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File 128922689375.jpg - (463.32KB , 600x846 , 466162 - Snipers\'s_van team_fortress_2.jpg )
15 No. 15
New 18+ request thread incoming! Rules from the last one remain: Don't be a bitch, request kindly, try to fill some requests too if you can.

If someone remembers prompts from the last thread, post them again! Also if you have fills, post them as well.
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>> No. 18
Someone requested more socially awkward Sniper at some point.
>> No. 21
moar sniper x scout naow please
>> No. 22
Moar Top!Scout. On any class except Heavy, that just looks silly.
>> No. 23

Excuse me, I'm an idiot. That isn't 18+. ...Though it would be interesting to see that. Okay, I'm requesting that now. Awkward sex.

One might be advised to spend more than 3 seconds on their posts.


I'm not a grammar nazi, just misunderstood, really
>> No. 28
Just so you guys don't forget - You can also ask others to post already existing porn here, just make sure it's clearly understood what you mean.
>> No. 30
ScoutxMedic abuse, and or top scout. Since all that porn was lost, I thought hey why not ask again.
>> No. 36
File 128930152143.jpg - (719.37KB , 1700x1079 , 127702955259.jpg )
Can people post their favorites? Its just so empty right now. Some high quality, fapable porn would be fapulous.
>> No. 38
File 128930526656.jpg - (135.51KB , 782x580 , 333054 - Spy sniper team_fortress_2.jpg )
Fuuu. I do love the way Prawnsy does faces. I mean, yeah, the pornsmut is alright. but jesus, those faces.

Also, to DATE my favourite smut pic. I dunno who drew it and I'd love to find out, too.
>> No. 42
I would very much like to see this.
>> No. 43
Isn't that by Katya though?
>> No. 46
File 128931621894.jpg - (899.52KB , 1520x1088 , KGBigelow - Soldier x Engie.jpg )
It was a collab between katya and prawnsy. I think katya colored and prawnsy made the lineart.

Also if anyone is interested, I preserved much of the chan's awesome porn on Paheal. (With giving credit where I could of course) http://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/team_fortress_2/1

This here is by the wonderful KGBigelow. Mmmmmmh.
>> No. 48
File 128931945889.jpg - (893.92KB , 1200x890 , 127517366073.jpg )
Not my favorite pairing, but I could repost some pretty awesome ones by Minttu.
>> No. 49
File 128931969261.jpg - (551.37KB , 836x1000 , 127605002698.jpg )
And another
>> No. 51
File 128933037613.jpg - (203.81KB , 743x1175 , snipercest.jpg )
>repost bandwagon

I miss Wat.

And, hey, since this is a request thread, moar Snipercest is never a bad thing...
>> No. 53
File 128933995170.jpg - (93.58KB , 600x425 , 122356758-kob.jpg )
Pretty sure that was done by kob.
>> No. 54
File 12893421059.png - (389.62KB , 671x518 , mnc sniper.png )
Going to repost my prompt from the last one, with a better reference imag.

TF2 Sniper and MNC Sniper, with TF2 Sniper topping. Team color doesn't matter.
>> No. 55
Solo soldier makin' the Chieftan look better than it already is.
I haven't really seen any soldier art in that hat (and it's the best hat)
>> No. 70
I've noticed there is a definite lack of Solly/Demo porn, which is odd to me considering their canon relationship. Maybe some fluffy make-up sex is in order? or Angry break-up sex? Really not picky, here.

Also, I will hopefully be able to help out with this request shortly.
>> No. 71
More Sniper/Sniper
>> No. 72
Reposts of just about anything would be nice, since the entire chan is dead.

I would LOVE to see some bondage and/or rape with Scout topping Sniper, if possible. Or just some Sniper rape. I only last night discovered how much I truly love this man.
>> No. 74
whatever happened to robot wat? did she just up and leave?
>> No. 75
>So, could we this time get a thread where people request kinks and not just shout out random pairings they like?

Someone mentioned this in the Kink Meme thread, and I figured the same should probably apply here to keep the queue from getting too overwhelming.

Also if you're thinking of requesting art for a pairing or concept that's already popular you should try to come up with a twist to make it unique as opposed to being something which will add to the glut and can be satisfied by art that already exists anyway.
>> No. 76
Pyro/Medic, Medic is bottom, Pyro is high as a bloody kite.
>> No. 77
Thank you kind anon. Does he/she/they have a website or DA or anymore?
>> No. 81
I agree with this.
Seriously, we need a sticky or something with a link to Paheal. MUCH of the delicious porn is preserved there, I tried to tag by artist as much as I could and you can easily look for pairings by just entering the class names in the search and excluding the others with - in front of the tags.
>> No. 93
>> No. 94
>>93 was for >>77
>> No. 95
Hrm. Thank you. Oddly, I dunno. The normal stuff doesn't look like the smut paintings.
>> No. 98
I thought Kobb and Kob were different people?
>> No. 107
I'd love to see some Spy/Pyro. Or Pyro and anyone.
>> No. 128
I fullheartedly agree with this.
Tentaspy/Pyro earns extra points from me, by the way.
>> No. 133
We still need these:

- Medic having efficient German sex
- Soldier x Sun Tzu

That is all.
>> No. 134
File 12898004127.jpg - (149.99KB , 668x875 , Spy and pyro.jpg )
>> No. 136
Holy shit, that is awesome.
>> No. 140
Can we get some NEW scout and medic stuff? TopScout and bloody beaten medic? Or TopMedic and bloody beaten scout? I know everyone is tired of this pair but there is not enough art involving them.
>> No. 141
scout in bondage looking SUPER PISSED OFF
bonus points for creativity
>> No. 143
This is delicious.
>> No. 146
I think somebody already requested the same thing earlier here: >>30
By the way guys, try not to make redundant requests or requests that are too similar to one already on the queue. There's no need for two pictures of the same kind if someone could have spent the time to make the second to fulfill a unique request instead.
>> No. 149
Spy strapped/trapped into some crazy raeping machine constructed by Engie who is tired of all tha' sappin. And Engie off to the side, beatin' off into Spy's face or ass or what have you, with a sexy/evil laugh plastered on his god-forsaken face. (goggles optional)
I'm more interested in how the machine looks than anything else.....
>> No. 153
I tried something like this once. I failed badly.
>> No. 154
I tried something like this once. I failed badly.
I would like to see this too.
>> No. 155

>> No. 156
More Heavy/Spy would be nice.

Those two don't get enough love.
>> No. 159
Now, you may think that I'm here to request Helmet Party...BUT YOU'D BE WRONG. Though I am requesting more Soldier, so I guess that's not really a surprise.

I am seriously lacking Soldier with the following: Sniper, Pyro, Medic, and Heavy (in order of most wanted). I'd draw it myself, but now that I'm applying to Pix, it feels wrong for me to draw it presently.
>> No. 173
I'd be happy to oblige. Anything with Sniper wins points from me.
Oh, and I didn't do this, but I thought it'd be cool to direct you towards this: http://tinyurl.com/Animated-Boning
>> No. 177
File 129003564935.jpg - (12.05KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
Alright, I've got a request for yah.

Anyone here a Personafag? Well, I would looooove to see Medic encountering his Shadow. Reason I'm putting it in here is because I don't mind in the least if it gets sexual or bloody.

If you're not a Personafag and you want to see if you can tackle this anyhow, please do. Shadows are basically the embodiment of all the fear and self-doubt a person has. They are everything a person feels is negative about themselves, and are ruthless and manipulative to their black little cores. Besides being basically a clone, their only physically distinguishing feature is they've got yellow eyes.

Obligatory bad sample.
>> No. 182
Holy shit, I'm in a Persona mood right now and was just about to request something like this.
>> No. 189
O_O!!!! DOO EET!!!!!!!

>> No. 195
>>53 here.


Yeah that's not kob, the art style is completely different. Pretty sure she doesn't have a dA. You can find all her porny TF2 stuff on Paheal, but I've got no clue where she posts her other work.
>> No. 196
Wow, nice! Thanks for filling something! I approve.
>> No. 205
File 12902153409.jpg - (292.87KB , 1516x1095 , Medic Tentaspy.jpg )
Anybody know the artist who did this picture? I happen to like this one quite a bit, and I never found out who made it.
>> No. 206

>> No. 207

God, I always loved Syberfox's art style. How did I not recognize it?
>> No. 265
For those who understand what I'm on about: Plant-powers!Sniper from TNI. Kink? Plant penetration. Vines and all that.

Sorry, but this was all I could think about when my perverted side figured out the potentials.
>> No. 267
File 12905473197.jpg - (287.37KB , 973x700 , Dendrophilia by Rebbacus.jpg )

Your wish is my command! Drawn by Rebbacus.
>> No. 268
File 129059237059.jpg - (124.58KB , 399x600 , 1289425779379.jpg )
>> No. 269
Oh fuck yes


I didn't even know this was a thing. Thank you, Internet, for educating me.
>> No. 270
I'll post my utmost satifaction of this picture with one word: Unf.

Also, that's another fetish actually named.
>> No. 334
Requesting something with Engie and Scout. Run with it.
>> No. 336
Then we're back to just shout out random pairings...
>> No. 337
You know how in movies, the couple in love sometimes just BAM starts to take clothes off and make out really intensely all of a sudden?

That with Solly and Engie please.
>> No. 338

To fix this, I propose adding a kink, like role-playing, maybe with Scout playing the part of the eager assistant, and Engie the mad scientist needing a volunteer for a new device he's created. Or something. Anything, just as long as it's not random pairings.
>> No. 340
I know this is where porn is requested, but I have something of a gore request that I wouldn't feel comfortable posting in /fanart/.

I don't know if any of you have played Poker Night at the Inventory, but there is a story Heavy tells about shoving a wrench down Engineer's throat while ripping fingers off (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFAMTBxJ8yM). I would absolutely love to see this drawn.
>> No. 342
Alright, I'm in need of some Sniper/Spy. But I don't want the usual, I want something new. I would love some heavy D/S play with the two, preferably with Sniper playing the dom. Riding crops, leather, and bond hands are a must. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 343
Is it so wrong to want to be surprised?
>> No. 355
Requesting 2 shirtless Scouts making out. One wearing the Whoopee Cap, another with the Baker Boy.
>> No. 359
I kinda want to request a heavyxheavy for my friend. She is actually Russian and sent me some large sweaty men in the form of a video. So I'm requesting some large sweaty hoovys humping for her. I'd really appreciate it if someone could get around to it.
>> No. 361
a sniper spy christmas picture :D
>> No. 368
Seconding this so hard.
>> No. 372
Yes, because that's /not the point of the thread/ and believe it or not giving two seconds of stage direction for a bit more inspiration will not result in the artist drawing exactly what was stated and nothing more. Watch how this is done and stop being lazy:

/r/ing Heavy/Scout - preferably with a more dominant Scout, but either way is good - and lots of bruises, some cuts, and maybe a bloody nose or two (hopefully not more because then we have some issues), but both of them really enjoying the whole thing. I'm thinking more 'sexy wrestling' than 'D/s', but I'm not really picky in that respect so just, ya know, ~*follow your heart*~ etc etc.
>> No. 378

Taking this one because hot damn I love sloopy, stupid-clothing-is-in-the-way-but-too-busy-macking-on-my-beau-to-take-it-off makeouts. Not big surprise.
>> No. 395
Sloppy makeouts are SO. DAMN. HOT.
Kilo taking a shot at one of my favorite kinks? Ooooh God my genitals, they are not ready for this, they will never be, aaaah
>> No. 399
I am very sorry, I honestly wasn't trying to be lazy. Let's just say not everyone here is as creative or as artistic as yourself, for example. That is why I mainly lurk around here. Of course, I can still appreciate a good fic or piece of fanart when I see one. And there is plenty to be seen here!

I'll try again with my request.

Requesting Scout and Engineer with the former leaning back against a dispenser as the latter sucks him off. Bonus points if Engie is playing with himself and some clothes are still on.
>> No. 410

not drawn, but close
>> No. 412
So very very close, it makes happy. Thank you kind anon!
>> No. 427
File 129178919377.jpg - (610.37KB , 1500x857 , spiper-xmas.jpg )

i suck! but it's sort of...sexy?
>> No. 434
Pee in a jar is not a good present, Sniper. Unless you are into golden showers....Hrmmm...
>> No. 441
Engie/Medic. Both have an affinity for science, blunt force trauma and cranial intrusion. Wrench, bonesaw, fisticuffs - it's all good.

