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File 134055621180.jpg - (524.96KB , 742x1000 , 480757 - engineer heavy_weapons_guy team_fortress_.jpg )
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Anyone know who drew this one? This seems to be a comic but I've not seen beyond page 4.
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>> No. 4097
Oh man, it's my favorite rare pairing!
>> No. 4157
I love sadistic Engi for the strangest reasons...
>> No. 4158
There are a few pics missing in his gallery regarding this series.

File 134060152666.jpg - (299.60KB , 600x856 , tumblr_ltcr9oayy31qa67cto1_1280.jpg )
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>> No. 4099
File 13406650049.jpg - (162.06KB , 473x855 , 0_ears.jpg )
although I don't really like animu styles personally, I really like how you constructed his nose and eyes in this.
My only problem really is that I think his earlobe should not be so large, and the entire ear itself should recede back a bit more. It should cling to the area where the very back of the zygomatic bone and behind the jawbone connect.

polite sage for nitpicky crit.
>> No. 4101

I totally own the book this is from

yeah I agree the ear kind of looks like its melding in with his cheek right now. Other than that I think it's pretty good,especially the arms and torso area.
>> No. 4103
Given the name of the image, I'm doubting OP is the artist.

Google helped me find the original image here: http://ziznine69.deviant art.com/art/come-on-tuf-guy-159737254

File 130733673360.jpg - (211.40KB , 499x728 , maggot1.jpg )
1820 No. 1820 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So…new thread?
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>> No. 4050
Well that doesn't make any since! necrophilia for ya oi? who came up with that for a word filter?

That sounds like something a troll would do. No offense to the admins, but why the strange choice in words and why have a word filter in the first place?
>> No. 4051

It’s ‘chan tradition. ‘Ya-oi’ is wordfiltered because it invokes an anime-esque association to pretty-boy bishies; TF2chan regulars prefer their grizzled middle-aged mercenaries, well, just that. (As for being something a troll would do, I have actually used the wordfilter to troll the trolls - http://writingcyan.tumblr.com/post/11050326488/having-fun-with-trolls - seriously, unexpected necrophilia is never not funny!).

The wordfilters for FF.net and DA are in place to prevent people from spamming the forum with off-site links – I’m not sure when/how it was a problem in the past, but basically users are encouraged to upload their works directly to the ‘chan for comments and critique. Since both FF.net and DA forbid explicit art and stories in their terms of use (and both sites actively purge X-rated works if discovered) it makes sense to upload such material here anyway, at least in /afanfic/ and /afanart/.

Personally, I’ve gotten used to the wordfilters and quite like them – except the one for tumblr, which I also believe was removed recently. I guess I’ll find out when posting this reply.


>at least he has the sense to use a toy with a flared base, otherwise he'd have a lot of explaining to do with Medic.

As an ER doctor, I approve of the use of flare-based anal plugs. As a Medic/Scout shipper, I’d rather enjoy seeing a furiously blushing Scout explaining to Medic exactly why he needs a sturdy latex glove, the big bottle of medical-grade lube, and someone else’s fingers up where he just can’t reach...
>> No. 4053
Well in that case I apologize for any trouble I may have caused with my previous posts. I never been to 4chan or any other chan site then this one. I always thought 4chan was a troll site to be honest, so I avoided it like the plague.

As for my post about flair based toys, I'm glad you found it funny in some way. I was hoping to get a few laughs from it.

File 133740678569.jpg - (891.90KB , 2764x1718 , sluttyengie2.jpg )
4003 No. 4003 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
it's slutty engie time, bitches
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>> No. 4017
File 133754995812.jpg - (536.14KB , 851x1066 , engieaction.jpg )
good to be back. Got some engies that I need to unload after the long hiatus.
>> No. 4043
Emzy do you have a web site?
>> No. 4047

I have a tumblr I use as my dumping grounds?

File 132495917357.jpg - (630.96KB , 1509x972 , SollynScout.jpg )
3599 No. 3599 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Occasionally, I draw TF2 porn and stuff.
Yes. If you guys think I should move my sorry ass over to /workshop/ let me know! (Watch me mess up this first post.)
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>> No. 3845

I suck at critique, so instead I'll just say I think this is hot. Dat overbite. Seriously, I love when people draw Scout looking like the rat-faced little bastard he is. He's awesome.
>> No. 3984
File 13364166025.jpg - (539.82KB , 550x1414 , PerryFinished.jpg )
A commission for Perry!
Was really fun. Also my first Helmet party?
>> No. 3990

I'm not Perry, but I still approve of this. It's adorable.

