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File 128922689375.jpg - (463.32KB , 600x846 , 466162 - Snipers\'s_van team_fortress_2.jpg )
15 No. 15
New 18+ request thread incoming! Rules from the last one remain: Don't be a bitch, request kindly, try to fill some requests too if you can.

If someone remembers prompts from the last thread, post them again! Also if you have fills, post them as well.
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>> No. 18
Someone requested more socially awkward Sniper at some point.
>> No. 21
moar sniper x scout naow please
>> No. 22
Moar Top!Scout. On any class except Heavy, that just looks silly.
>> No. 23

Excuse me, I'm an idiot. That isn't 18+. ...Though it would be interesting to see that. Okay, I'm requesting that now. Awkward sex.

One might be advised to spend more than 3 seconds on their posts.


I'm not a grammar nazi, just misunderstood, really
>> No. 28
Just so you guys don't forget - You can also ask others to post already existing porn here, just make sure it's clearly understood what you mean.
>> No. 30
ScoutxMedic abuse, and or top scout. Since all that porn was lost, I thought hey why not ask again.
>> No. 36
File 128930152143.jpg - (719.37KB , 1700x1079 , 127702955259.jpg )
Can people post their favorites? Its just so empty right now. Some high quality, fapable porn would be fapulous.
>> No. 38
File 128930526656.jpg - (135.51KB , 782x580 , 333054 - Spy sniper team_fortress_2.jpg )
Fuuu. I do love the way Prawnsy does faces. I mean, yeah, the pornsmut is alright. but jesus, those faces.

Also, to DATE my favourite smut pic. I dunno who drew it and I'd love to find out, too.
>> No. 42
I would very much like to see this.
>> No. 43
Isn't that by Katya though?
>> No. 46
File 128931621894.jpg - (899.52KB , 1520x1088 , KGBigelow - Soldier x Engie.jpg )
It was a collab between katya and prawnsy. I think katya colored and prawnsy made the lineart.

Also if anyone is interested, I preserved much of the chan's awesome porn on Paheal. (With giving credit where I could of course) http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/team_fortress_2/1

This here is by the wonderful KGBigelow. Mmmmmmh.
>> No. 48
File 128931945889.jpg - (893.92KB , 1200x890 , 127517366073.jpg )
Not my favorite pairing, but I could repost some pretty awesome ones by Minttu.
>> No. 49
File 128931969261.jpg - (551.37KB , 836x1000 , 127605002698.jpg )
And another
>> No. 51
File 128933037613.jpg - (203.81KB , 743x1175 , snipercest.jpg )
>repost bandwagon

I miss Wat.

And, hey, since this is a request thread, moar Snipercest is never a bad thing...
>> No. 53
File 128933995170.jpg - (93.58KB , 600x425 , 122356758-kob.jpg )
Pretty sure that was done by kob.
>> No. 54
File 12893421059.png - (389.62KB , 671x518 , mnc sniper.png )
Going to repost my prompt from the last one, with a better reference imag.

TF2 Sniper and MNC Sniper, with TF2 Sniper topping. Team color doesn't matter.
>> No. 55
Solo soldier makin' the Chieftan look better than it already is.
I haven't really seen any soldier art in that hat (and it's the best hat)
>> No. 70
I've noticed there is a definite lack of Solly/Demo porn, which is odd to me considering their canon relationship. Maybe some fluffy make-up sex is in order? or Angry break-up sex? Really not picky, here.

Also, I will hopefully be able to help out with this request shortly.
>> No. 71
More Sniper/Sniper
>> No. 72
Reposts of just about anything would be nice, since the entire chan is dead.

I would LOVE to see some bondage and/or rape with Scout topping Sniper, if possible. Or just some Sniper rape. I only last night discovered how much I truly love this man.
>> No. 74
whatever happened to robot wat? did she just up and leave?
>> No. 75
>So, could we this time get a thread where people request kinks and not just shout out random pairings they like?

Someone mentioned this in the Kink Meme thread, and I figured the same should probably apply here to keep the queue from getting too overwhelming.

