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File 141291203576.jpg - (540.91KB , 848x1200 , 1401786133094_POVfull.jpg )
5846 No. 5846 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey, do you guys know who did this? A friend's been trying to find the artist but all he has to go off of is the little AD watermark there by Medic's foot, and nobody seems to know anything.
>> No. 5847
Looks like the work of Protowilson
>> No. 5848
Gosh dang, so it is. Thank you so much.

File 140691660362.png - (82.01KB , 1024x768 , shirtless Alex copyright StupidSiren.png )
5829 No. 5829 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Er... Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me with the male body proportions... I drew this image... It's fan art of someone's Kitty Sniper but I feel rather uncomfortable with the proportions... Plus, I don't really know how to draw abs and all that... Could someone help me? Thanks...

I don't know where to post this thread really so I'll do Adult Fanart because the Sniper is shirtless...
>> No. 5830
File 140691870614.png - (105.83KB , 1024x768 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Admittedly I've edited it since the last time I posted it---- all i want is help really... Please, I really feel it's not properly proportioned...
>> No. 5831
File 140702305873.png - (155.71KB , 800x384 , New Canvas.png )
you wanna start all the way from the beginning. you need to improve how you draw lines. believe me youll instantly get better if you follow this advice.
you need to STOP doing super tiny short strokes with your pen/brush/whatever. you need to try to make longer lines with one stroke. i posted a pic as an example. the engie on the left is long strokes, the engie on the right is short tiny strokes like what you do.
a lot of beginners do this and i dont know why since its way easier to do longer strokes. i seriously got a hand cramp with that example pic.
it really does improve the quality of your work instantly if you make this a habit.

File 129918161049.jpg - (189.54KB , 1090x870 , tf-medispy2wip.jpg )
4753 No. 4753 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Trying something different with a filthy picture I'm attempting- I'm having trouble with the Medic's face, and have spent so much time diddling around and redrawing it that I can no longer even tell what it is. Any feedback beyond "lol" would be appreciated
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>> No. 4792
Medic's left thigh and arm are looking a bit on the small side, the thigh especially; there's a lot of muscle mass missing on the top and bottom and the total length is a bit short. Also, the foreshortening on the arm could use a little work. Other than that, great pose! A debauched medic is a good medic.
>> No. 5807
File 140091816633.jpg - (78.50KB , 469x602 , image.jpg )
>> No. 5808
Don't bump threads that haven't been posted in in three years, please.

File 132425223663.png - (1.90MB , 1000x1415 , proo2.png )
3570 No. 3570 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
no crits :p just want to share thats all
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>> No. 3592

Youngin', cut that shit out.

It makes you look underaged and ban-worthy.
>> No. 5805
File 140083315691.png - (91.87KB , 500x683 , tumblr_mznu56Hy8w1slqyhto2_500.png )
I've checked out your fumblrs, And I have nothing to really nitpick at, though I have to commend you on your tentaspy/tentascout stuff, especially pic related, good male Scylla with normal women is RARE AS FUCK, even on /d/, so thank you for making this sort of stuff.

Dare I humbly request the possibility of the thought of moar strait or gender-bent tentacle porn? Whenever i think of it, I tend to think of your art style.
>> No. 5806
My kingdom for Tenta!Fem!Medic x Heavy (or alternately, Tenta!Miss Pauling x Heavy) porn. I have a pegging kink and no knowledge on where to find fuel.

File 139973746598.jpg - (288.83KB , 1067x865 , gutfucking.jpg )
5796 No. 5796 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
HEY i drew some tf2, yay
>> No. 5799
Reminds me of Katya, Veitstanz, JEU, and/or Prawnsy, whose artwork I all sorely miss, so yesplz.
>> No. 5802
<3 heh heh
>> No. 5804
Hot diggity, stay forever you beautiful stranger.

Really? It vaguely reminds me of Deers more than anything. But only vaguely - I think our new friend's style stands on its own. And I demand more!

File 133520922240.jpg - (287.46KB , 700x779 , finallyhmpronfixed.jpg )
3947 No. 3947 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Not sure why I haven't started a thread here. But here I am, ready and willing for your critiques! Help me be a good porn artist.
First here's this one that... is now starting to bother me. Because I always end up being unhappy with something I draw eventually.

Stay tuned, kids.
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>> No. 4741

>> No. 4742
yeah, i'm with >>4649
and if medic stood up straight, hi's dick would be attached in his lower abdomen rather than it's correct place
>> No. 5793
yeah. when looking at the back and curvature of the spine, it looks like his asshole is where his baunch (taint,grundle) should be, and his cock is where his fupa* should be.