Also Engie/Sniper, but sweet and companionable. They just seem like a very good pair to me. Utes/trucks, barbeques, beers, and lanky ol' Sniper can get shit off the tall shelves for Engie.
>> No. 444
I'm not sure if my request is too clothed, but.. well, here goes.

I'd like to see some art of two random classes; it really doesn't matter which pairing is portrayed. The important thing is that they really really try, but just can't seem to keep their hands or tongues or whatever to themselves - on the battlefield. Preferably some teammates/enemies around them to witness the whole thing.
>> No. 463
requesting demo/spy. scrumpy and tie restraints encouraged
>> No. 464
I know, it's not 100% TF2 related, but...

Medic/Julian Assange. Or Spy/Julian Assange. I can see some amusing possibilities with that one.
>> No. 468
Ahem. Odd one here.
I'd like to see Medic all alone in the medbay being all chemist-y and getting kinky with himself with some sort of acid.

...odd dreams. Don't ask.
>> No. 470
Ffff, seconded. If I only I could draw the porns.
>> No. 471
File 129239671073.jpg - (37.12KB , 533x745 , large-787.jpg )
Medic in Nathan's outfit, a la Repo: The Genetic Opera.

Posted in adult for potential gore.
>> No. 473
Someone. Anyone. I will write /anything/ for you.
>> No. 479

Yes please.
>> No. 480
BLU Spy/RED Scout in the BLU intel room. I'd like to see the BLU Spy fucking the RED Scout on the briefcase table. I have a kink for sadistic toppers and a stubborn bottom trying not to look like he's in pain.
>> No. 491
RED Pyro/BLU Spy/RED Engineer. Spy being abused by Pyro and Engie. Nom nom nom.
>> No. 492
Can I request Top!Scout/Spy(Scout cracking spy's hand with his bat and raping him)??
Well...I felt like seeing such a circumstance...
>> No. 494
Requesting Sniper/Scout.
A visit to the Camper Van, Sniper gladly tops Scout, but ties a little rope around Scout's cock and refuses to let him come. Like, to the point where it's just flat-out cruel. In fact, he doesn't give Scout that grace. Sniper just sucks on him and then ruts him and then just leaves him all tied up in the Van.

Oh, wait. Picture. Well, majorly sadistic Top!Sniper. Sound good?
>> No. 498
Needs more Spy all up in Sniper's business.
>> No. 507
Might as well make a formal request of Medic and Heavy stripping to the style of Panty and Stocking's transformation sequences, respectively. The videos are plastered all over Youtube so they shouldn't be hard to find.
>> No. 514
File 129385123640.png - (115.31KB , 366x281 , gasp.png )
Silly request here.
Sniper using the Christmas tree hat as a dildo.
Bonus points if he looks high off weed.
If you don't like Sniper or don't like to draw him or whatever, use whoever else you like. This isn't meant to be serious so I don't really mind.
>> No. 515
File 129396634835.jpg - (154.75KB , 896x539 , engieXspy3.jpg )

Will try to find more

>> No. 516
File 129396652183.jpg - (395.77KB , 950x800 , sniperXspy5.jpg )

>> No. 517
File 12939667549.jpg - (120.53KB , 500x372 , scoutXsniper.jpg )
>> No. 518
File 129396679297.jpg - (144.07KB , 500x376 , scoutXsniper2.jpg )
>> No. 519
File 129396692349.jpg - (189.86KB , 869x613 , sniperXscout.jpg )
>> No. 520
File 129396695897.png - (397.38KB , 871x493 , sniperXscout.png )
>> No. 521
File 129396711397.jpg - (92.43KB , 713x678 , medicXscout3.jpg )
>> No. 525
I demand more Spy raping the fuck out of Sniper.

Or Spy raping the fuck out of Scout

Or Spy raping anything, for that matter.
>> No. 527
File 129399096089.jpg - (406.76KB , 1000x709 , spyXengie2.jpg )


Will dump everything I gots

>> No. 528
File 129399115578.jpg - (101.27KB , 409x578 , spyXengie3.jpg )

>> No. 529
File 129399190484.jpg - (100.04KB , 721x1000 , spyXengie12.jpg )

>> No. 534
Just sayin' that you should maybe try to credit some of the artists if you can.
>> No. 554
I humbly request Demo/Medic/Engie dp. Just one of those ideas that seems just brilliant around one in the morning.
>> No. 574
Sniper/Spy/ScootMa. In that order. I just got the mental image in my head and I would love to see it brought to life by someone more artistically talented than I.

...also agreeing with whoever up there requested Solly/Demo. THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH.
>> No. 577
Stockholm Syndrome/Pet Scout, on his knees, arms bound behind him, beaten and bloody, but his face and body language are begging for more.

I am a terrible person.
>> No. 590
Concurring. I want to see this.
>> No. 593
Heavy. anything heavy. I love Heavy.

Maybe Heavy x engineer or soldier
>> No. 596
I heartily agree with this.
>> No. 600
Seconded, but only if it doesn't involve Medic/Sniper/Spy (the "bishie-er" classes) as the other because I think it's been done before with all of them. No offense to those who like these pairings, it's just that Sturgeon's Law and Scout ukefication tend to strike them particularly hard.
>> No. 603
File 129531934859.jpg - (380.58KB , 924x1222 , bruised1.jpg )
Ok so he's not begging, but he's kneeling and bloody. You know he likes it.
edit - re uploaded it because I hated the dick. Still practicing.
>> No. 604

...I love you forever. This will be saved onto my hard drive so hard.
>> No. 608
Better than I possibly expected. Mmm, delicious muscles...
>> No. 611
I want spyxsniper please? Preferably Sniper torturing Spy any way you see fit....
>> No. 613
I would be very pleased to see strangling. Naked, savage, non-consensual strangling. I'd prefer if the stranglee(?) wouldn't be one of the usual bottoms like Scout or Sniper, but honestly it doesn't matter.
>> No. 619
Guys, I totally haven't been paying attention to this thread but I've realised that I am in desperate need of Medics kissing Medics, possibly with the intention of putting on a show for someone or trying to impress/mock a prospective Medicbuddy.

Same team or cross-team is fine. I do not give a fuck. I just need Medics kissing Medics who know they look hot doing it.
>> No. 622
Pairing of your choice (I will always picture Engineer/Demoman for this but go with whatever floats your boat) having sex to "Come and get it" by Judas Priest.
>> No. 623
Sorry for doubleposting, but I had to include this too:

Demoman having a messy and epic fight with Nessie to the song "Loch Ness" by Judas Priest. (Yes, I'm on a Judas Priest roll, can you tell?)
>> No. 635
I HAD to do this one. Check the fanart request thread my good sir!
>> No. 636
I demand more Sniper abuse

Specifically, I want to see Sniper beaten, pushed face down, and angry as fuck about it, with a nonchalant Spy stepping either on his back or his face to keep him down.

I like to imagine with is followed by everything but the kitchen sink getting shoved up Sniper's ass, but this is irrelevant.
>> No. 638
We need a ton more not-teenage-looking Scout. Mid-to-late-twenties Scout. Preferably top. Maybe topping a bloodied-and-beaten Sniper. But my favorite would be smugly/forcibly topping the other team's bloodied-and-beaten Scout.
>> No. 639
I'm okay with this.

>> No. 649
Heavy/Spy please. :]
>> No. 650
File 129656238336.jpg - (341.81KB , 751x886 , 1289550856703.jpg )
Here's some random Medic porn, I'd like to see some Heavy bottoming or solo.
>> No. 651
File 129659981121.jpg - (33.38KB , 933x700 , HeavyMedic.jpg )

Ask, and ye shall receive porn most delightful.
>> No. 658
File 129676131857.jpg - (112.57KB , 591x800 , 416073 - Humon heavy_weapons_guy team_fortress_2.jpg )

And here, have another one by Humon.
>> No. 663
You know what we need?

Engie sitting on Soldier, riding his dick like it's a friggin' rodeo.

You would utterly please me with that, folks! Thanks in advance.
>> No. 670

Working on it right now. It's a WIP so I'm posting a progress shot. Lemme know what you think, okay? :)
>> No. 672
File 129699950123.png - (79.48KB , 789x800 , EngiSoldier01.png )

Sorry it's not that great. A friend had told me that his head looks too big so, um, yeah, oops. Hope you like it anyway. :)

He's supposed to be waving his cowboy hat with his left hand while hanging tightly onto a length of rope wrapped around Solly's bull-like neck, hee hee. And, yes, those are cowboy boots. Went the whole nine yards. I promise I'll finish this later. :P
>> No. 673
Also, I always imagine that Engi would have a chubby, little dick, heh. Soldier's a bit bigger, but you can't see it anyway since it's inside Engi's bum.
>> No. 674
File 129700377433.png - (72.22KB , 712x800 , EngiSoldierWIP01.png )
Okay, I am really sorry about this, but I thought about it and realized that I wouldn't be able to draw Soldier without fucking this all up so I opted for a horse-tailed vibrator instead. Derp. Please forgive me. :I

Added more body hair (you can never have too much), the glove, and some rope (which I don't know what to do with now.) *sigh*
>> No. 675
Well it's always awesome to see more fills in this thread, so don't worry! Yes, the drawing has its problems, but it's still great of you to do something for this. If you want critique you should make your own thread here.
>> No. 676

You're in luck! I'm in the mood for some Hoovy action meself so I will try to appease your humble request. :P
>> No. 713
File 129747714586.jpg - (77.72KB , 233x350 , SuperStock_1647R-129399.jpg )
I need Sniper in this pose, his hair looking a little longer/shaggier from the water, no glasses, but with his watch on still. Eyes closed, maybe mouth open just a little bit. He enjoys the wet, after all.

No golden showers, please...
>> No. 729
It´s a crossover thing. Medic (harahar i am not original?) and Dexter. I think like a scene from Dexter first season where he sees in the mirror and smiles about the bloodstains in his face. So... uhm. Please?
>> No. 730
What I'm craving for the most is Sniper/Spy/Sniper and/or Spy/Sniper/Spy three-way.
>> No. 746
File 12976910532.jpg - (67.75KB , 900x675 , unf.jpg )
I would like to see Medic/Spy/Sniper, with Medic being the closest to being the one "in charge".

While I know that Scout's mom is more welcome in the Straight section, this pinup was too awesome not to share (and I wish I knew who did it).

Actually... Now I feel like seeing if Spy and/or anyone could pull off a 'pun-up girl' kind of pose while looking manly.
>> No. 763
File 129820001784.jpg - (59.45KB , 512x700 , Drink it all up.jpg )
>> No. 765
I love this!
>> No. 781
File 129852833023.jpg - (110.84KB , 835x700 , 395395704.jpg )
>05:37 - Cat Bountry: IF [Heavy and Medic] ARE TOGETHER, DO THEY EVEN NEED TO FAP?
>05:37 - Turret: They're swordfighting.
>05:37 - LESBIAN ☭COMMUNIST☭ ZOMBIE: But they need proper duel music for that!
>05:38 - Turret: They get Spy to play the William Tell Overture
>05:43 - LESBIAN ☭COMMUNIST☭ ZOMBIE: But seriously Medic and Heavy frotting to the William Tell Overture would be so.... so beautiful.
>05:43 - [#e]Perrydotto: Yes
>05:43 - [#e]Perrydotto: YES
>05:44 - LESBIAN ☭COMMUNIST☭ ZOMBIE: And both would look all stern and serious like it was an actual duel
>05:45 - Turret: >:I
>05:45 - Cat Bountry: LOL'
>05:45 - Turret: I:<
>05:45 - [#e]Perrydotto: Requesting art of that
>05:45 - Turret: >:I 3===)(===3 I:<

tl;dr the world would be a slightly better place with some Heavy/Medic superserious cockfighting.
Help us make it happen.
>> No. 824
I am sad there isn't enough Spy/Spy ! Could someone help a poor fellow out?
>> No. 838
Who is this artist and where can I find more?
>> No. 854
What artist?
>> No. 865
There's WAY too much Scout and Medic lately. I need me some variety, bro.

I want to see some Heavy smut. There's not enough of that. And on bottom would be preferred. Let's get some abuse up in here.
>> No. 882

derp... sorry. When I was asking about an artist's identity, I was attempting to link/respond to

>> No. 883
The Circlejerk agrees on the fact that it's done by Kob.
>> No. 909
Anything involving guns in mouths would make this anon very happy.
>> No. 939
Shogun pack is here, yes?