Also if you're thinking of requesting art for a pairing or concept that's already popular you should try to come up with a twist to make it unique as opposed to being something which will add to the glut and can be satisfied by art that already exists anyway.
>> No. 76
Pyro/Medic, Medic is bottom, Pyro is high as a bloody kite.
>> No. 77
Thank you kind anon. Does he/she/they have a website or DA or anymore?
>> No. 81
I agree with this.
Seriously, we need a sticky or something with a link to Paheal. MUCH of the delicious porn is preserved there, I tried to tag by artist as much as I could and you can easily look for pairings by just entering the class names in the search and excluding the others with - in front of the tags.
>> No. 93
>> No. 94
>>93 was for >>77
>> No. 95
Hrm. Thank you. Oddly, I dunno. The normal stuff doesn't look like the smut paintings.
>> No. 98
I thought Kobb and Kob were different people?
>> No. 107
I'd love to see some Spy/Pyro. Or Pyro and anyone.
>> No. 128
I fullheartedly agree with this.
Tentaspy/Pyro earns extra points from me, by the way.
>> No. 133
We still need these:

- Medic having efficient German sex
- Soldier x Sun Tzu

That is all.
>> No. 134
File 12898004127.jpg - (149.99KB , 668x875 , Spy and pyro.jpg )
>> No. 136
Holy shit, that is awesome.
>> No. 140
Can we get some NEW scout and medic stuff? TopScout and bloody beaten medic? Or TopMedic and bloody beaten scout? I know everyone is tired of this pair but there is not enough art involving them.
>> No. 141
scout in bondage looking SUPER PISSED OFF
bonus points for creativity
>> No. 143
This is delicious.
>> No. 146
I think somebody already requested the same thing earlier here: >>30
By the way guys, try not to make redundant requests or requests that are too similar to one already on the queue. There's no need for two pictures of the same kind if someone could have spent the time to make the second to fulfill a unique request instead.
>> No. 149
Spy strapped/trapped into some crazy raeping machine constructed by Engie who is tired of all tha' sappin. And Engie off to the side, beatin' off into Spy's face or ass or what have you, with a sexy/evil laugh plastered on his god-forsaken face. (goggles optional)
I'm more interested in how the machine looks than anything else.....
>> No. 153
I tried something like this once. I failed badly.
>> No. 154
I tried something like this once. I failed badly.
I would like to see this too.
>> No. 155

>> No. 156
More Heavy/Spy would be nice.

Those two don't get enough love.
>> No. 159
Now, you may think that I'm here to request Helmet Party...BUT YOU'D BE WRONG. Though I am requesting more Soldier, so I guess that's not really a surprise.

I am seriously lacking Soldier with the following: Sniper, Pyro, Medic, and Heavy (in order of most wanted). I'd draw it myself, but now that I'm applying to Pix, it feels wrong for me to draw it presently.
>> No. 173
I'd be happy to oblige. Anything with Sniper wins points from me.
Oh, and I didn't do this, but I thought it'd be cool to direct you towards this: http://tinyurl.com/Animated-Boning
>> No. 177
File 129003564935.jpg - (12.05KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
Alright, I've got a request for yah.

Anyone here a Personafag? Well, I would looooove to see Medic encountering his Shadow. Reason I'm putting it in here is because I don't mind in the least if it gets sexual or bloody.

If you're not a Personafag and you want to see if you can tackle this anyhow, please do. Shadows are basically the embodiment of all the fear and self-doubt a person has. They are everything a person feels is negative about themselves, and are ruthless and manipulative to their black little cores. Besides being basically a clone, their only physically distinguishing feature is they've got yellow eyes.

Obligatory bad sample.
>> No. 182
Holy shit, I'm in a Persona mood right now and was just about to request something like this.
>> No. 189
O_O!!!! DOO EET!!!!!!!

>> No. 195
>>53 here.


