - (20.46KB , 257x300 , heavyjoy.jpg )
there is much joy to be had in sadition.

>> No. 1996
Uh... I feel kinda silly and really nervous about asking you this, but I made a fanfic in your honor (sorta - well, it was just inspired by one of your works, yeah), and I don't know if this is allowed, but I'd totally love you forever if you took a look at it.

I mean, I already love you forever, I'd just... love you... more... forever?



(Also, if this sort of thing isn't allowed, tell me and I'll totally delete this post, buh.)
>> No. 2051
File 130964409754.jpg - (179.09KB , 712x900 , medicsm.jpg )
it was ladyrhian's idea. I swear to god.
>> No. 2052

KG, you know I love you. You are constantly blowing my socks clean off.

I see the medic is adept at dispensing cough... syrup. Yeah, syrup. That's the ticket!
>> No. 2054

I can't think of a better use for a severed head than... uhh... getting head?

Okay, that was awful. But the picture is awesome. Medic looks strangely cute, in spite of the depravity.
>> No. 2056
What the heck is he doing there? Is he fucking a hairdryer?
But aside from that, great work!
>> No. 2066
>>2056 [quote]Is he fucking a hairdryer?[/quote]
Oh god, I laughed.
I believe that is the head of the unfortunate BLU spy from the Meet the Medic vid.
>> No. 2761
File 131372131553.jpg - (1.23MB , 2000x911 , RHPF5s.jpg )
I don't know if this actually counts as adult, but I'll just put it here anyways. For the children.
>> No. 2762
This is clearly the best thing that has ever happened.
>> No. 2764
File 131372467048.png - (55.86KB , 201x214 , angelwhy.png )
>> No. 2765

Thanks, KGB! Once again, you make my crazy, demented visions come to life and turn them from crazy to CRAZY AWESOME!

Every time I see the Heavy as Columbia and the Soldier as Magenta, I am struck by what an ugly woman Solly makes, and I bust a gut laughing at Heavy.

This is beyond anything I could have hoped for! My sides are aching.
>> No. 2768
File 131374097526.gif - (425.32KB , 500x281 , tumblr_la2rp8bgAw1qa6ql2o1_500.gif )
>> No. 2770

To the Fanfic-mobile!
>> No. 2771
Saw this on your da. Didn't know if I wanted to save it to my computer or never see it again. I did giggle for like 5 minutes though. It's awesome and horrifying!
>> No. 2772
File 131376534572.gif - (1.03MB , 250x187 , 423009_f.gif )
Demo is Eddie

>> No. 2773
File 13137694912.jpg - (32.68KB , 600x335 , FUCK YEAH Spy.jpg )
>> No. 2774

Heavy as Columbia.

I love you forever.
>> No. 2783
File 131396720737.jpg - (21.97KB , 460x276 , tumblr_lpkbdp7JRC1r19d8ko2_500.jpg )
>I like what you did there.

They got Columbia's socks wrong auahugahdguhufsdghfdgsufh
>> No. 2785
File 131401679339.png - (44.44KB , 146x153 , yeahhhh.png )

Pure awesome.
>> No. 2803
File 131412598055.jpg - (106.81KB , 803x900 , heavyjerk1.jpg )
AW you guys! Here's some more dick for you.
>> No. 2804

Happy late birthday to me, indeed.
>> No. 2805

I'm madly in love with your style; we oughta do a trade sometime. Have my people call your people.
>> No. 2820

Hnnngh....... He's so- so huge. Single adjectives don't really do him justice, but "huge" comes close. I love the way you draw Hoovy.
>> No. 2824
Everything everyone needed.
All of it.
>> No. 2849
File 131431416979.jpg - (106.10KB , 619x700 , dont-feed-the-ponies.jpg )
Free time + Hipstr = PERMABAN

>> No. 2850


To the mods: how long is KGB going to be gone? Or is it a joke ban? NOTHING IS CERTAIN ANYMORE.
>> No. 2851

It's just a day.

I know it's a jokeand all, I just don't want to encourage bestiality and pony porn on the chan, is all.

Hipstr is fair game, though.
>> No. 2852
Fair enough.

KGB, don't you ever scare me like that again. Fuck. I love you too much to see you get permabanned, bro.
>> No. 2856
Ok, I'm not trying to defend KGB, hell I don't like ponies either, but where in the rules does it say beatiality is not allowed?

