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File 131882919749.png - (433.47KB , 808x1000 , here scout use this jar.png )
3270 No. 3270 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i wonder if my old thread is still alive
oh well
>> No. 3276
File 13188411554.png - (271.61KB , 488x715 , well this is new and exciting.png )
i've always wanted to draw niggerkilt
>> No. 3279
that is a very strange way to hold a jar.

but those facial proportions are wonderful. the lineweight on sniper's arms and hairs and tendons hrrrnnnggghhhgh nevermind the scout in the background, I could stare at those arms all day~
>> No. 3280
idk i imagine him being very delicate with his jars of more exotic content
arms are some of my favorite things to draw woo

File 130086278164.jpg - (254.88KB , 1362x1293 , tf-spydayout-WIP.jpg )
5048 No. 5048 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Oh look, somewhere to bug people for feedback before I've finished working on something! I tend to wrestle with pictures until the wee hours of the morning, and by the time I'm sick of tinkering with something and say "okay, that's done", I find myself missing any mistakes I've made.

I'm trying to determine if I've screwed up anywhere, as far as anatomy and perspective goes...
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>> No. 5100
I definitely agree with >>2865, especially regarding Sniper's left leg - at first I actually thought it was a continuation of the tentacle.
>> No. 5101
Thanks to everyone who had some crit to offer, guaranteed I haven't forgotten about this! When I can find the time to boot my clone off the art computer, I'll take another stab at this one with your notes in mind.
>> No. 5102
OP, I miss your posts here. I'll keep watching for ya.

File 129920818777.png - (4.89KB , 300x300 , 1299205395001.png )
5206 No. 5206 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Can't use the Chans Oekaki right now for some reason so I'll just post my doodles here since they're TF2 based and stuff.
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>> No. 5225
File 13115608885.png - (321.01KB , 1089x959 , MEDHICPHHRO2.png )
03 AM embarrassing doodle I did for a friend!
>> No. 5226
File 131206173492.png - (161.73KB , 500x698 , Smokykissphhhh.png )
OK, So I draw my Ocs more. But see I don't feel confident to have a thread anywhere else but here.
Usually My spy wears a hat, but I fail so hard with hats, it's silly.
So if anyone has anything to comment on please go ahead, I don't bite... not really.
Or should I Make a new thread for all these doodles and such?

Usually My spy wears a hat, but I fail so hard with hats, it's silly.
>> No. 5227
File 131909064337.png - (120.69KB , 1044x418 , 7amdoodles.png )
Have some 6AM doodles of Scouts Ma.
I should post more.
I may post more of my OC stuff-butnowI'mawaytobed.

File 131796089565.jpg - (307.26KB , 1250x2500 , 0.jpg )
4815 No. 4815 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This isn't a request for mechanical help, but more a question of whether a project is funny or memorable enough to expend significant time on touching up artwork and refining the writing- it's an homage to a classic song, "Ten Cents a Dance", but I'm worried that my parody is either not funny enough or simply unrecognizable to other fans. Thoughts would be appreciated.
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>> No. 4821

I'm glad that someone noticed the snipers. Now I clearly have to do a dolled-up version of this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpU-mcgBJxE , for the record.
>> No. 4822

Is Engie standing on something?
>> No. 4823

Yes, or he wouldn't be able to be kissing Solly like that.

File 131621270462.jpg - (99.23KB , 1058x1054 , 0.jpg )
4810 No. 4810 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Filth in progress, don't feel like digging through to find my old thread so here's a new one. As always, any feedback and pointing out of glaring mistakes would be appreciated.
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>> No. 4812
File 131708689165.jpg - (73.18KB , 742x715 , 0.jpg )
Working on more mindless filth. Any crit or observation is appreciated, as always.
>> No. 4813
The only thing I see wrong with this picture is that the back of Heavy's skull is sloping inward. It should be much rounder.
>> No. 4814
File 131717194514.jpg - (106.68KB , 1067x1025 , 0.jpg )

I'm always a little unsure of how to position the Heavy's head and neck, because of the way that they look on his in-game model, with little transition from one point to the next.

Linework is finished, though I'm always eager to be told if I've missed something technical.

File 130811731086.jpg - (148.04KB , 481x880 , fsaasefasdf.jpg )
1895 No. 1895 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

kumori told me to dump some arts here so i will be doing this as soon as i can, in the meantime enjoy some more bloody medic
14 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3095
Ah, Ich liebe Blut. Bitte, mehr.

It disturbs me how turned on I am by this.
>> No. 3108
First thought- See, He’ll turn red any second now. See, Red! Oh wait, that’s blood.

Second Thought- The head’s tilted way to far back for it to be...oh. Nevermind then.

Love the picture.
>> No. 3643
The first time I saw this piece, I was instantly reminded of Baglione's "St. Sebastian Healed by an Angel."
I appreciate the reference (which I'm assuming was intended), and as always, your work is stunning.

(If my art history classes had more of this, I probably would have had an easier time getting the material in my head, haha!)

File 131431092649.jpg - (375.76KB , 900x600 , sniper_engie_01.jpg )
2848 No. 2848 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
S'up. Been a long while since I drew me some TF2 fanart, but I'm suddenly inspired again so, have a thread. I'll be posting more here soon enough.
14 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2992
File 131578968221.jpg - (243.60KB , 520x900 , snipers.jpg )
Can't decide if I like this or not. I've stared at it too long to care. Have it anyway.
>> No. 3001
Was too shy to say this at first, but I really like your stuff. I have a huge class-clash fetish.
>> No. 3014
File 131625408330.jpg - (19.30KB , 268x270 , tumblr_llxyim2Cql1qc6xeao1_500.jpg )
I like where this thread is going...

File 131386149567.jpg - (886.81KB , 2160x2096 , 127649987339[1].jpg )
4808 No. 4808 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey dudes! Remember these guys?
>> No. 4809
File 131386153728.jpg - (248.52KB , 1599x1163 , 410457 - engineer samboengie soldier team_fortress.jpg )
I know I do.

File 131120691519.jpg - (248.60KB , 1734x1398 , img008.jpg )
2310 No. 2310 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Been lurking since forever, figured I'd put one of my doodles up.

Somethings always told me that Medic just wouldn't be able to take on heavy... Then this face came to mind... Poor Medic D:
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 2334
Don't do that.

Nice art though.
>> No. 2390
File 131177539523.jpg - (178.44KB , 436x600 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

Sometimes, there just isn't enough lube in this world... For some reason, I am thinking something like this...
>> No. 2466
File 131217289768.jpg - (15.03KB , 348x232 , backpain-1292835351.jpg )
Don't say I was the only one thinking it. Because if you did, you'd be lying.
Polite sage for saying nothing of particular importance.

File 131105998670.png - (918.16KB , 1000x957 , sniperlookslikeacreeper.png )
2286 No. 2286 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
It's my birthday, have some celebratory porn.
>> No. 2287
Ohh Cream I just discovered your stuff on Hipstr the other day. I'm glad your lovely stuff posting here!
>> No. 2293
This is lovely! Well done colors and all. More, please!
>> No. 2295
Happy birthday Cream! Hope it's a good one! Very nice picture by the way, I like it a lot.

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