Remake "The Dearm of the Fisherman's Wife" with Medic (+ Geisha hair!) and Tentaspy. I dare you.
>> No. 949
Oh, hey. I came here to say that as well, ha. Desperate for some sexy Spy on Spy action. I never see enough. Also, Snipercest. The world needs more Snipercest.


I'm terrified that I kinda wanna see that done now. Oh God, why.
>> No. 955
Who posted this Sniper's Van pic here? It's mine >:(
>> No. 956
File 129989344983.jpg - (216.94KB , 1015x895 , tf2- heavy and medic.jpg )
>> No. 957
File 129989429385.jpg - (5.35KB , 251x251 , came.jpg )
>> No. 968
>> No. 970

I was so about to say that. But then I went back to lurking.
>> No. 1030
File 130031588096.jpg - (259.15KB , 700x905 , snoipahlines.jpg )

This appealed to me so here you go :3 Probably going to color it sometime, too.
I don't draw men that often so if anyone wants to point out things that look weird it would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 1034
File 130032484875.jpg - (69.21KB , 460x550 , 129257112526.jpg )
Not the one who requested, but damn. That's awesome! I can't wait to see it colored!
>> No. 1038

This makes me so happy.

Pardon me, I am going to be in my bunk now.
>> No. 1041
Wow, that's nice! You do great work.
>> No. 1049
It honestly disturbs me how much I suddenly want to see this after thinking about it and laughing uncontrollably for a good three minutes.
>> No. 1050
>No. 746

The picture is made by racoon-sama on Sparkledog Central
>> No. 1081
I'd love to do this if a fan fiction counts.
Would you be okay if I wrote it?
>> No. 1082
Requesting a gentle helmetparty.
Both being somewhat inexperienced or even shy, Engie on the bottom would be awesome.
Sorry if it sounds OOC.
>> No. 1111
I've decided that a white tank top and some dog tags are way sexier than bare torsos. On that note, I want pictures of no class in particular fapping while wearing just that.

Someone that's good at porn needs to draw this before I do because I know you guys don't want to see me draw porn.
>> No. 1123
File 130144993793.jpg - (223.42KB , 698x485 , tako.jpg )

I would seriously do this myself (1000 times over) if I had any artistic ability whatsoever. But I'm not an artfag. So please, somebody, please.
>> No. 1127
newfag to tis forum. WTF did I just witness?

Are you guys gay or what?
>> No. 1128
naw we just really love dicks
>> No. 1139
File 130156440742.jpg - (195.83KB , 576x576 , if-its-pretty-fuck-it-there-is-no-gay.jpg )

As Courage wolf vould say....
>> No. 1147
File 130162133541.jpg - (82.36KB , 500x500 , Old Spice Heavy.jpg )
>> No. 1150
Oh you annon, made me lol!
>> No. 1152
File 130164323434.png - (154.03KB , 319x323 , orly.png )
Newfag, indeed.
>> No. 1155
'Kay you guys.
I want to see Sniper sucking some cock, and loving it.
Don't disappoint me.
>> No. 1156
File 130165831053.jpg - (145.50KB , 1318x889 , 335993%20-%20Syberfox%20engineer%20sniper%20soldie.jpg )
There ya go
>> No. 1160
Cuanta Vida pron anyone?
>> No. 1176

http://kytri.Sparkledog Central.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d39k7lx

Drawn by ze artist herself. I haf not found any ozzer images, unfortunately.
>> No. 1185
OK you guys.
Soldier, doing one of two things:

Gratifying himself with something like this: http://tiny.cc/mzg65
Or with this: http://tiny.cc/7gzg0

>> No. 1186
Thank you, Doktor.
>> No. 1187
It would be nice to see some Soldier/Medic smut, but I don't know if I'm pushing my luck here since I'm new to this imageboard.

Wth, I'll still request anyway. Plz if anyone can do a Soldier/Medic pic with maybe the Soldier wearing a tie that the Medic would be yanking on, that would be wonderful.

Oh. So. Wonderful.
>> No. 1188
Those grenades are perfect to make soldier's cosplay, just paint them...
>> No. 1206
I've seen Soldier's grenades done before, but what if I did something involving a rocket?
>> No. 1211
I was testing rocket and solly in gmod, the rocket is huge...

...well..I did medigun enema...
>> No. 1218
File 130200871835.jpg - (13.41KB , 320x239 , john malkovich-saidaonline.jpg )
Do it anyway.
>> No. 1240
File 13020513322.jpg - (437.29KB , 1508x950 , whatamidoing.jpg )
>>939 I'll just leave this here.

>> No. 1241
File 130205257539.jpg - (13.75KB , 211x251 , TearsOfJoy.jpg )
... Dear sir, you just made my day. This is too hilarious and awesome for words to describe.
>> No. 1245
Dream of the Hoovy's Wife! I love it!
>> No. 1246
Dirty tought incoming:
Solly laying on engie's lap wille engie fingering solly's ass and mouth at same time
>> No. 1252
>>133 browsing through the thread to find something to draw
see "Soldier x Sun Tzu"

I'm definitely doing this when I get the chance.
>> No. 1254
File 130235029114.jpg - (167.13KB , 780x710 , 312694%20-%20Medic%20Spy%20team_fortress_2[1].jpg )
>>1176 Doc. I could kiss you. You know what? I'm damn right gonna do just that. /kiss (And reward ya'll with an old picture I found lying around at the back of my harddrive, not drawn by me, cause I can't draw worth shit. Sue me)
>> No. 1259

want more of that.
>> No. 1261

This pleases me greatly.
>> No. 1265
I cannot access this link, and it makes me sad.
>> No. 1279
Search soldier and medic tags together on Rule34.

Change Sparkledogs Central to d.eviant.art (without periods).
>> No. 1280
Spy x Heavy.
>> No. 1284

Just for posting with a name like that, I should draw this for you.
>> No. 1285
Tentaspy/Medic 'foreplay,' of Spy pulling Medic's teeth so he can't pull a Bobbit. Bonus points for black eyes and sucker marks and arms tangled in his sleeves.
>> No. 1286
I would be forever happy if you did.
>> No. 1328
For Furei

Heavy Nude
on a giant sandwich
with Wings.
>> No. 1356
Anybody got any Sniper/Demo floating around, or anybody wanna take a crack at something? Preferably with Sniper bottoming because I'm greedy and love my bottom Sniper whenever possible, but it really doesn't matter.
>> No. 1363
TentaSpy's huge... are NagaSnipers taboo here, or is he seen as a rip-off? Because I love me some snakes and hairy-chested, lean men.
>> No. 1364
There was another one of Humon's, wasn't there? With Medic, Heavy, and a bewildered looking Spy? Anyone know where I could find that one?
>> No. 1365
File 130325416911.jpg - (89.24KB , 700x581 , 125927361395.jpg )
This one?
>> No. 1366

This has made my night. Thank you. I've never seen this one by Humon before, so this was a real treat.
>> No. 1367
That link isn't working for me, what am I missing? Besides the spaces.
>> No. 1368
Sparkledog Central is deviant art (without space)
>> No. 1371

Not quite. I think they capture him later on, because he's shown being tied up and attached to Heavy with Medic supervising it all, you know?
>> No. 1372
File 130335894284.jpg - (264.89KB , 1200x900 , 1267689647619.jpg )
Oh! You should have mentioned that..
Is this the one?
>> No. 1376
thank you.
>> No. 1383
Some Sniper/Engie would be really appreciated.
>> No. 1387
Oddly enough, thought this one up in church.
clothing swaps. Post-sex, wearing a piece of their partner's clothing. Shirt, hat, pants- whatever you want, with whoever you want. Personally I'd love some Spy/Sniper, but as long as it's sexy, I'll be happy. And feel free to have some genitalia visible. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
>> No. 1394
ok, this is a really fucking disturbing request but I would earnestly reward the wonderful artist with my eternally grateful soul (and boner)

my art professor, who is that guy in the middle: http://www.societyillustrators.org/uploadedImages/Society_News/Galleries/Special_Events/Moscow_Mania/moscow01.jpg
(let me know if the link doesn't work)

getting advanced on by RED soldier, who is pulling my professor close to him (like noses touching) by his tie saying
"This is what you get for wearing such a FAGGY TIE, MAGGOT!!" or something along the lines of that. RED soldier is whipping out his dick while professor has a raging hard on under his dress pants. Professor should look ttly kawaii!desu while soldier's about to rape him in the mouth.

>> No. 1398

I really thought this was kind of sick until I saw the picture. Your art prof is hot.
>> No. 1419
Oh, dude - thanks so effing much! You have my thanks of a thousand boners! *fungusface*
>> No. 1421
File 130400929284.jpg - (157.61KB , 750x1684 , DustinKelanSuckCock.jpg )
I have a new request, based on a new fetish of mine: Underwear blowjobs.

Character 1 gives character 2 a blowjob without removing the underwear. Now, none of that 'cock peeking out and blowing it that way' bullshit. Through the underwear. Clothed stimulation. I saw a particularly hot image (attached) with the guy actually cumming through his underwear. Um, YES PLEASE.
>> No. 1422

I saw the thumbnail of this picture and immediately thought that the guy in the orange briefs had a slice of smoked salmon on his junk. And the other guy was eating it off him.

And now I can't un-see it.
>> No. 1423
Oh god, now I see it too.
>> No. 1435
your art professor is fucking bodacious.
>> No. 1439
This, I may ust attempt. Got a pairing or other specifications in mind or can I go on ahead and do Sniper/Spy?
>> No. 1448
>>1439 Anyone's fine by me. I love Sniper/Spy, actually, so if you've got your heart set on them, go right ahead. I will not complain.
>> No. 1458
01:29 - Perrydotto: http://tf2chan.net/dis/src/13043055744.png
01:29 - Perrydotto: What did Engie do to the mother of the internet?
01:30 - Applecup: something wonderful
01:30 - MaxOfS2D: he did something to her structurally superfluous behind
01:31 - MaxOfS2D: :UUUU
01:31 - Sarge Crank: D:
01:31 - Perrydotto: And 9 months later, the internet was born
01:31 - Perrydotto: Trufax.
01:32 - Sarge Crank: so Engineer made the internet
01:32 - Sarge Crank: I always knew he's awesome <3
01:34 - LESBIAN ☭COMMUNIST☭ ZOMBIE: re: Engineer fathering the internet: ...THAT EXPLAINS EVERTHING.

I'd like to see Engineer fathering the internet. Let him have sex with some kind of predecessor of the internet or whatever. Just do it. I have faith in you, TF2chan!
>> No. 1459
File 130438476728.jpg - (53.12KB , 384x454 , thiscannotendwell.jpg )
>I'd like to see Engineer fathering the internet. Let him have sex with some kind of predecessor of the internet or whatever. Just do it. I have faith in you, TF2chan!
>> No. 1460
Oh man, that would be ace. Take your time!
>> No. 1465
I'm sorry I'm so full of prompts lately.
Prompt 1: Use any of the domination lines from any character, and turn it sexual.

Prompt 2: This video: http://www.redtube.com/36338

It has some moments in it I rather enjoy. Stupid video overall, but these moments would be great if recreated by an artist here.
Moment 1- Character A receiving a blowjob by character B. Character A leans forwards and finger-fucks Character B at the same time.
Moment 2- Character A (can be different from the ones in moment 1, if you want) rimming and giving a blowjob to character B from behind.
Moment 3- Character A cumming on Character B's face while character B jerks himself off.
>> No. 1469

Seconded. The possibilities are endless ...

"I reckon you're gonna get real used to lookin' up at me."

Hurrr ...
>> No. 1470
Oh, I had a whole bunch. "It's starting to bore me how much you suck", "I just tore you a new chimney, smokey joe", "I'm gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face"....
The list just goes on, and it's all gold.
>> No. 1471
I request a lot of good quality new porn.
>> No. 1478
Guys, do Rule 34 justice.

Make Director porn.
>> No. 1495

Don't forget "I'm gonna beat you like a rented mule, boy!"