Curse I've seen it requested over at adult fanfiction. I guess it just seems wired to me, with all the other nasty kinky stuff on this site, that you use "won't encourage bestiality" as an argument.
>> No. 2857
"3. No furries. And no, we will not make a furry board. This is an effort to keep drama down to a minimum. If you admit to being a furry, expect to be ridiculed and banned."

Bestiality is too close to furries.
>> No. 2858
I would have to say bestiality is worse than furries. I mean, furries are infinitely mockable and all, but bestiality is just... shudder-worthy in a way it's hard to laugh about...

I don't even know which category the ponies fall under.

Anyway, unf, I love that Heavy up there. That is porn I can one hundred percent get behind.
>> No. 2861
there's "nasty kinky stuff" involving human beings that can give consent

then there's the outright abuse of an animal that is incapable of consent

why is this a question

I thought that kind of shit fell under 'Don't post illegal content' but now that I think about it I don't actually know if it's illegal
>> No. 2862
..I'm confused. The ponies a la my little pony have the same brainpower as humans. Not that I'd like to encourage beastiality, and I understand brony-ing is for other boards on the internet, but engie/applejack might be WEIRD but we can't argue he's taking advantage of an animal. That particular animal can rodeo. And harvest apples. And sell those apples at low low prices at giant parties.
>> No. 2863
I was trying to point out why bestiality in general differs from other kinks and is against the rules, sorry for not being clear. I was kinda working under the assumption that the Anon I was replying to was wondering why the person in offtopic got banned for claiming to be a zoophile, so I'm prolly way out of context here.

I wasn't trying to say Engie is raping that pony.

Sorry for shitting up your thread, KGB.
>> No. 2864
So...would centaurs be considered bestiality?

Seeing as there are pics of Spy being half a squid/octopus/creature one would assume that bestiality is allowed to some degree...
>> No. 2865

Considering the drama that erupted over Crocosniper, I would prefer that we steer clear of centaurs. Tentaspy is about as furry as we get.

Let's not continue this discussion.
>> No. 2866
File 131441162092.jpg - (31.40KB , 500x389 , 130891161175.jpg )
Aaaaah oh tf2chan
>> No. 2869
File 131446955599.jpg - (47.15KB , 446x445 , noogies.jpg )
Well that's never happening again.
It's a nice return to chan normalcy when people get bent out of shape over stupid shit.
I'm not saying that I didn't deserve a slap on the wrist for the offending cartoon. Rather I am saying that the cartoon is meant to express how FUCKING RETARDED I THINK PONY PORN IS. If you seriously get a boner from looking at childhood icons, there is something seriously wrong with you.
Back to work now...
>> No. 2876

D'aww... why you pick on the short guy, Solly?
>> No. 2879
I haven't been here in a week and I see a list of debate over that pony porn. I don't think it's that big of a deal. It's hilarious, didn't get me horny or anything.
>> No. 2882
Same lil' weirdo that wrote that solo Sniper fic. I made you more cause you're my favs ever.


I hope you like, you sexy beast.
>> No. 2908
File 131497912621.jpg - (898.54KB , 1622x1514 , fuck.jpg )
>> No. 2914
File 131501542143.jpg - (120.20KB , 716x900 , discipline-color-small.jpg )
>> No. 2915
Dispenser erecting! :D
>> No. 2916
god damn it I love your art

e: captcha: moleste infant :(
>> No. 2919

I couldn't stop staring at the Soldier's helmet. SO GODDAMN AMERICAN
>> No. 2921
Engie's Chicken legs. I love this.
>> No. 2923
File 131512044211.jpg - (68.27KB , 462x536 , I CAME scout.jpg )
I want to do nothing but touch Soldier's glorious ass.
>> No. 2959
File 131545250882.png - (420.01KB , 749x687 , 1272757824669.png )
This is amazing. I'm really digging your anatomy, it's so faithful to the game, and I'm really glad you left their boots on. Even the shading on that sentry is awesome, you put so many details on it! (Also, your RHPS parody pic is glorious)

>> No. 2969
Pointed here by a friend. Their legs look kinda weird to me, not really the way they should be.
>> No. 2987
I... May I use one of those as a spray? i'm lucky enough to play in a server where A) Homogay won't ban you, and B) Nobody knows who sprays what.

Well, usually they know mine...

Still, this will be fun.

Oh, and just a small thing. I almost wish their clothes were in a wee clothes puddle on the floor.
>> No. 3334
File 131982621349.jpg - (111.45KB , 644x900 , scoutabusesmall.jpg )
haven't updated in a while.
>> No. 3335
I love it, but, just a question, why does he have to clutch that rope in his teeth? I just can't exactly tell what's going on.