*Fupa(n.slang) Acronym for "Fat upper pussy area. Or the fuzzy squishy pubic area between cock and the Dunlap.

*Dunlap (n. slang) The part of the paunch that exceeds the belt line... from the phrase "My paunch dun lapped over my belt."

*Paunch (n.1325–75; Middle English 'paunche') A rounded stomach that is soft as opposed to the gut, which is a firm stomach.

File 135168594462.png - (375.40KB , 756x1021 , SNOIPAHhallo.png )
4465 No. 4465 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Happy Halloween, TF2Chan. :'>
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>> No. 5655
ferretsoda, i'd realy wish you'd post some more stuff. idc what people say about your stuff, i really enjoy it
>> No. 5757
I wish you'd post more stuff ferretsoda. You're the reason i first came to tf2-chan.

It really upsets me that the people on here tore you apart. Not only did it chase off my favorite poster, but those people killed this chan. Its crazy how dead this place has been. Its said because there is so much tf2-smut art. Now everyone I talk to (artists mainly) is afraid to post here mainly because what happened to you (and a few other artists).

I draw on occasions and I'm no were near as skilled as people on here or fumblr. Its people like theses bashers that make me terrified to show anyone my art.

I don't care if you traced or not. As a 'new' artist I've traced to get the general shape idea of characters. Personally, I don't care if you did or didn't and I don't think it really matters.

I'm not posting this to start shit. I'm posting this to talk to you (since there is not other places to message you)
>> No. 5765
I'd sincerely love to have some more pictures of Sniper being dressed/painted fitting to dias de los muertos. Love that style. Please come back and do more?

File 139103818969.png - (934.82KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_n06r787i6B1skht7go1_1280 (1).png )
5747 No. 5747 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Nude male pyro :D
Constructor: Original Modeler/Texturer
MaxOfS2D: Rigger, Orginal Compiler
Py-bun: Original concept artist
Rebbacus: Nude Soldier legs
Gnin: Penis model
The Captain Neyo: Leg, penis model attacher and texture
donan: Model/Texture minor edits, member rigger, re-compiler
Pie: SFM Promo Image
SFM version
>> No. 5748
File 139103834448.png - (1.86MB , 1920x1080 , earuej.png )
Nude pic
>> No. 5750
I have to ask, what would you say doesn't need improvement? Are those renderings taken in low quality, or is it really just that low poly? Those shoulders are rather painful-looking spikes, the chest is much too concave between the pecs, the abs have some really weird deformation going on (and they display the mirrored mesh rather severely), and the arms and legs are quite blocky and jagged in a few spots.

Honestly, it seems like the only place that really doesn't have any issues is the penis, but even then it really comes down to personal taste in that regard. (I think it's too large.) As a final note, this would likely be better suited for /gmod/ rather than /afanart/. If you'd like, it could be moved over.
>> No. 5756
It doesn't look so great to be honest.

Should have just used this and added to it instead.


File 138797352320.jpg - (39.22KB , 241x172 , one of these gifts is not like the others.jpg )
5705 No. 5705 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Art and SFM Secret Santa gifts inbound! Please don’t reply to this thread until all the images have been posted. There will be a post signalling when you're clear to start commenting.

As per usual for this event, critique is discouraged on these gifts. This is one of the rare instances we discourage critique unless the creator specifically asks for it (including if/when they choose to repost in their own threads or elsewhere). Someone has worked very hard, through stresses and unforeseen circumstances, to the best of their ability to bring you something they hope you will enjoy. Let's keep in the spirit of Smissmas and give a hand to our hard-working Secret Santas!

Gifts will be posted in order of when they were received.
SFW gifts will be posted first and NSFW after the post stating so. Avert your eyes if that ain't your kind of thing.

Merry Smissmas, magets!
27 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5736
File 138959313063.png - (381.62KB , 428x617 , izzy2.png )
Note: Second part to the above gift
>> No. 5737
File 138959325083.jpg - (832.02KB , 1571x1080 , for-Medacris_ss13.jpg )
Prompt: With fanart, Bernadine (Femmedic), Aleksandra (Femheavy) and Sam (Soldier) in MvM.
>> No. 5738
OMG Yay! Fighting the urge to spam smiley emotes right now. This turned out awesome, thank you, medacris!

File 138639069258.jpg - (29.72KB , 172x239 , HolidayDispenser.jpg )
5684 No. 5684 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
It's that time of year again!

Signups are open until Wed December 11th, gifts due Mon December 23rd, gifts release Wed December 25th

For the full post, check out >>/dis/14184

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