Given how angry they were at him, I could see them standing around in a circle, jerking off on him.
>> No. 1497
miss pauling abusing him with taht big revolver
like pooting it up into his ass.
>> No. 1498
Speaking of rule 34...Sniper and Crocodile Dundee perhaps? I can't really decide which would be better, Mr. Mundy and Mr. Dundee getting it on, or just Sniper jerking it to the movie.
>> No. 1513
Branching off Director porn,I would like to see Sniper brutally dominating him.

Please and thank you.
>> No. 1519
File 130489454835.png - (287.42KB , 643x581 , Spoiler Picture.png )
And then I actually drew it. Oh jesus.

Spoiler'd because Lolo is never allowed to see it, even by accident.
>> No. 1524
Thank you from the very depths of my soul.
>> No. 1528
File 130495540399.jpg - (328.14KB , 902x676 , waifu.jpg )
Can we have some pyro pronz? Pretty pretty please with lemons on top? I love pyro.
>> No. 1533
Could you add a kink to that request? I'd like Pyro too, but I'd rather this thread not end up like what >>75 mentioned.
>> No. 1535
There needs to be far more Sniper sucking dick.
>> No. 1537
>> No. 1538
More people sucking dick PERIOD.

Especially Soldier and Engie
>> No. 1550
Pyro x Spy. Pyro manages to corner enemy spy, ensue sexytimes, and maybe some fireplay.
>> No. 1552
File 130515891642.jpg - (9.38KB , 250x206 , dick_mask.jpg )
Go on.

I dare you.
>> No. 1553
File 130516735154.jpg - (257.05KB , 1163x816 , dundeemundy.jpg )
Decided to kill to birds with one stone shaped piece of crap. Started doing this in earnest, but then I remembered I have an 8 page essay due soon so...yeah, maybe later.
>> No. 1554
it would be greater if Saxton Hale was fucking sniper's ass while he sucking Dunde...
>> No. 1555
File 130517476587.jpg - (32.00KB , 554x426 , who-is-awesome.jpg )
Requester of >>1498 here, thanks very much, it's awesome!
>> No. 1558
File 130521959421.jpg - (90.82KB , 306x328 , engiohmyyes.jpg )

This is pleasing.
>> No. 1559
A spy strangling a bloodied, near-dead Engineer from behind and getting off on it. Maybe the choking could be done with a fishing wire or something.
>> No. 1563
File 130532928389.jpg - (474.44KB , 1659x998 , sniperdundee-nowwithextrahale.jpg )
>>1554 quickly added

I choose to believe Saxton Hale is the size of Andre the Giant
>> No. 1564

All this manly Australian goodness is making me grow a mustache.
>> No. 1566
File 130533513357.jpg - (23.24KB , 230x226 , ohhh.jpg )
Omg you realy did!
>> No. 1581
File 13055261453.jpg - (11.69KB , 300x225 , WrestlingMatch.jpg )
>Saxton Hale
>Andre the Giant

Aaaand now I'm left with a strong, burning, not-entirely-inexplicable-but-damn-close desire for Princess Bride crossover. Or costumes for the team. Or something.
>> No. 1583
>> No. 1592
Ahaha, all in good fun!
Seriously though, I love your work and you should get your own thread here in /afanart/.
>> No. 1595
Turret entered chat.
02:55 - Turret: picture of old man soldier
02:55 - Turret: bunch of scouts feeling and licking his abs
02:56 - Turret: soldier shouting "GET OFF MY BRAWN"
02:56 - Perrydotto: PFFFFFFFFFFFF
Turret left chat.

>> No. 1813
File 130722105418.png - (1.86MB , 1322x1628 , pyrotopmedicpng.png )

I hope this is what you wanted
>> No. 1814

That is the hottest fucking Pyro I've ever seen in my entire life.


Get it? Hottest? Fucking? Haaaa.
>> No. 1819

I'm not the one who requested it, but...Oh my GOD. Your style, the looks on Pyro and Medic's faces; I love it.

I have a small request for anybody out there; cross-dressing Heavy with an authoritative Medic. Bonus if Heavy is bottoming and wearing something with lace and Medic looks like a sadist.
>> No. 1831

I would love for you to post more pyro.
>> No. 1832

I'll get to work! I'm glad you guys like it :P
>> No. 1846
File 130749431441.jpg - (482.67KB , 582x1299 , SpyPyro copy.jpg )

Wasn't really sure what to have them doing, but have some Spyro <3
>> No. 1854
File 13075774213.jpg - (190.93KB , 378x612 , awards_bg3.jpg )
bear x Saxton?
>> No. 1855
I thought about this too!
>> No. 1867

Hell yes.
I hope you plan on sticking around here.
>> No. 1876
Guess what? You get a newfag working on Spycest. Hip hip hooray, huh? Don't worry, I'll try my best.
>> No. 1877
I gotta say, something of Tentaspy REALLY enjoying himself would be nice. You know, sticky and all that.
>> No. 1878
File 130791125453.jpg - (784.55KB , 1600x1200 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I'm so sorry about how this turned out. My scanner broke, and honestly, I suck. I was just really bored.

*gag* I'm so sorry.
>> No. 1882

Um quick question;

I'm trying to work on this one, but....do Tentaspies have dicks or do they just tentacle rape? I'm not sure where/how to draw his peen...
>> No. 1884
Well, I don't think there's any 100% definite ruling on this. I've seen some authors have tentaspies just use their tentacles, and others have dicks. Artist's choice, I figure.
Real squids have dicks, though, that much I know. They're just wicked long and really weird. There's an image of a squid with a boner on the squid wiki page if you wanna go hunting for that kinda thing.
>> No. 1886
I always thought Tentaspies had sexually sensitive tentacles. (Or, at least, that's the fantasy I've always drooled over.)
>> No. 1888
File 130799275244.png - (632.33KB , 600x813 , Tentapywut.png )
For you

Shit, thanks for the responses, but I drew it before I read your guys' imput, sorry.

(also please try to pay no mind that it looks kind of like Syberfox's tentaspy drawing, I'm unoriginal like that.)
>> No. 1889
Dear sweet God, you're incredible. Want my first-born?
>> No. 1890

Hahaha I'm glad you like it. I'm taken, but I would love to fulfill more requests, if you got any.
>> No. 1891
I'm done for requests (for now, hehe...).

I can't thank you enough for this.
>> No. 1892
It was my pleasure!

Oh well, back to lurking I guess.

*mysterious and awesome vanishing smoke effect*
>> No. 1927
Don't do that, they make you sound like you're underaged.
>> No. 1930

Noted. Sorry about that.
>> No. 1935

I am SORELY tempted to do this, but I'm a cartoonist and my style is a little too...unconventional, I think.
>> No. 1962
File 130878724773.jpg - (159.61KB , 1512x648 , 130878352994.jpg )
Soldier has a goddamn riding crop now.

>> No. 1963

Serpente915: all classes
Serpente915: All bow down with their butts facing the soldier
Serpente915: Soldier is behind them, full of rage and ready to punish them with...2 Disciplinary Actions.
Serpente915: and other disciplynari is the natural weapon of the soldier.
and Soldier screaming: ALL THESE WILL BE PUNISHED, AMERICAN STYLE (and Insta-Boner of soldier)
Serpente915: and all screaming: SIR, YES SIR.
Furei Speical Request(when they update the gmod)i want it with 8 engineers.
>> No. 1965
I swear, this place needs more cloakedSpy. Requesting more invisible Spy / Sniper or Medic. Bonus points for a threesome, involving invisble Spy. Extra cookie if Spy is of the opposite team (just because I like it that way)

>> No. 1967
In honor of Meet the Medic, I request Red Medic and the severed head of the Blu Spy. A severed head giving head. Bonus points if there's a Re-Animator reference.
>> No. 1971
File 130896797411.png - (1.01MB , 800x1221 , manlove.png )
> Four Heavies
> One Medic
> Scout bystander

>> No. 1984
for great justice YES.
>> No. 1986
So... heavy is missing a rib now...

I'd bet my bottom dollar you folks could come up with something... of this situation.

If you know what i mean.
>> No. 1992

Sadly, he's still got a big ol' spare tire in the way of achieving self-fellatio dreams...

...mmm, Heavy's spare tire. You know what I'd like to see? More pudge. Engie pudge would be good, too.
>> No. 2006
Because you all know already how weird i am!


The question for me is. WHAT DID MEDIC DO WITH THE RIB?

Think about it, just let this statement sattle in and think about it.
>> No. 2007
From 'Detachable Sniper' by TeratoMarty: Sniper masturbating. Yes please.
>> No. 2013
oh please oh please oh PLEASE
>> No. 2014
It's been done once by KGB, but I can't findd it anywhere.
>> No. 2022
I have a craving for Pyro/Demoman and Pyro is using his feet. I mean, I probably could do it myself, but I'm just god awful at feet.
>> No. 2036
Need more Spy//Engineer. Anything will do.
>> No. 2037
Since I know they like more than a pairing, mind if I tack on a kink?

Remote-control vibrator. Use it.
>> No. 2047
File 130958458316.jpg - (384.21KB , 1256x1195 , HHHMSalt - Copy.jpg )

I couldn't fit a fourth Heavy. /shame
But at least the other three are happy, right?

>> No. 2048
File 130959475541.jpg - (79.91KB , 360x360 , Hey-man-I-fucking-love-you.jpg )
Im having exquisite nostalgia of the gay spai vid, but that was likely 110% intentional.
you're so cool for doing this.
>> No. 2055
You're my new favorite person
>> No. 2068
Captcha is Onwards, Oopicati... wha?

Anyway, I got some ideas! Hope they fall under the rules of requesting.

I want to see Soldier in shackles, wearing nothing but those sparkly see-through harem pants you find in random animation/illustration, and sucking on Miss Pauling's bare toes erotically. She should be dressed in some sort of prestigious Arabic or Egyptian garb; something sexy, probably historically inaccurate, but clearly in charge. Bonus points if there's a statue of The Administrator in the background and even more bonus points for any other additional men, who are also scantily clad and being subservient in the picture. Especially if they're eating her out. :D

Alternative option, if this doesn't strike your creative fancy then have RED Spy in the same position with BLU Scout's mother and any other men you fancy.

Also, I would love something with Solly using his riding crop on Sniper and Sniper complaining how he doesn't need to hurry up since he shouldn't be on the front-lines anyway, what the hell?

Or a scene where Spy and Scout have decided to go hunting a Sniper and joking about capturing one in the wild and how it can't be done, they're such dangerous creatures, but they intend to try anyway. Especially awesome if it's an enemy Sniper. My personal preference would be BLU Spy and BLU Scout trying to bag RED Sniper. Bonus points if a the BLU Sniper egged them on. :D

Yes, I'm kind of asking for comics more than individual pictures but I think these ideas would be awesome. Actually... *ponders writing the last idea as a story*
>> No. 2069
This is one of the most insane prompts I've ever read, and I love it.

Can I tack on something to it? The statue of the Administrator in the background? Make her into The Sphinx.
>> No. 2071
Alright, I've looked everywhere for it, and I can't find it, so I'm asking it here:

Does anybody have the picture of a Scout being fucked by a Medic while he sits in his lap? Medic was taking notes and sitting in a chair.

If anybody has that one, I would be most grateful.
>> No. 2072
File 130984522271.jpg - (68.53KB , 500x399 , tumblr_l7epts2ADO1qbqh14o1_500.jpg )
>> No. 2073

Thank you MouseFace. I love you for forever.
>> No. 2075

>> No. 2076
So we know Medic likes inflicting pain... how about receiving? I keep pondering the image of him having snarling biting clawing sex with someone--preferably with the Pyro, either dude-Pyro or lady-Pyro, either works--and at some point Pyro-or-whoever rips their nails down Medic's back hard enough to draw blood, to which he responds by hissing "do zat again, harder"...

...also I imagine him getting frustrated with the Heavy because Heavy's afraid he is going to break leetle Doktor in half to begin with, and Medic is all "ach, no, I VANT you to hurt me a little!"

tl;dr: would like Medic on top getting the shit clawed and bitten out of him and getting off on it plz
>> No. 2078
I would love anything to do with the vest in the Meet the Medic video. Man, that shit was beautiful.
>> No. 2079

Le seconding like a boss. Vest, dress shirt, tie just slightly loosened, sleeves rolled up, unf.
>> No. 2080
Oh, fuck yes. All of it.
>> No. 2081
Masked Pyro masturbating would be the sexiest thing I can think of. I have a bit of a mask fetish...
>> No. 2082
File 130997933863.jpg - (61.59KB , 672x609 , Zephon - CRY SOME MORE! .jpg )

This is by Monkan, if I remember right, and based on this story by TeratoMarty that I think should be exactly what you're looking for. One of my personal favorites too.

