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File 134673658013.jpg - (674.85KB , 1026x1677 , headshotresized.jpg )
4325 No. 4325 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I have a workshop thread that got buried, so I figured I'd post up some of my finished work that'd be appropriate for here [sparing you all the dumb doodles over on my tumblr]. There's some pretty glaring anatomical errors that I now see, but overall I'm content.
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>> No. 4501
File 135227538069.jpg - (176.74KB , 960x1280 , smokingspy.jpg )
And here's an unfinished Spy. Not sure if I wanted to have his mask on yet. I apologize for this photos, my scanner doesn't pick up light pencil lines too well.

[And a separate question to the mods: Is it fine if I have my sfw and nsfw stuff in the same thread?]
>> No. 4502
For both of these pictures, their upper bodies are significantly larger than their lower halves. Poor Spy's limbs in particular look painfully skinny. Otherwise awesome start.
>> No. 4505
Thanks for the crit, I'll work on it. Looks like I've got a lot of big head problems on my guys.

File 131596945933.jpg - (548.70KB , 1763x3000 , well.jpg )
3005 No. 3005 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Hi TF2chan

I blame Lions and her beautiful Scouts for my secret Scout on Scout fetish

And I blame myself for my horrible english and art, sorry
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>> No. 3842
>> No. 4437
File 135043764058.png - (163.97KB , 750x429 , 134574625234.png )
I'm not the OP
Take dis
(the image canvas is too big, so uploaded it)
postimage . org /image/pv3xsdn9v/bc862a34/
>> No. 4457

File 135043127044.png - (523.83KB , 700x784 , scootspy.png )
4433 No. 4433 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'll just leave this here
>> No. 4434
File 135043246429.png - (1.05MB , 1240x1754 , tf2__for_dingdongfootball_by_lildevil92-d4lzek7.png )
>> No. 4435
File 135043258421.png - (1.62MB , 1240x1754 , tumblr_m0nhvqeLug1r8bbvio1_1280.png )
>> No. 4452
File 135112320860.gif - (617.76KB , 400x229 , Jello.gif )

File 131883031159.png - (244.60KB , 564x635 , I fap to this Spy.png )
3272 No. 3272 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
It's kink meme time again, folks! I'm sure we have enough people around here who never filled this. Or just repost your own fills if you did it already, whatevers.

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>> No. 4436
File 135043308491.jpg - (150.93KB , 600x687 , medicest.jpg )
Dumping here for ya
>> No. 4439
(captcha: impish reason. go home, captcha.)
>> No. 4448
I am enjoying this thread. Might have to add my own work to it soon.

Captcha: nwillys $1.25. I guess willy's have gone down in price, if you know what I mean

File 134597841452.jpg - (129.86KB , 690x827 , tf2-hoovysnapperBW2.jpg )
4302 No. 4302 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Back from vacation.

People said workshop was a hugbox that's going to get deleted, so have my art here. Whoop.

Until the point at which I jazz this up in Sai (if that ever happens), criticism will be saved for future pictures. This is a pencil drawing, and in its current state I'm just not gonna' try changing anything.

Sniper and Heavy. Let the fireworks start.
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>> No. 4381
Is it possible to see more heavy x sniper? It's not my otp in tf2, but this couple is very hot.
>> No. 4383
>>4378 I always love adding little details like that and seeing if anyone notices. When I think about it, having to do the laundry for the rest of the team must be a form of punishment.
>>4381 If I get some good ideas, maybe? I wish people just suggesting something would inspire me to draw, I'd be a lot more productive that way. I've got something unfinished involving those characters, though, so I might try to boot people off the computer with the tablet and touch it up.
>> No. 4396
I adore how you draw Sniper, and I hope to see more of him!

File 130764571914.jpg - (257.52KB , 1209x957 , tf2-camo.jpg )
1863 No. 1863 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
The captcha was "Finally,". Wierd.
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>> No. 3214

This is fucking amazing and you should feel accordingly.
>> No. 4380
>> No. 4382
C'mon, really? Why bump ancient threads? There's a reason I started a new thread, it's because I drew these things over a year ago. Now I'm gonna' get some joker complaining about mistakes I made in old art, and there's no way I'm going to go back and redo shit from 2011. Is someone trying to send me a subliminal message or something?