Yeah that's not kob, the art style is completely different. Pretty sure she doesn't have a dA. You can find all her porny TF2 stuff on Paheal, but I've got no clue where she posts her other work.
>> No. 196
Wow, nice! Thanks for filling something! I approve.
>> No. 205
File 12902153409.jpg - (292.87KB , 1516x1095 , Medic Tentaspy.jpg )
Anybody know the artist who did this picture? I happen to like this one quite a bit, and I never found out who made it.
>> No. 206

>> No. 207

God, I always loved Syberfox's art style. How did I not recognize it?
>> No. 265
For those who understand what I'm on about: Plant-powers!Sniper from TNI. Kink? Plant penetration. Vines and all that.

Sorry, but this was all I could think about when my perverted side figured out the potentials.
>> No. 267
File 12905473197.jpg - (287.37KB , 973x700 , Dendrophilia by Rebbacus.jpg )

Your wish is my command! Drawn by Rebbacus.
>> No. 268
File 129059237059.jpg - (124.58KB , 399x600 , 1289425779379.jpg )
>> No. 269
Oh fuck yes


I didn't even know this was a thing. Thank you, Internet, for educating me.
>> No. 270
I'll post my utmost satifaction of this picture with one word: Unf.

Also, that's another fetish actually named.
>> No. 334
Requesting something with Engie and Scout. Run with it.
>> No. 336
Then we're back to just shout out random pairings...
>> No. 337
You know how in movies, the couple in love sometimes just BAM starts to take clothes off and make out really intensely all of a sudden?

That with Solly and Engie please.
>> No. 338

To fix this, I propose adding a kink, like role-playing, maybe with Scout playing the part of the eager assistant, and Engie the mad scientist needing a volunteer for a new device he's created. Or something. Anything, just as long as it's not random pairings.
>> No. 340
I know this is where porn is requested, but I have something of a gore request that I wouldn't feel comfortable posting in /fanart/.

I don't know if any of you have played Poker Night at the Inventory, but there is a story Heavy tells about shoving a wrench down Engineer's throat while ripping fingers off (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFAMTBxJ8yM). I would absolutely love to see this drawn.
>> No. 342
Alright, I'm in need of some Sniper/Spy. But I don't want the usual, I want something new. I would love some heavy D/S play with the two, preferably with Sniper playing the dom. Riding crops, leather, and bond hands are a must. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 343
Is it so wrong to want to be surprised?
>> No. 355
Requesting 2 shirtless Scouts making out. One wearing the Whoopee Cap, another with the Baker Boy.
>> No. 359
I kinda want to request a heavyxheavy for my friend. She is actually Russian and sent me some large sweaty men in the form of a video. So I'm requesting some large sweaty hoovys humping for her. I'd really appreciate it if someone could get around to it.
>> No. 361
a sniper spy christmas picture :D
>> No. 368
Seconding this so hard.
>> No. 372
Yes, because that's /not the point of the thread/ and believe it or not giving two seconds of stage direction for a bit more inspiration will not result in the artist drawing exactly what was stated and nothing more. Watch how this is done and stop being lazy:

/r/ing Heavy/Scout - preferably with a more dominant Scout, but either way is good - and lots of bruises, some cuts, and maybe a bloody nose or two (hopefully not more because then we have some issues), but both of them really enjoying the whole thing. I'm thinking more 'sexy wrestling' than 'D/s', but I'm not really picky in that respect so just, ya know, ~*follow your heart*~ etc etc.
>> No. 378

Taking this one because hot damn I love sloopy, stupid-clothing-is-in-the-way-but-too-busy-macking-on-my-beau-to-take-it-off makeouts. Not big surprise.
>> No. 395
Sloppy makeouts are SO. DAMN. HOT.
Kilo taking a shot at one of my favorite kinks? Ooooh God my genitals, they are not ready for this, they will never be, aaaah
>> No. 399
I am very sorry, I honestly wasn't trying to be lazy. Let's just say not everyone here is as creative or as artistic as yourself, for example. That is why I mainly lurk around here. Of course, I can still appreciate a good fic or piece of fanart when I see one. And there is plenty to be seen here!

I'll try again with my request.

