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File 128922689375.jpg - (463.32KB , 600x846 , 466162 - Snipers\'s_van team_fortress_2.jpg )
15 No. 15
New 18+ request thread incoming! Rules from the last one remain: Don't be a bitch, request kindly, try to fill some requests too if you can.

If someone remembers prompts from the last thread, post them again! Also if you have fills, post them as well.
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>> No. 4509
And by "right now," I mean "in perpetuity".
>> No. 4510
File 13528499085.jpg - (95.01KB , 400x400 , 26057877.jpg )
>> No. 4527
I haven't been on here in a while. Are we allowed to request gore here? I finally saw the first Hostel movie and think Medic would look great torturing someone.
>> No. 4533
For some reason, I have all of these weird fetishes centering around Heavy, mostly involving him bottoming.

Either more of him in drag (bonus points if he's with a Femclass, wearing a men's suit), being pegged by a Femclass or tied in her tentacles (she either has a magic/science-induced sudden penis/tentacles or prosthetics/dildo), and "any of the classes have a small penis, but their partner loves/prefers it." And size kinks.
>> No. 4608
File 13565711779.jpg - (581.20KB , 853x599 , tumblr_mfk3375abp1r6vf3lo2_1280.jpg )
I have an oral fixation and anything involving gratuitous making out is good for me, especially long tongues. I realise this sounds pretty weird, and I have trouble finding anything to fap to since I suppose it's quite a niche interest, lol. This is my first time posting here and I'm not sure if anyone will see or acknowledge this request, but I'll be super-grateful if you do.
>> No. 4613
That's not so weird a fetish. I just saw a shapeshifter porn comic on another chan that incorporated long tongues in it.
>> No. 4616

Aw, man. If you could find a URL I'd love you forever, anonymous hero.
>> No. 4618
This is an image request. I had this picture of scout, in a black and white, semi-realism style, standing in front of lockers in his underwear, with his penis whipped out and holding it, making a pouty face. it looked like a retro 50s pin up. Does anyone have it saved? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 4624
File 135662641216.jpg - (180.98KB , 544x800 , 548632 - Scout Team_Fortress_2 chai.jpg )

Is this it?
>> No. 4627
YES YES YES thank you!!!!!
>> No. 4633

Here you go! It's not TF2-related, and I'm warning you now for a few other fetishes you may or may not like (futa, breast expansion) but there IS a long tongue bit in Chapter 1.
>> No. 4646
File 135755295458.jpg - (24.16KB , 640x480 , tumblr_mejtxkqqlH1qg8am1o1_1280.jpg )

>not TF2-related

Get that shit outta here.
>> No. 4651
hi. so I've seen this picture an artist named "Desolee" on Sparkledog Central drew: SoldierXSpyXScout, and I've been looking for it and didn't seem to find it. If you go on the livestream of Desolee, you see the picture, but there's no link to it.


this is the pic I've been looking for. does anybody have it?
thank you in advance for all the helpers!
>> No. 4652
File 135811847642.jpg - (331.83KB , 1280x901 , tumblr_mduc48tnt41r099vio1_1280.jpg )
4651: Found it, just for you. A high resolution, too!
(You can find more of the drawings on Desolee's tumblr page, where this one was found)
>> No. 4654
ah! Thank you so much for finding the picture! Silly me- I should have thought of looking through Desolee's tumblr! Thanks a lot again!
>> No. 4664
I'm not sure how likely it would be for this request to be fulfiled, but would someone please draw a pregnant fempyro having sex with an engineer in either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position.
>> No. 4709
Sorry. Just trying to help fill a fetish, I'll remember next time.

I don't draw porn and I can't write, so I wasn't sure how to help.
>> No. 4723
I really hate asking this here, but after repeated attempts to find what I'm looking for to no avail I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me. Anyway, I was poking around in the afanfic archives and came across a few that were written in response to some pictures drawn by Humon (Gumon): one was an image involving Heavy, Medic, and Sniper, while the others featured Heavy and Medic along with a tied up Demoman and Soldier. I've tried clicking on the thread's attached image files but I get a 404 error, and Ive come up empty-handed after searching other sites for the pictures (though I did find one that involved Heavy, Medic and a tied up Spy and Scouts mom). If anybody that was around back then happened to save the pictures I would really appreciate it if you would repost them here.
>> No. 4724

Hope this is what you were after?
>> No. 4725

Oops, I didnt know we had a lost and found thread lol. Sorry about that admins, but yes that is exactly the picture I'm looking for. Thanks so much for posing it Mawaru (and so quickly too!), the fact that I couldn't find the picture was really bugging me.
>> No. 4726
No worries! Sorry I didn't have the one involving Sniper, though
>> No. 5613
I'd like to see some Strap-On Sex between the Scout and a Female Scout if that's okay with you guys, that is.