>> No. 2083
Sigh. Change 'necrophilia' to 'y a o i' with no spaces in that link. And sign up to YGallery if you haven't already.
>> No. 2085
do want.
>> No. 2087
Speaking of Meet the Medic, I'd love anything relating to Medic/Spy's head.
Or beheaded body with the head forced to watch.
Ooh, I like the second one.

...I am a sick fuck
>> No. 2088
I second the second one.
>> No. 2089

unffffffffffffffffff. That is p. much exactly what I was in the market for, danke.
>> No. 2090
So, just thought of a few things.

Stephen Colbert doing an interview with Medic, sitting in naked Soldier's and naked Heavy's laps (respectively), having sex at the same time. Soldier and Heavy are tied to the chairs. Naked Spy (same team or enemy team) is between them as the table and has a mask on for pretending to be a table.

Also, Engineer built machine that restrains and fucks an enemy Spy while the Engineer is cramming his cock in the Spy's mouth. Would love some shocked onlookers, your choice.

And an Engineer wearing a bridle and a saddle, completely naked, being washed down with a hose by a naked Demoman in a cowboy hat and bandana. Scout asking if he can go for a ride and Demoman saying hell no.

Oh! Scout's Mom, RED Spy, and either Soldier having a threeway in a stadium with a baseball game in the background. Soldier could have been invited or a sudden unpleasant surprise.

Any of that if anyone wants to. Please? :3
>> No. 2091

I used to watch HBO's "Real Sex" series, and they actually did a feature on a guy who made machines that could fuck you. I don't remember which episode, though.

Ah, just looked it up- episode 2. There was one that pistoned in and out, and one based on a drill, I think, that spun around.

And here is their site: http://www.fuckingmachines.com/site/?c=1
>> No. 2093
I like the Colbert one a lot.
>> No. 2094
I'm looking for a fic with spy and scout by Teratomatry called 'surprising himself'... i did a brief look through the afanfic archives and had no luck. Help?
>> No. 2095
You are amazing.
Thank you.
< 3
>> No. 2104
I have a request for you! A link to your Sparkledog Central page so that I can see more porn stuffs!
>> No. 2105
No, I put in Sparkledog Central. What's sparkledog central?
>> No. 2106
(DEVIANT) sorry for spamming it won't let me type in what I want to type (ART)
>> No. 2107
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone still had the big folder of scout pics that was up here a while ago. I made a mistake in not saving it when the scout thread was happily up and running before the chan crashed. If anyone had it, it'd be a great favor if they'd send it my way. Thank you!
>> No. 2111
(a brief aside on the subject of delightful autocorrects, oh how I wish 'sparkledog central' was less apt as a mocking moniker...)

My actual request: Scout/Scout/Scout, eiffel tower.

I don't... I don't even know why. I just know I want it. I'll just go hang my head in shame in the corner now, shall I?
>> No. 2114
No, you're not the only one.
>> No. 2116

>>Stephen Colbert doing an interview with Medic, sitting in naked Soldier's and naked Heavy's laps (respectively), having sex at the same time. Soldier and Heavy are tied to the chairs. Naked Spy (same team or enemy team) is between them as the table and has a mask on for pretending to be a table.

Seconding this for comedy value alone. If someone draws it, I will write it.

>> No. 2131

Maybe if you write it, someone else will draw it? I hope for either, honestly!
>> No. 2149
Some Soldier/Scout would be great! (Preferably RED solly and BLU scout, with solly on top).

Might have some RED spy/RED scout to share soon.
>> No. 2161
File 131042178219.jpg - (327.17KB , 677x1160 , 294408 - scout soldier team_fortress_2.jpg )
herers some solly/scout
i hope its ok to repost stuff?
>> No. 2162
File 131042191778.jpg - (166.79KB , 500x434 , scoutXsolider 2.jpg )
>> No. 2163
File 131042196932.png - (24.86KB , 616x496 , 120823863891.png )
i like this one
>> No. 2174
There really isn't enough Demo smut. I want to see some messy, drunken, sloppy sex please.
>> No. 2176
It's in the intel room, a Spy disguised as Medic is about to grab the intel and get out of there but bam, Heavy is there, Heavy is horny, Heavy sees Spy!Medic and proceeds to rape him.

So in short: I want Heavy desk fucking enemy Spy disguised as Medic.
>> No. 2178
Anything Medic/Scout. There's little of it to begin with, will refrain from going into specifics.

... on second thought, medical Scout abuse would be wonderful.
>> No. 2185
Definitely going to second drunken Demo debauchery. He's vastly under-appreciated and yet there's so much potential there...
>> No. 2189
>Anything Medic/Scout. There's little of it to begin with, will refrain from going into specifics.

>... on second thought, medical Scout abuse would be wonderful.

You're joking right? There's plenty of it out there. Hell, /afanart/ was nothing BUT Medic/Scout abuse for quite a while to the point where it got cliche as hell.
>> No. 2195


Only managed to locate one thread and one stray image on the archives with any of it. Not sure if they're broken or if it's just temporary, but an awful lot of the threads were shown as blank.

Also, >>30 and the few replies it has received seem to support the apparent lack of art.
>> No. 2196
hey, whats up with some of the threads in the archives not showing the OP image?
>> No. 2198
File 131062693448.jpg - (128.55KB , 1055x706 , tf2-reqthread1.jpg )

This is what happens when I start drawing after 1 am.
>> No. 2200

... Should not want.
>> No. 2201
You should take a look on what Rule34 has to offer.
You should find some stuff here!
>> No. 2202
Something that I have never seen and wish to see:


Preferably with Tentaspy topping and Heavy looking just a smidge scared, yet pleasure dominates.


The Rule 34 website is down due to lack of funds. I can't find the post for it again, but the people who were paying for it refuse to pay anymore because of underaged pornography.

It is sad day.
>> No. 2203
File 131066145139.jpg - (18.82KB , 200x193 , Bitch please Spy.jpg )
... Did you even CLICK the link? The site works fine.
And fyi: It wasn't down due to lack of funding, it was down due to an hardware issue. The more you know.
>> No. 2204

Yeah, I did. Errors each and every time that I refreshed. It was even on the blog that they were in need of funds and that they're having hardware problems.
>> No. 2205

Oh, NOW it (semi) works.

Disregard my last statement. Derp.

My request of Heavy/Tentaspy still stands.
>> No. 2206
Someone washing Sniper's van while being nude. I don't care who, just as long as their are doing it naked.

...though a plus would be if it was multiple people doing it while being nude.
>> No. 2207
How about some Tentaspy X Sniper? I haven't seen much around here.
>> No. 2215

I got too many requests in right now, so I'm going to be difficult and ask for someone to draw it first.
>> No. 2216
File 131074647689.jpg - (201.99KB , 900x921 , 126119189832.jpg )

Here, have this one. Dunno the artist, sorry.
>> No. 2222

shalala drew this :)
>> No. 2223
Sniper's expession is awesome, in my opinon. Thank you. <3
>> No. 2225
File 131076461210.jpg - (0.96MB , 1000x866 , 127141315215.jpg )
This is the only other one I could find
>> No. 2229
Thanks! It looks like the drawing's glowing, which I think is really cool.
>> No. 2230

Jesus Christ, who DID this???

It's wonderful and it makes me go hnnnnngh.
>> No. 2231
I'm thinking it was Clarr, not entirely sure though.
>> No. 2233

Oh my, um, I don't have any smut on my Sparkledog Central, but I am trying to fill up a Hipstr with some pronz. I'll give you the link, but I feel like I might get maimed since Hipstr and the chan are arch enemies or something, no?

>> No. 2234

...the fuck is sparkledog central, I-

Oh are we not aloud to reference other sites here? That's cute.

Guess you'll never see my other porn :(
>> No. 2236
Don't worry, we know what you mean. Sparkledog = DA and hipstr is tumb-lr
>> No. 2240
File 131080510359.jpg - (414.73KB , 1200x921 , LitheFider - Maurice and Korbin in the Showers.jpg )
by the thumbnail, i think this is tentaspyxsnoipa
im not sure
>> No. 2246
I think that's Medic (German text). Still hot, though.
>> No. 2247
yeah, after i posted it i saw that too.
though it still looks more like snoipah.

also, i just realised that i haven't seen ANY sniper x heavy. at least not as far as i can remember. which is not far.
>> No. 2251

There's one in my thread, for what it's worth.
>> No. 2261
I request Sniper nailing the Director in the back of his van. With Miss Pauling filming.
>> No. 2262
Second'd if Miss Pauling is enjoying it.
>> No. 2264
Thirded if Miss Pauling is quite noticeably aroused and/or masturbating.
>> No. 2276

Fourth if the Sniper says Miss Pauling is next and she doesn't look like she minds!

Would love it if the Director looks out and out hilariously emo about getting fucked though.

"I think you misunderstood... God you're useless!"
>> No. 2289
Any Sniper/Scout smut!
>> No. 2290
Second'd if they're drunk and Sniper manages to get Scout to crossdress (he's slim enough to be confused with the opposite sex).
>> No. 2294
File 131110176178.jpg - (17.04KB , 300x343 , RRRRR.jpg )
>requesting Sniper/Scout even though there's a whole fucking thread full of it
>requesting Scout feminization and implying he can even be confused for a girl at all

I can't tell if you're a troll or a newfag.
>> No. 2296
Any Sniper/Spy smut. I request millions of threads of this. Too bad I can't draw, because this is what I would do. Why is there suddenly a huge lack of Sniper/Spy pictures? Or have I become blind?
>> No. 2299
File 131112034491.jpg - (34.86KB , 365x325 , k.jpg )
Dude there's absolutely tons of it, for months it was all the Chan ever made at times. Learn to Google or use Rule34.
>> No. 2300
(I requested several stuff before on this board as an Anon but since I have already namefagged I might as well keep going with it now. I asked for the Egyptian Miss Pauling and the Colbert/Medic/Heavy/Soldier/Spy stuff. Some other post I forget about too.)

I request Scout and he can be paired with ANYONE else but here is what I need.

Scout has to be tied up. It doesn't matter how or what pose he's in but he needs to look extremely relaxed and content about it so preferably something that would be comfortable. Basically he 's in heaven and has put his trust completely in the other person. Bonus points if the other person is touching him in some way.

I saw something like this involving Heavy, Spy, and Medic by Humon. I also saw a Portal 2 pic with Wheatley and GladOS (don't ask, it's on Rule 34) that was similar, though I have no idea who drew it. Both were extremely hot.

You can include any form of sex or soft-core that you like but that's specifically what I'm looking for.
>> No. 2304
File 131117825793.jpg - (29.32KB , 500x324 , 3390182310_f86c82cb95.jpg )

I KNOW. I mainly meant new pictures. I've seen it all. No need to patronize anyone by telling them to "learn" to use Google.
>> No. 2305
What's the least likely pairing out of them all?
I want to see that.
With a reason for their pairing up.
>> No. 2306

I'd say Pyro/Sniper. But IDK why they'd pair up, maybe Pyro constantly spychecks him?
>> No. 2307
File 13111833539.jpg - (0.99MB , 787x1100 , What\'s Up Doc.jpg )
I hope this is the place to request gore as well, anyway...
When I see gore pictures involving the Medic he's usually the "killer", and I rarely see him as the tortured victim.
So, are there any gore pics with a suffering Medic in it? Preferibly solo pics.
I think I only have this one, but it's general rated and not solo.
>> No. 2308
Just cause a man wears a dress, it doesn't mean he'll automatically look like a woman.
>> No. 2309
It never hurts to ask for more. GOD FORBID I SHOULD DO IT IN THE REQUEST THREAD. Calm the fuck down.

The answer to your ever elusive mystery is that I am a "newfag". Sorry I don't stalk the site and know it in and out. Next time I request a picture I'll be sure not to post in the request thread.
>> No. 2316

I have a little Medic torture porn in my thread here, though not much, and provided you're willing to scour the archives, I know I've seen art with slashed up Medics from the more dedicated guro types in there. More is always good, of course!
>> No. 2333
File 13112667437.gif - (0.98MB , 390x219 , consider the following.gif )
>> No. 2335
The Soldier sucking Robin or Gabe's dick for new weapons and hats.
>> No. 2338
Alright I've got an idea for a pic, I would draw it but it would come out terrible.