You've definitely been doing your homework on rope binding techniques, though.
>> No. 3336
He's trying to gnaw through it bro.

This is hilarious and awesome
>> No. 3337
He's trying to gnaw through the rope to get away. Not working. And, since I was the requester, the explanation for this would be, "Scout had lost them the battle for the LAST TIME." Solly is standing by with his "Motivator". Scout will never be responsible for a loss ever again...
>> No. 3410
File 132095909966.jpg - (143.83KB , 839x756 , sniperpauling3s.jpg )
Sooo... is posting women here a felony yet?
>> No. 3411
If it's just one woman, I don't see the harm in allowing it. A little hetero sex never hurt nobody.

If you think straight porn will be a trend, though, a thread in /tits/ is recommended for organization's sake, even if it doesn't get the same traffic as here.
>> No. 3412

>> No. 3413
Glorious. Miss Pauling porn I approve of.
>> No. 3415
Miss Pauling + Sniper
My boring night is no longer boring, hell yeah.
Also, captcha says teenticl. What?
>> No. 3416
File 132101893927.png - (202.09KB , 576x559 , 13102156911.png )
God damn it man, I goddamn love the way you draw Sniper's goddamn hair.

And if this is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.
>> No. 3417
I'll be in my bunk.
>> No. 3514
File 132292495158.jpg - (596.90KB , 1236x907 , helmethumping.jpg )
the product of a livestream performance
>> No. 3515
File 132294164227.png - (237.90KB , 564x635 , IfaptothisSpy.png )

Watching bits of your stream was glorious and so much fun! The end result is even better. This gets my Helmetparty Seal Of Approval.
>> No. 3521

Ahhhhahahahaha yes!!! Love this.

I about died at Columbia heavy.
>> No. 3605
File 132531924999.jpg - (139.49KB , 453x711 , 6365033009_100fc2d99b_b.jpg )

No joke, I had a dream about this.
>> No. 3681
File 132725554364.jpg - (203.84KB , 528x856 , demoneked.jpg )

okay I'm done.
>> No. 3705
File 132825127491.jpg - (32.28KB , 641x361 , I came more.jpg )
>> No. 3728
File 132942226412.jpg - (185.93KB , 434x600 , soldier abuse.jpg )
>> No. 3729

He ate too much barbeque sauce, that's all!
Lol jk. Very nice. I admire your sketchiness and how easy you convey form in so few strokes!
>> No. 3957
File 13355479887.jpg - (557.20KB , 900x900 , helmuthumping.jpg )
Okay dump time.
>> No. 3958
File 133554808350.jpg - (233.12KB , 600x611 , helmuts_bak.jpg )
>> No. 3959
File 13355481997.jpg - (1.14MB , 2024x1365 , shirtless heavy.jpg )
>> No. 3960
Huddah huddah hnnnnggghh.
>> No. 3961
File 133557133390.jpg - (115.72KB , 400x536 , ultimate_manliness.jpg )

This was simply the best picture to ever come home to.
>> No. 3962

Oh, Heavy, you are so huge. You make me very happy with your hugeness. I love how friggin' statuesque you draw him...
>> No. 4066
>> No. 4308
File 134613438397.jpg - (208.45KB , 500x693 , fun time coversmall.jpg )
Time for the yearly dump
>> No. 4309
File 134613444960.jpg - (246.97KB , 507x600 , gentle.jpg )
>> No. 4331
deleted that other post so you can put it in the right place since i have no idea how to merge
>> No. 4377
That dispenser says TILT!...
I love you, KGB.

Also, year Heavy drawings do things to me.
>> No. 4495
File 135205318421.jpg - (482.86KB , 900x646 , dildomachinesmall.jpg )
A watercolor speed commission type thing. Not the best scan, but it's new.
>> No. 4496
File 135205625033.png - (37.95KB , 203x198 , hot.png )
oh woah..that's super hot!
>> No. 4655
He looks like his knees are about to buckle from the pleasure.
>> No. 5794
File 139953863454.jpg - (153.91KB , 1680x1050 , cd1cfd6b1874fc6cd691df47010d2126_91775.jpg )

If the furry problem is so disrupting, why not just make a containment board like what 4chan did for bronyism? I've never seen any furry TF2 stuff out there, but if it's bara style like the game, i don't see the harm in it.

But I could be wrong. I can see that it might be a source of conflict depending on the tastes of this boards community.
>> No. 5795
You're replying to a three year old post. Also no, because it is a conflict of taste.
>> No. 6252
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