To be honest, I've been wanting to see something like this for some time now. Hope you don't mind.
>> No. 5625
Could we get some amputee stuff? Possibly something with Sniper or Engineer?
>> No. 5626
File 137190309670.jpg - (316.83KB , 1000x641 , scoutlol.jpg )
Sounds hot. On it.

Have some unfinished Scout in the meantime.
>> No. 5628
Hey thanks, anon, That means a lot to me.

I mean I'd love to draw some TF2 porn myself but I feel like my current art style isn't fit for the chan.
>> No. 5639
I think it'd be really interestingsexy to see some Engi on Spybot action. Preferably the robot strapped down like Engineer was dismantling him or some shit.
>> No. 5645
Odd request. Two Centaur!Snipers mating.
>> No. 5733
Medic/(preferably unmasked, but masked or halfway masked is just as good) Pyro, anyone? With top Medic, and a bit of gore, or alternatively rough sex.

>>2075 sounded good as well.

It seems to me there isn't much of that pairing around, so anything is appreciated.
>> No. 5734
Pardon me, that was >>2076 .
>> No. 5822
Can we get some Medic giving bloody corset piercings to the other classes? Extra points if the piercings are still bleeding and holding closed an incision.
>> No. 5823
Maybe we could encourage artists from elsewhere to come here and take requests, because 9/10 don't get filled anymore.
>> No. 5824
File 140398948185.png - (276.25KB , 1024x1024 , corsetpiercings.png )
I tried to fill my own request but maybe someone else out there will like it too?
>> No. 5832
OMFRJ yes plz X3
>> No. 5844
No using emoticons here, please.
>> No. 5854
Requesting Engi torturing Spy using some sort of fucking machine. preferably tied up with his extension cord. i asked for this a while back and people gave me weird looks
>> No. 5868

this is me again. still want this
>> No. 5876

I'll give it a shot
>> No. 5884

Goshdarnit I was just about to scan it in and after looking at it for 5 minutes I'm going to doctor the lines up. Brb ruining my sleep schedule in the name of porn
>> No. 5885
File 143523071429.png - (1.83MB , 1199x1804 , 001smaller.png )

Good gravy ok. This is probably about as far from torture as anything can get and maskless Spy looks HELLA Spanish, but this is the longest I have worked on a picture in a long time and I'm pretty darn proud of it. There's a lot of other minor anatomy issues but the majority of stuff checks out to me soooo time for sleeps. Hope you like it, anon! If you ever see it aha
>> No. 5886

Some notes on the contraption: I designed it as sort of a modified sentry, with the barrel of the gun modified into a pneumatic piston with a dildo butt thing on the end. The pointy thing is an extendable rod with a lube tube connector (because lube is important) and the tip pivots and unscrews for cleaning and whathaveyou. There's also This thing I found on the internet that's sort of a dual-purpose ball-cupper/vibrator, and the main complaint in the reviews was that the included bullet died too fast, so I wired it up so there is no battery to die.

Spy was also going to be getting a robot handjob but I was running out of space on the sentry, so nah.

This is at a bar significantly above what I usually draw cause most of what I do I do quickly and dirtily and without staring at pictures of dicks for hours on end
>> No. 5906

omg i love it RMD! this is exactly what i wanted (well, spy seems to be enjoying it a bit too much haha)

thank you so much bro! id love to pay you back so feel free to give me your steamid and ill send some scraps :)

you da real mvp
>> No. 5924

You're super welcome, Anon. :) Glad you liked it so much!
>> No. 5944
Could anyone help me out? I'm looking for a dragon of Soldier's torso and cock covered in needles, I think it's one of Katya's works
>> No. 5945
That doesn't go in RMD's thread. This is for RMD's work only. We have a Requests board, if you're looking for art/fic by someone else.
>> No. 5947
Uh... this is the requests thread. Not sure where you got the idea that this was RMD's.
>> No. 5949
Got the threads mixed up, sorry. I meant to say that this thread isn't for looking for pre-existing artwork, that we have a requests board for that. It's for requesting art that hasn't been drawn yet.
>> No. 5952

I don't know about dragons, but that sounds an awful lot like a story TeratoMarty wrote about Medic taking advantage of Soldier's celibacy and fear of medicalness to stick him full of needles, among other things. It was actually pretty good, let me see if I can find a link to Marty's thread... here we go: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/155.html

Search "needle" and the third result should take you mid-fic. The rest of his stuff is A+ too though
>> No. 5953
Yo anon I found your thing! I'm almost positive this is it: http://tf2chan.net/afanart/src/12900171559.jpg

I also started drawing a picture for it that'll probably go in my thread now aha unless people want it here
>> No. 5955
Thank you so much! I've been looking for that for months!
>> No. 5956
You're super welcome! You should make a thread if you are the least bit artistically inclined. :D
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