The idea is that Heavy has developed a liking of Soldier's riding crop and how he is usually whipped by it. So pretty much it's a Soldier/Heavy pic but with Heavy on top and whipping the Soldier. Super Bonus if the Heavy is only wearing a black Large Luchadore.
>> No. 2346
File 131133343864.png - (285.33KB , 755x584 , ne79O[1].png )
Now that I have your attention with the porn, I have a request. Cloaked!Spy. And to top it off: Make a threesome involving a Cloaked!Spy, a Sniper and a Medic. I have faith in you, Porn Artists of TF2Chan. Also, the first person that does gets the power of asking me to make ANYTHING on GMod, because I lack drawing skills


(Also, picture belongs to a cool artist who is not me)
>> No. 2361
Demoman/BLU Soldier mid/post the War Update please!
I've never read any fanfiction with it and only seen a couple of pictures of them two together!
>> No. 2362
Solly\Demo fanfiction? Heck yeah (assuming I can get my friggin' inspiration back fffffffff).
>> No. 2366
Rule 34 involving Soldier and his cardboard cut-outs. MAKE IT WORK.
>> No. 2369
Just attach dildos to the cutouts. TADA!
>> No. 2373
Picture this: Soldier banging Medic roughly up the ass while banging his (Soldier's) Helmet with his shovel.Yelling, of course. Meanwhile, Medic is wearing earplugs while filling out a crossword puzzle. Can someone please draw this?
>> No. 2375
As a lifelong germaphobe, I'm going to hate myself for requesting this, but...

Sniper. Spy. Consensual Jarate play. Or, I guess you could get by with regular watersports. Never really did it for me, but then, Sniper... Jarate... why?

Bonus points if Spy's eyelashes clump together, like eyelashes do when all wet. But that's merely bonus. All I really want is clear mutual enjoyment of a filthy, filthy scenario.
>> No. 2377
My one and only request, burn-victim Pyro with anyone..... especially Engie. Pyro is amazingly hot with burns all over his body. I would cry tears of joy if I could be more of this.
>> No. 2378
Medic, Heavy, and the Masochism Tango.

'At your command, before you here I stand, my heart is in my hand... ecch!'
>> No. 2379
Tacking on a request for the Spy Head holding something in his mouth, like a riding crop, or castanets. Just in the background.
>> No. 2380
Fem!Pyro fucking pretty much anyone with a strap-on (particularly Soldier or Medic) provided the guy on the receiving end knows full well he's being fucked by a woman with a strap-on and is hella into it.
>> No. 2382
I don't know if this is the right place, but I would love for someone to draw a few scenes from Banimal's fic Muscle Management.


I love looking at muscles...

I wish I could draw! Some of the requests in here sound like they would be fun as hell!
>> No. 2383
Oh hay, my fic is 1337. That made my day.
>> No. 2384
Second that. That fic is hot. I'm sure the pictures would be too :P
>> No. 2385
That fic -is- l337. I didn't even know I had a touch kink until I read it...
>> No. 2388
Hatesex anyone?
I would really like something where two characters are fucking eachother while spitting out insults at eachother. Also, light violence(Scratching, biting) is a plus~ Pairings that come to mind are SniperXSpy, or something with Scout or Soldier, but I'll take anything.
>> No. 2456
File 13120827456.jpg - (22.53KB , 214x317 , Jackass 2_5.jpg )
The cover of Jackass 2.5....TF2 version.
>> No. 2458

It looks tempting, but I'll hafta pass. Soldier in the middle obviously, Pyro in the top right, yet for the bottom guy I see either Sniper or Scout.
>> No. 2459
I like Sniper on the bottom. Hurr.
>> No. 2461
Medic choking someone. Anyone. I've got this sudden urge to see it. I've seen Medic being choked a few times, but I've never seen him on the other end (as far as I can remember). Bonus points if he's lifting them against a wall (and their feet aren't touching ground).
>> No. 2462
File 131214713483.jpg - (103.93KB , 1024x768 , 130817493243.jpg )

I've got a couple of borderline cases
>> No. 2463
File 13121472027.jpg - (372.06KB , 924x1280 , theminttu scout abuse 4.jpg )

... and that's it. Seconding the request, for that matter.
>> No. 2469
>>2380 THIS. Fund it.

Oh, and I'd love to see Soldier using the Disciplinary Action on Scout's ass. Fund that too.
>> No. 2476
Oh God. I'm humbly pleading for Demoman in the same pose he is here, on the "Achievements" section of the page.


But naked and masturbating.

Bonus points if he's still making that unbelievably sexy face.

(I'm sorry I ask for disturbing things...)
>> No. 2479
I lol'd.
Second this.

I could definitely see soldier at the center. Can't draw, sadly.
>> No. 2485
hi, im going to submit two ideas to valve for tf2. i know they probably wont get accepted but i thought it would be fun to try.

one of them is a taunt of some sort, and it involves medic taking his glove off and launching it at someone's ass like a rubber band. can someone please draw this?
>> No. 2486
Love, I would like you to know I'm filling this request. It's Medic/Scout, to make the lifting part possible. Not strictly porn, but I'm trying.

Just a few more hours, yes?
>> No. 2487
File 131239840092.jpg - (8.95KB , 166x229 , images.jpg )
Yes, that makes sense. And I know it's not technically porn, but I'm sure your drawing will fulfil my twisted needs answer the request. I await you eagerly!
>> No. 2488
File 131243516949.jpg - (242.88KB , 900x563 , snipermedic2.jpg )
Sniper and Medic a pretty unlikely pair. why? because its forbiden. you JUST DONT uber the sniper. perhaps a forbiden bromance is in order
>> No. 2489
File 131244146390.jpg - (303.92KB , 600x1000 , shutup.jpg )
its pretty shitty but theres a quick sketch for Aurora-Storm (medic choking scout) just noticed someone else is also filling this request, sorry guys ill try to fill 1 more request before im done lurking
>> No. 2490
File 131244761551.jpg - (231.33KB , 900x563 , medictorture.jpg )

drew some medic torture as per your request :)
>> No. 2491
File 131246690599.png - (828.83KB , 1687x1346 , MEDICSTRANGLINGSCOUTsmall.png )
Captcha was "Licknow, lower". I always thought weird shit like that was made up...? Huh.

Technically this isn't finished, but uh, I felt bad for taking so long and so ~shoeless scout~, ~void~ and ~lolsameteam~

Anyway, I tried~ Enjoy.
>> No. 2492
Not the requester, but I really like this (not sure why, though).
>> No. 2493
File 131248687699.jpg - (199.57KB , 500x500 , 5463dc5d56da6cf26b20245639044bf8-d3gd98k.jpg )
Thank you both! I had never expected two lovely artists to fill my request, hee-hee. I like the lines on both of them (sketchy and clean, respectively) and their otherwise mangled (or about to be mangled... is that BLU Medic holding a switch?) states. You both also get bonus points for lifting poor Scout off the ground. Oh gosh but it's fun to see someone squirm.
>> No. 2494
File 131249404679.jpg - (114.14KB , 500x1000 , you are velcome.jpg )

you are velcome~ also the medic is holding a whip (soldiers whip in specific) im glad you enjoyed this~
>> No. 2496
This idea came to me very suddenly at work today, so what I would absolutely love to see done is the scene from Euro Trip where one of the guys(can't remember any names from the movie unfortunately)goes to that Vondar Sex place, but he is scout, and the sexy curator of the place is medic, and heavy is the guy that brings out the flugengahimen(sp?). I will love anyone that draws this for the rest of my life.
>> No. 2499
File 13125209482.jpg - (74.26KB , 632x716 , ridingcrop.jpg )
It's my first time posting here. I hope you like it!
>> No. 2506
Welp! Long time lurker, first time poster, I don't actually think I'll make an account anytime soon though. But, one thing that I had always wondered about was why Blutarch and Redmond Mann haven't been paired. Sure, it may be incest, but we've had that in other pairings here before too. So, yeah. Just simply requesting if anybody would like to that is, pair Redmond and Blutarch together. Anyway is fine, I'm mostly after hate-sex between them though in all honesty.
>> No. 2509
File 131256318155.jpg - (143.96KB , 500x372 , stop that.jpg )
I request more disapproving soldier edits.
>> No. 2510
File 131256823343.jpg - (156.81KB , 500x565 , W5H68.jpg )

>> No. 2512

FFFFFFFF- thirded. So much potential. I'd do it if I wasn't about to be away for two weeks.
>> No. 2652


>> No. 2658
Disapproving soldier edit guy here.

I didn't do the soldier spanking the scout. >>2499

Also: I will get cracking on more of those edits as I stumble upon pictures it'll work with.

Also, I don't think I know you.
>> No. 2699
I think i may just have to do this
>> No. 2731
I want Spy on a chaise lounge all stretched out and at least mostly naked, with a Sniper kneeling in front of him, licking his way up one leg.

Don't know why. Image popped into my head and wouldn't leave.
>> No. 2735
Something I've never seen before TENTASPYxTENTASPY.
>> No. 2740
File 131353387958.jpg - (505.57KB , 1500x900 , Tentaspies.jpg )
I'm sorry I haven't got any full-on porn, but I had this lying around.
>> No. 2749
Can I get more hatesex Spy/Sniper?
>> No. 2776
File 131382087788.jpg - (284.29KB , 1516x1095 , wtf is this shit.jpg )
I agree. I found this idea very funny and I support it. So I decided to do one of my own. I've never posted here before, I'm more of a lurker (and a DA person) and the first thing I post is this. I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPX Maybe I'll do something not ridiculous.
Also, I don't know who the original artist is but it isn't me. I do love it, though.
>> No. 2777
Wups. Didn't realize that writing "X" after "D" is not a good thing to do around here. I'll just .. not do that ... (I'm not a faggot and whatever you do please do not 'hump my rump')
>> No. 2778
I think Syberfox might've done that, but I'm not entirely sure.
>> No. 2779
It is, except the picture I saw never had the Soldier in the corner.
>> No. 2780
It's an edit.
>> No. 2782
Always wondered where their sexual parts were supposed to go. Same with mermaids.
>> No. 2784
File 131398543056.jpg - (116.48KB , 648x194 , ask mr_ doe.jpg )
The guy who did them linked to his Sparkledog Central on http://askmrdoe.Hipstr.com
>> No. 2837
File 13142138711.jpg - (25.61KB , 425x320 , 131302943546.jpg )
REDSniper giving BLUSpy a golden shower? Pretty please?
>> No. 2845

I don't even like tentaspy and I absolutely love this pic. Love it.

Captcha: Gitology - the study of gits? weird
>> No. 2859
File 131435049562.jpg - (50.94KB , 280x510 , ShowMeWhoIsTheBossLoverman.jpg )
I haven't been able to use my tablet, so all I have right now is lineart, can't do the colour/shading/urine 'til I can edit in photoshop, but here are the lines.

(And if you'd rather Spy be showered against his will, I can change his expression when I am able to edit... but I thought I'd throw the lineart up on here so you'd at least know the request was being filled)
>> No. 2881
File 131459276910.jpg - (15.69KB , 400x300 , mfw_foal_poni_pedo-(n1300763613492).jpg )

I like where this is going.
>> No. 2885
I saw the reaction picture and didn't know what to do about it at first but now, it's my Steam icon.

May I please request more Demomen?
>> No. 2895
Hope it's not too late (and if it is totally ignore this) but if anything, I could live with Spys expression being more smug/cheeky and making off-screen eye contact with Snipes.

You are very welcome. And I agree, Demopan be missing out on all the sexy rump-humping.
>> No. 2897
It is totally not too late, because I still can't edit in Photoshop...

I'll just go hang my head in shame until such time as this can be rectified.
>> No. 2901
File 131486754893.jpg - (63.59KB , 280x510 , ShowMeWhoIsTheBossLoverman fin.jpg )
So, technically, probably shouldn't have dragged out tablet for major ps editage, since I still haven't found my baggie of replacement stylii... But screw that, I did it anyway, because PORN, that's why.

... Somehow I feel like some of my lines look worse. File turned out on the small side, which made it difficult to edit in any way that looked nice, so Spy's expression did not improve the way I wanted it to... On the plus side, piss!