File 134111969314.png - (213.97KB , 642x771 , howdy.png )
4142 No. 4142 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Figured a thread was in order, what with all this TF2 filth floating around in my head lately.

I'm also a habitual smutstreamer, if you enjoy that sort of thing; I usually cast on Sunday evenings (PST), and frequently cater to the whims of attending deviants.

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>> No. 4301
File 134590811212.jpg - (45.47KB , 657x623 , Sidereal - SolAh Hah!!_png.jpg )
>> No. 4338

Medic and Soldier are not very well distinguised. Their skin colors are too similar and their bodies are pressed too close together.
>> No. 4365
I agree. From the thumbnail it looked like their bodies were kind of blending into each other.

File 133040087618.png - (635.45KB , 1001x1094 , boutdamntime.png )
3759 No. 3759 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
A challenger appears.
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>> No. 4256
Well, i'm not an artist, so its not like I would actually know, but why the hell does it matter if fsoda traces?
Its obviously indirectly insulting other artists somehow. But why does such a big deal have to be made about it? I was able to enjoy it not knowing fsoda was tracing, and I would still enjoy it now that I know.

fsoda may have not had the ability to produce content like the rest of you artists do, but it was still just as enjoyable nontheless.
And I'm not saying we should have just blindly appreciated everything that was made, i agree that it was dirty for fsoda to trace and not say anything about it, but instead of having a fit because it "insults other artists" (somehow in some way that isn't even visible to most of us), we could just establish that this work is a Traced G-mod model. People are still going to get off to it anyway. fsoda just needs to clarify its a g-mod model. From there its basically just g-mod porn, but put through photoshop(extensively).
So stop whining you ninnies. jesus christ.
>> No. 4257
File 134387500260.gif - (33.69KB , 125x120 , 43dc136626991fc9605569d125805851.gif )
Get a bit worked up guys. Most of her other art doesn't look traced. At least the snipers don't, you can kinda tell her style. Its not like she's a shitty artist without tracing.

Sure tracing is bad. But, the Only ones I see worth getting upset is the Medic, Pyro and Spy on this thread. Your panties are in a ruffle.
>> No. 4259
Both of you, cut the childish attacks out and stop pretending the other person was speaking entirely in hyperbole. You are each allowed to your own side in any discussion on this site, but by no means are you to devolve further.

It matters because we strive to be a site that is about improvement first, not the porn. If you come here as an artist looking just to post porn and not to improve your skills, you're here for entirely the wrong reasons and should probably take yourself elsewhere. That said, I entirely agree on your point that people who post work that isn't entirely their own should note it thusly, be it gmod, another person's work (see Jasonafex's hyper Pyro edit that caused a fuss while back), or some other method. Not doing so should be, at least in my opinion, grounds for a ban and file deletion.

>Most of her other art doesn't look traced.
The fact that Ferretsoda has been proven a tracer at all throws doubt upon all of her work thus far, regardless of whether or not it "doesn't look traced". "Style" also does not exclude her from suspicion, it could simply mean she takes references from the same source every time, for example.

Lastly, because quite a few people have mentioned being sick and tired of this, as well as >>4254 having a point in that Ferretsoda should have returned by now, I'm locking this thread and it will (hopefully) stay locked until Ferretsoda contacts
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 130922730852.jpg - (585.33KB , 1984x2739 , triple_bypass.jpg )
2008 No. 2008 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
seems like a good thread starter

TRIPLE BYPASS this is not how you bypass hearts medic what are you doing

put those things back they're filthy
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>> No. 4165
I think this means I need to draw more gore huh
>> No. 4195
Um, duh. Always.
>> No. 4263
Yes, yes please.

File 134222583596.png - (505.96KB , 473x723 , 3.png )
5606 No. 5606 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I tried to draw gore and I accidentally the whole anatomy.
>> No. 5607
Honestly, the anatomy isn't very bad. It just looks so off because the torso is way too short. Other than that, the proportions are pretty accurate.

My only other suggestion would be to lighten the color/thicken the stuff (intestines?) coming out of him. It kind of looks like he's bleeding hair. There'd also be a lot more blood, but that's just nitpicking.

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