Requesting Scout and Engineer with the former leaning back against a dispenser as the latter sucks him off. Bonus points if Engie is playing with himself and some clothes are still on.
>> No. 410

not drawn, but close
>> No. 412
So very very close, it makes happy. Thank you kind anon!
>> No. 427
File 129178919377.jpg - (610.37KB , 1500x857 , spiper-xmas.jpg )

i suck! but it's sort of...sexy?
>> No. 434
Pee in a jar is not a good present, Sniper. Unless you are into golden showers....Hrmmm...
>> No. 441
Engie/Medic. Both have an affinity for science, blunt force trauma and cranial intrusion. Wrench, bonesaw, fisticuffs - it's all good.

Also Engie/Sniper, but sweet and companionable. They just seem like a very good pair to me. Utes/trucks, barbeques, beers, and lanky ol' Sniper can get shit off the tall shelves for Engie.
>> No. 444
I'm not sure if my request is too clothed, but.. well, here goes.

I'd like to see some art of two random classes; it really doesn't matter which pairing is portrayed. The important thing is that they really really try, but just can't seem to keep their hands or tongues or whatever to themselves - on the battlefield. Preferably some teammates/enemies around them to witness the whole thing.
>> No. 463
requesting demo/spy. scrumpy and tie restraints encouraged
>> No. 464
I know, it's not 100% TF2 related, but...

Medic/Julian Assange. Or Spy/Julian Assange. I can see some amusing possibilities with that one.
>> No. 468
Ahem. Odd one here.
I'd like to see Medic all alone in the medbay being all chemist-y and getting kinky with himself with some sort of acid.

...odd dreams. Don't ask.
>> No. 470
Ffff, seconded. If I only I could draw the porns.
>> No. 471
File 129239671073.jpg - (37.12KB , 533x745 , large-787.jpg )
Medic in Nathan's outfit, a la Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Posted in adult for potential gore.
>> No. 473
Someone. Anyone. I will write /anything/ for you.
>> No. 479

Yes please.
>> No. 480
BLU Spy/RED Scout in the BLU intel room. I'd like to see the BLU Spy fucking the RED Scout on the briefcase table. I have a kink for sadistic toppers and a stubborn bottom trying not to look like he's in pain.
>> No. 491
RED Pyro/BLU Spy/RED Engineer. Spy being abused by Pyro and Engie. Nom nom nom.
>> No. 492
Can I request Top!Scout/Spy(Scout cracking spy's hand with his bat and raping him)??
Well...I felt like seeing such a circumstance...
>> No. 494
Requesting Sniper/Scout.
A visit to the Camper Van, Sniper gladly tops Scout, but ties a little rope around Scout's cock and refuses to let him come. Like, to the point where it's just flat-out cruel. In fact, he doesn't give Scout that grace. Sniper just sucks on him and then ruts him and then just leaves him all tied up in the Van.

Oh, wait. Picture. Well, majorly sadistic Top!Sniper. Sound good?
>> No. 498
Needs more Spy all up in Sniper's business.
>> No. 507
Might as well make a formal request of Medic and Heavy stripping to the style of Panty and Stocking's transformation sequences, respectively. The videos are plastered all over Youtube so they shouldn't be hard to find.
>> No. 514
File 129385123640.png - (115.31KB , 366x281 , gasp.png )
Silly request here.
Sniper using the Christmas tree hat as a dildo.
Bonus points if he looks high off weed.
If you don't like Sniper or don't like to draw him or whatever, use whoever else you like. This isn't meant to be serious so I don't really mind.
>> No. 515
File 129396634835.jpg - (154.75KB , 896x539 , engieXspy3.jpg )

Will try to find more

>> No. 516
File 129396652183.jpg - (395.77KB , 950x800 , sniperXspy5.jpg )

>> No. 517
File 12939667549.jpg - (120.53KB , 500x372 , scoutXsniper.jpg )
>> No. 518
File 129396679297.jpg - (144.07KB , 500x376 , scoutXsniper2.jpg )
>> No. 519
File 129396692349.jpg - (189.86KB , 869x613 , sniperXscout.jpg )
>> No. 520
File 129396695897.png - (397.38KB , 871x493 , sniperXscout.png )
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