(The only time I have ever strung those words together in that order...)
>> No. 2903
Sniper is one of those creepy guys that tries to get people in his van; bonus points if he's offering a rainbow lollipop or something to Scout (which would make him cry).
>> No. 2906
File 131493272537.jpg - (27.88KB , 600x450 , 101.jpg )

Also, ILU
>> No. 2912
More crossdressing Medic and Pet Sniper?
>> No. 2930
File 131521130677.jpg - (84.01KB , 798x580 , BecorsettedMedicandPetSniperFills.jpg )
I hope someone better at this sort of thing than I fills this, but I was moved to sketch both these things out.
>> No. 2933
Requester here!

Thank you so much!
>> No. 2977
Posting here since it's gore, but I've had in mind this piece for quite some time. Is anyone up to draw a Pyro chopping someone to pieces with his axe? Be it the standard fire axe or the Axtinguisher, both are fine for me. I always thought the axe is one of the goriest meelee weapons in the game. Any class you'd like as the victim: bonus points if the victim is half-alive and if there's a huge amount of blood splatters, haha.
>> No. 3002
Captcha: The keester. Heh.

So, I was playing a TF2 game a while ago where me and a friend were teaching another friend how to play engineer at Gorge. We were RED, and during the setup, we all were building our stuff outside the spawn; a soldier with a disciplinary action hung around and whipped us coming and going from the locker. When I got my sentry built and ran ahead to do a jump to get on the roof above the first point at Gorge the same soldier whipped me along.

We completely pulverized the other team with three sentries on the ledge, and right as the Administrator is counting down I look on the point and that solly is there again. He just looks up at us and says, "You've done me proud, boys!" All three of us broke down giggling.

Short story long, can some beautiful person draw this engineer fan a RED soldier with three RED engineers?
>> No. 3004
Don't know if anyone is still doing request, but if so can someone draw Scout in a dress with a look that clearly shows hes hating it and in the background some members of the team pointing and laughing?
>> No. 3017
Spyro. Red Pyro Blue Spy. Pyro is dom. Yes please.
>> No. 3025
There was a borderline-porn drawing of the Soldier where he was lifting his shirt halfway showing off his abs. Does anyone happen to have this drawing? I knew I should have saved it when I saw it...
>> No. 3031
Look into the Soldier thread in /dumps/ and you shall find it.
>> No. 3032

Good lord, THANK YOU.

Please accept my apologies, I'm not familiar with this imageboard and wasn't aware there was a dumps thread for it.
>> No. 3082
Is Rule 34 down for anyone else?
>> No. 3083
Yo, is this thread still alive? If so, could somebody do some MedicXSniper? Not nearly enough of that on the interwebs. NOT NEARLY ENOUGH TO FILL MY FETISH FOR IT.
>> No. 3084
There's a WIP Medic/Sniper comic being posted right now, also see >>75.
>> No. 3107
File 131693690983.png - (326.40KB , 511x664 , MissPauling.png )
Well it is raining men. Most of the time in bloody pieces but still...

May Miss Pauling play the dating game? Young,single and playing the(mine)field. Sexiness/Cuteness will ensue.

The manner of the picture can be anything you want though I personally am not into the creepy S&M crazy stuff. I can't stop you if that's what you're into though.

It can range from something random like flirting with Sniper in front of a water-cooler to Pauling getting intrigued and better acquainted with the Engineer's "special piston" <--wow that was so corny. Ignore that.
>> No. 3114
Pumping station? (makes comic waggling motion with eyebrows)

Personally, I'd like to see her with Demoman (goodness knows the guy needs the love, Yelling out "KA-BOOM!" as he orgasms would only be an appropriate extra....) And let's not forget that spicy added helping of miscegenation to the mix...
>> No. 3116
Personally, I would love seeing her in a Demo/Solly sandwich...

I also enjoy watching Scout fail to get anywhere with her, but...

Man, I am not confident enough in my abilities to draw a threesome, but... I really, really want to see that now.
>> No. 3118
I second this idea.
>> No. 3119
He would gladly... "Dispense his Erection"...


Anyway. The Pauling Requester here. I like the threesome idea with Solly and Demo. Two hot assassins who are best friends having fun with a pretty young thing. Hot dayum. I so Third that.

How in character or out of character would after sex pillow talk be between them be? Iiiinteresting.

I can't really say what combination has the best chemistry. I mean she has a personality but we don't know too much about who she is. So run the gauntlet.

The sexy gauntlet not the corporal punishment gauntlet.
>> No. 3124

I'm all for Demoman as "lucky pierre" with Pauling and Solly.
>> No. 3125
No Pauling has to be in the middle. She's the center of attention here.
>> No. 3215
The more I go to the adult fanart board the more I wanna draw some myself. Problem is I've only done so once and that was a pretty long time ago. Some Daft Punk picture I did...
>> No. 3243
So, I need more Sniper/Spy in my life... (agh, I should have thought of a request a couple days ago...)

Anyway, if anyone feels like helping me celebrate my birthday by creating porn for me, as much as I tend to write romance, I'd kind of like to see some rough stuff. Restraint-- either by hand or tied up, does not matter to me one bit who's being restrained and who's doing the restraining-- or knifeplay. I know some already exists, and I probably have it all saved to my hard drive, I just... want more.

or tentacles
>> No. 3245
I'd like to request a picture of Engie being fucked by a machine that he built.
>> No. 3246
I know this isn't the place to do it, but I didn't know where else to ask this here. Has anyone seen the "Spy Love" Gmod video on youtube? Well theres a part at 0:34 where the RED AND BLU Spy make a heart with their hands and smile back at the camera. I was wondering if anyone had that picture.
>> No. 3247

Google images. Page 3.
>> No. 3265
Why isn't this here? :C
>> No. 3282
I did eventually find someone who drew a little. Mind the lame-o filter.

>> No. 3292
I'd like it as a mod for the game even!
>> No. 3302
File 131913018384.jpg - (156.87KB , 814x547 , Not sure if want =s.jpg )
I swung by here about a year or so ago, and I remember coming across a thread made up almost entirely of one artist's sexy medic pics (often him alone). I know they said something about "just loving drawing this man" or something like that. I think it was whoever drew this pic.

Any help finding the rest of 'em?
>> No. 3303

That was RobotLyra's work.

You can find the rest of her stuff on her Y!Gal. It's glorious.
>> No. 3304
File 131916600768.jpg - (10.87KB , 240x320 , a81f020e.jpg )
That would be pretty awesome.

While I'm here, I might as well plop this down - anyone a fan of the series Dexter? I would kill to see Medic wearing this outfit.
>> No. 3331
>I would kill

Hmm... I see what you did there.
>> No. 3332
Medic, Engineer, and Heavy threesome. In their Halloween costumes.
>> No. 3347
Captcha - ashable Forrest. Clearly I need to ask Pyro some questions.

Maybe I'm just a noob, but what is Y!Gal? Is it another wordfilter thing?
>> No. 3348
Yes and no. I can't remember if the word necrophilia is filtered (I'm about to find out) but it's just a home for gay (as in male on male) pornographic (or non-pornographic) pictures. There's some TF2 stuff there, but most of it has been posted here at one point or another.
>> No. 3350
No idea if this thread is alive, but if some artist that happens to be passing by sees this request and draws it I will be eternally grateful.

Anyway the request is masochist spy being whipped by soldier. After seeing antoine35DeLak's video on youtube I just think this is something the
world needs.
>> No. 3351
>> No. 3354
Anything involving Pirate!Medic, though preferably involving that bloodthirsty grin. =9
>> No. 3426
File 132114914275.png - (261.58KB , 600x413 , whatonearth.png )
This is awfully late, but here it is. I'm out of training in straight porn, so I used a reference for this, sorry.
>> No. 3427
File 132115427595.jpg - (106.64KB , 566x490 , I fap to this Kuzco.jpg )
Reference or not, still awesomesauce.
>> No. 3439
Insertion fetish. Maybe fisting, or multiple penetration during an orgy.

Bonus points if it isn't Medic or Scout, as they're usually the default choice.
>> No. 3445
Het classcest. Class x Fem!Class. Preferably all of them, if possible.

Also, a Miss Pauling orgy. Dicks everywhere.
>> No. 3461
We have so many nice "Class x You" fics. How about Class x You art?
>> No. 3463

Well, Class x You fics are generally where the reader has sex with the class of choice, and so I don't think it's quite possible to have a picture where the watcher is having sex with the class of choice, unless it is an OC.

However if you mean a picture of the class of choice looking out from the art and at the watcher, then that can be done easily.
>> No. 3464
>>3461 Seconding this. Also, anything hetero is always good.
>> No. 3465
File 132219925339.png - (187.99KB , 600x849 , DOHOHOTHATSJUSTSILLY.png )
Hee hee. Rustled this up in like 15 minutes.... I wish there was more like this. Seriously.
>> No. 3466
The latter, yes.

Unf, not bad! I approve! Thanks a lot for the work.
>> No. 3490
there is not enough watersports pictures.

It's gross, but there's the fact that Sniper carries a jar of piss and throws it on people, so it's only logical to assume he likes to piss on people as well.
>> No. 3492
Oh fuck. Imma do it.
>> No. 3493
File 132263347148.png - (134.82KB , 643x606 , brb i gotta go piddle.png )
>> No. 3496
Fetishes I Can Think of That (I Think) Haven't Been Covered (Either At All or Enough)

I'll try and fill some of these btw.

Emetophilia (Vomit, maybe its just me that wants this but fuck you, it needs to be done.)
Foot/shoe fetishism god yes please
vore (???)
Crying (yes, that's a fetish)
Armpit stuff

I can't think of any more....
>> No. 3497
File 132267064897.jpg - (136.58KB , 837x1134 , tf-leakcolor.jpg )

I've seen quite a few of these, albeit not in great number. Piss, (not specifically omorashi, which is usually pants-pissing) amputation/gore, frottage, crying during sex and latex. (check out the big butt fem-pyros) I've drawn plenty of puke-related pictures, though none of them were porn.

I'm not sure if the proliferation of fetishes throughout the fandom is a good or a bad thing.
>> No. 3498
I'm kind of ashamed and too embarrassed to say this but... I have a scat fetish. I know that most people would be against drawing anything scat related, but nothing else does it for me.
>> No. 3499
I'd say it's a bad thing, we start letting in really nasty fetishes, we'd be a step away from letting in stuff like furries. It's a slippery slope.
>> No. 3500

Not entirely sure what you mean by, "letting in"- I'll admit that I don't draw some things because I don't feel like dealing with people raising a stink, but aside from public shaming episodes, there's really no way to stop people from drawing whatever the hell they feel like drawing.
>> No. 3501
While I don't fully understand the reasons behind having a hate-on for the furry community (besides the fact they seem to attract, like some other niches, an unfortunately disproportionate number of Very-Dramatic-People), I can appreciate the effort to keep drama to a minimum. I can also appreciate the fact that "no furries" is a rule that can be enforced. If you post an image where Medic has, for instance, literal FUR ON HIM, as in a FUR COAT OF FUR, you will be subject to whatever disciplinary action the moderators of this site see fit. But until they start posting bans for any bodily fluid besides spit and semen, there is no "slippery slope" to furry. There's a dead drop. It's off Stop-That-Now-Cliff into Permaban-Trench. As long as you aren't posting illegal material or furries, you should be A-OKAY, even if you happen to offend the delicate sensibilities of other users.
>> No. 3503
Unless it's illegal or furry, I don't think I or the rest of the staff really give any shit about what fetishes you post. As much as like something like lets say a vomit fetish, would make me sick since it's a major phobia of mine, I would just hide the thread and let that be that.

The general sentiment I'm getting from channers is that stuff like scat is highly undesireable, so you may be hard pressed to get anyone to take you up on that request. But you never know.

Also, like yang mentioned, bringing that stuff public here also sets itself up to public disapproval (I'm so tempted to use "shit-stirring" here for pun's sake), which unless they start personally attacking folk, I can't really stop them from expressing their views on it. It's really up to the individual if they really want to deal with that. I'm sure it doesn't feel very good to have people rag on your fetish.

Still, the only rule is that it can't be illegal (I guess an argument could be made about rape and incest, but it's obvious that the chan has always allowed art and fic depicting this). Post child porn or bestiality (as in, actual animals. Tentaspy doesn't count because he's both sentient and half a person) or anything that might look like it, and you will be permabanned. No furry porn either. There's other places for that.
>> No. 3504
>>3497 I just found your DA today by accident (one of your pictures was in a group)... it is glorious. So. Glorious. Moar of that.