File 131922597325.jpg - (182.98KB , 1246x1018 , tf-medislut2.jpg )
5382 No. 5382 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Was trying to go for a stereotypical 'hentai' look with this, hence the big anime eyes, the excessive shine, the phantom penis and the lack of normal, manry body hair. I still feel that the light source is a bit too indistinct, and I struggled to simplify the shading enough to fit the style. You live, you learn.
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>> No. 5485
File 133506235997.jpg - (197.07KB , 1400x1071 , 00.jpg )
Scrunchy Sniper and Demoman, who looks weird without his facial hair. Sniper's pose in this one is supposed to be intentionally awkward, but I'm still worried about whether or not everything lines up right.

I've put a coloured version of this one in /afanart/, but I am always grateful for your feedback, Dot.
>> No. 5486
Demoman's feet look too small for him. That's the only thing that jumps out at me right now.
>> No. 5488
File 133566515064.jpg - (137.93KB , 1446x965 , 00.jpg )
Aaaa I hate furniture. Also, why does Heavy's head always seem too big or too small?


I ended up blowing his legs up a bit even before seeing this, but you were definitely right.

File 128929385042.jpg - (62.72KB , 900x937 , Whut in gawds nayme.jpg )
5489 No. 5489 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Reposting because I have nothing new.
Reposting from /Workshop/, no less.
This was gonna go in /afanart/, but then I thought, it's just an arrow, right?
110 posts and 57 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5603
File 133066273061.jpg - (117.53KB , 1446x1500 , Das_ist_gute_Scheisse_one more time.jpg )
>> No. 5604
File 133539043461.png - (460.20KB , 1105x1125 , dunnn2.png )
A little WIP. WOW it's been a long time since I last posted in this thread!
Critique is welcome with open arms, as always.
>> No. 5605
File 133539324622.jpg - (69.89KB , 635x1034 , Jaundice!Sniper Redlines.jpg )
>>3375 OHGODSHITSOMEBODYHELPIt looks just fine. A little backlighting to make his black aura of pantshitting more evident, and you might want to crop and/or distort the composition a bit to put more focus on that freakyass face. Both will help to give the drawing a little more impact, example provided. Or do whatever you want to do. Listen to your heart or whatever.

File 130729864129.jpg - (234.76KB , 1097x1208 , tf-heavymedi6.jpg )
1816 No. 1816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
At risk of baleeting someone else's post, I will attempt to put a picture here.
202 posts and 63 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3952
Whoa, that's a rare pairing. Oh, Sniper. He looks exactly like in the game. I always see him as a gloomy, unsatisfied person (especially when Spies backstab him or something). And I adore Demo. Perfect.
>> No. 3991

This picture is perfect.
>> No. 4298
Oh my god. I haven't been to this chan in a many months. Hot damn, you've improved drastically. Not only in anatomy and creativity with poses and such, but also with coloring.

It's so good to see someone improving when a lot of fanartists stay very stagnant. It's clear at this point that you are very talented, especially to improve so much over what is honestly a short amount of time.

It's inspiring to see someone try so hard and improve so much.

I admire you.

File 133474102458.png - (841.43KB , 1012x1068 , Rose petal spy.png )
3926 No. 3926 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
About time I made a thread on this board.
>> No. 3927
File 133474106779.png - (353.32KB , 1546x576 , Vibrator.png )
Now something with dicks in it.
>> No. 3928
File 133476808890.jpg - (213.13KB , 515x1024 , 6197386498_5bf2cb8d98_b.jpg )
It's so beautiful. I love the way you color.
>> No. 3930
>>3927 This is everything I love. Especially the look on Sniper's face, and the pinkness on the elbows/shoulders.

File 131994466954.jpg - (291.64KB , 1500x1231 , nubs.jpg )
5228 No. 5228 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Last one saged.

It's someone's birthday today!
35 posts and 25 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5267

Abububu that's so adorable! Thank you so much!
>> No. 5268
File 133235681674.png - (419.17KB , 802x602 , lych.png )
I'm happy you liked it heh

for Lychgatelillies
>> No. 5269
File 133383875518.png - (348.80KB , 705x864 , porn.png )

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