>>3498 I might do it.

Also uh... furries? Go to your favorite furry site and search Team Fortress 2. I assure you that you will find something. (on e621 there's 3 pages worth, so don't fucking bitch.
>> No. 3505
If you draw that, you have no idea how happy I would be.
no one likes scat, which I can kind of understand
>> No. 3508
File 132287047067.png - (132.57KB , 800x776 , Spoiler Picture.png )
This is marked 'spoiler' for scat.

So don't get all butthurtand try and start shit over it because its something you don't like. No one is making you look at it.

Here, have something everyone can like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yvEYKRF5IA
>> No. 3509
File 132287376578.jpg - (38.64KB , 480x480 , 12896095047.jpg )
Holy shitthank you! You have no idea how happy I am!
>> No. 3511
>>3509 I feel so special now :'D you're welcome!
>> No. 3516
We really don't have any omorashi. That would be so fucking awesome. Preferably Heavy or Engineer.
>> No. 3524
You do not know how much I fucking love you for drawing this.
>> No. 3525
Also seconding the omorashi engineer request.
>> No. 3526
File 13231543204.jpg - (204.20KB , 350x1446 , 129307348495.jpg )
I will suck the metaphorical/literal dick of whoever can tell me who drew this.
Also going through this thread made me realize, you guys are awesome and this chan is awesome
>> No. 3527
I believe it's madtenka. You can find him/her on tumblr. Cheers!
>> No. 3528
File 132316066784.jpg - (62.39KB , 800x640 , heavy_def_gustas.jpg )

>Boombox uboob link after scandalously hot spy porn

this post just can't win any harder, its not possible.
>> No. 3529

I don't know why it made my morning reading that.
>> No. 3531
A coworker and I were joking about Heavy testing if he was too cold by feeling his nipples through his shirt.

I really, really want to see this. Especially since my coworker actually did this to see if he was cold in front of a customer.
>> No. 3551
I’m thinking of something I would like to see, a treatment for the TF2 boys. Just another presentation of the fictional beefcake. Wonder how much it’d cost, and how much my Paypal would howl.

A series of sketches, coloured or not according to the artist, portraying their version of a striptease. Context and rating up to the artist (A loving display in the bedroom? A grim financial transaction? A drunken dare? A shameful or dramatic revelation?) as long as personality shines through. Due to the possibility of full nudity and/or sexual content, I've put this in afanart.

I can sooo see Lintu’s Wanker!Sniper signing up for this with sparkleteeth on! Or a sweet, shy Engie. Or a smashed flirty Medic…
>> No. 3553

OOH. (Yes, just a monosyllabic, eager sound - that's the first thing this idea inspired. Particularly Medic, he's just so buttoned-down sometimes.)
>> No. 3564
I'd really like to see Engie touching Spy inappropriately through the Itsy Bitsy Spyder while the latter is confused because he has no idea whats going on.
>> No. 3565
scout solo in the bootie times, pink if possible
please please please
>> No. 3567
File 13241302976.png - (369.86KB , 500x375 , pyro33.png )
i'll just leave this here.
First post btw.
>> No. 3569
File 132414715724.jpg - (269.72KB , 898x1250 , fuckandmakeup.jpg )

These were filled but I was skipping school and getting much of my artistic inspiration back and this just... happened. It's got its mistakes and even though it was specifically Ms. Pauling centric I left out most of their faces.

...but I hope it's still cool. Merry Christmas TF2chan.
>> No. 3573
File 132429192533.jpg - (16.20KB , 300x300 , Happy Simon.jpg )
DAYUM I really like this. It has emotion going on and delicious manly anatomy with double penetration to top it off. You definitely got my attention, bro! Please please please post more art of yours.
>> No. 3582
sorry everyone i'd love to see more pissing in general. there's not enough.
>> No. 3583
I would like to see maybe some pin up type thing with the guys in some kind of traditional/stereotypical/historical garments from they're birthplaces. Demo in a kilt of course, Medic in lederhosen(or dirndl for cross dressing), and so on. I know the kilt and lederhosen have been done before, but I'd love to see some of the other guys.
>> No. 3585

Holy... I'd seriously love some choking up in here. Preferably with sniper being the one getting choked.
>> No. 3590
Demo/Sniper awkward drunk sex. Make it happen.
>> No. 3591
I'd like to see Sniper's ass being pumped full of toys, gagged and bounded. He's crying in both pain and pleasure. Spy is leanin over him, knife playin. (Mmm, I'll take two of these to go)
>> No. 3593
Pyro X Pyro or Scout X Engineer would make me a happy happy girl...
>> No. 3594
Oh God please yes.
>> No. 3598
I'll be getting a new tablet pen to replace one I lost by next Tuesday and I want to load up on line art to color. I was hoping some of you might have some nice black and white porn for me to color. Any pairings or fetishes are fine.
>> No. 3603
It would be absolutely bichin' if you colored this.
>> No. 3612
Thirding the omorashi request
>> No. 3613
Engineer in panties and stockings.
>> No. 3615
File 132557851118.png - (313.16KB , 967x744 , Spoiler Picture.png )

Am I doing this right?
>> No. 3616

Oh my sweet baby jesus this is incredible.

I have no words for this manifestation of awesome.
>> No. 3622

Pun totes intended but this shits about to happen.
>> No. 3623
File 132582646143.png - (376.79KB , 800x776 , Spoiler Picture.png )

Done. Spoilered once again for scat.
>> No. 3624
I'm also going to do this again tomarrow with a BLU spy.
>> No. 3635
Pyro/Engie/Scout threesome with Scout in the middle. It would bring me great joy
>> No. 3636
Sorry I don't have the other one colored yet, guys. I had a con to prepare for. It'll probably be done by tomarrow or the next day though.
>> No. 3638
Fourthing omorashi. I don't even care what class any more.

If anyone can point me in the direction of it and anything similar, art or fic, I'd appreciate it - I can't seem to find anything at all outside of what's in this thread.
>> No. 3639
File 132615726211.png - (339.81KB , 800x776 , Spoiler Picture.png )
Here is the BLU scat spy.
>> No. 3640
Requesting BLU Sniper omorashi. (Maybe he ran out of jars?)
>> No. 3641
Also requesting some omorashi. Anyone but scout or spy.
>> No. 3642
Suddenly need pyrophilia. Preferably BLU Pyro with a burnt/burning RED Spy (won't throw a hissyfit if the teams are reversed, I promise!). May include other interesting additions, but the pyrophilia is a must.
>> No. 3644
aww i would love to see sniper desperate...and more pyros of course. are there any sniper pee fics WHY ARENT THERE ANY?!
>> No. 3646
Apparently lots of people want some omorashi.
>> No. 3647
I want this too. I'm all for the omorashi as well.
>> No. 3652

I would also like to see omorashi!
>> No. 3679
I would like to see some branding. I feel there should be more of it in a fandom with a character from Texas where there's countless heads of cattle.
>> No. 3683
Any spesific preferences?
>> No. 3684
As far as like pairings or anything not really but I would like it to look consensual. As far as who I think fits it the most I think Engie and Pyro would be the types to be into branding but any of the characters are fine with me.
>> No. 3686
requesting teeth? like, licking teeth or idk. just showing teeth? i love teeth.
>> No. 3693
Hey, I had a dream last night involving Sniper and Tentaspy and fear, and woke up horny as hell, so if I may, I'd like to put in an order for some TopTentaspy, heavily dominating Sniper.

Also, fear. I have this serious thing for fear. Helpless fear. Desperate fear. maybe with some Anger and Pleasure dabbled into the mix. I'd like a good shot of Sniper's face as well as the sex.

Please and thank you!
>> No. 3703
Er, this isn't as weird as some of the one's I've seen here,

But I have a giant sideburn fetish. Touching, brushing using them like handlebars for the guys face...

Heck, even getting off by rubbing against the sideburns.

[b ]There is so little sideburn porn out there. [/b]

... Sniper.
Or spy. Or Pyro. They might have sideburns.
>> No. 3707
Porn of the Twins and/or frank from Dr.Tanners The Lessons? I don't know why I want it but I do. Really any porn of the BLUs from The Lessons.
>> No. 3709
Medic with the medigun up his arse has probably been done, but I would love to see a variation on that where the fumes are spilling out of his mouth.

Oh dear god what is wrong with me.
>> No. 3711

I've never heard of these before but now I think they could exist I want them. What have you done to me!
>> No. 3712
File 132873837240.png - (33.75KB , 345x369 , 1319358447209.png )
Oh my dear lord yes.

Captcha: genus. hecame
>> No. 3718
So...Heavy has fantastically huge fingers...

I want to see him fingerfucking someone else. I don't care who.

Also, where's all the Demoman/Medic? They'd have fun with their chemistry...
>> No. 3743
Spy and Sniper in Sniper's van, on the pullout bed, with Sniper sitting nude on the bed, a bit beat up, and mostly clothed Spy (sans jacket, shoes, and socks), leaning over him, his tie around Sniper's neck and pulled snug, pulling him up into a kiss, his knee between Sniper's legs. Definitely consensual, definitely powerplay. Class or crossclass is just fine.
>> No. 3779
Okay, I just have one question. Why hasn't this been done already!?

What I mean is this, a Medic/Anyone picture, fan fiction or comic inspired by the song "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye. Just curious.
>> No. 3783
Two scouts, preferably red and blue, literally penis fencing. As in, smacking their dicks together. While insulting one another.
>> No. 3790
File 133115853363.jpg - (204.13KB , 971x1171 , tf-medidrag3-penis.jpg )

I hope you don't mind it also being a cross-dressing picture, because that's how I did it.
>> No. 3791
I take it that's an answer to my request?

I like it, I like it a lot. for some reason it makes me giggle.
>> No. 3792
File 133117688390.jpg - (231.71KB , 700x765 , 132622776218.jpg )

by Prawnsy
>> No. 3795
Thanks this is awsome!
>> No. 3803
classic of tfchan
>> No. 3821
So the other day I had a strange dream. My brother posted a picture of Sniper on my FB wall. It wasn't a picture I'd seen before.
Snipes was leaning against some wooden wall with his dick in his right hand and pressing the back of his left hand against his mouth. I think he had a towel around his waist. BLU Spy was in the background watching.
Would someone kindly draw that?
>> No. 3824
File 13320860846.png - (405.26KB , 854x956 , 552372 - Hunter_Var Pyro sniper team_fortress_2.png )
Been looking for some Pyro+Sniper pictures for a while now but they are -so- hard to come by. I've only so far come across this one, in case anyone else is looking, but if someone has more, would be appreciated. Genders are irrelevant.
>> No. 3825
File 133209966916.jpg - (96.76KB , 618x907 , Hunter_Var_Looks good mate.jpg )
I've only got two more personally, both by the same artist. Eh, two's better than none, right?
>> No. 3826
File 13320996972.jpg - (153.38KB , 1019x709 , Hunter_Var_More SniperxPyro.jpg )
>> No. 3827
File 133209976378.png - (741.91KB , 453x700 , 349100 - Bundog Pyro sniper team_fortress_2.png )
Bonus uguu.
>> No. 3833
File 133223257349.jpg - (256.51KB , 800x769 , 1331872893719.jpg )
>> No. 3836
File 133235923953.png - (265.14KB , 858x848 , Pyro and Sniper.png )
Oh God no. I despise my old work. Here. Have some new Sniper/Pyro from me.
Freshly drawn. It's very sketchy, but I think it's nice enough to share.
Wow 2010, it's been a while since I've drawn this pairing.
>> No. 3838
Usually I just lurk but with all the pyro requests going down...

I'd love to see a Redspy using his bailsong to cut a hole in Blupyro's suit just enough to fuck him through. Bonus if spy's choking him as well.

My ladyboner would be most appreciative.
>> No. 3840
Justamus posted a mindblowing fic on their Tumblr called "Buttons". It's Heavy x Miss Pauling- I would love someone forever if they would illustrate it.
>> No. 3847
Anyone know any good gangbang fanart? Featuring Scout? (Or maybe french maid Spy.) I wanna see the team's bicycles being ridden, but not the typical 'guy surrounded by dicks' piece. I wanna see the perpetrators as well.
>> No. 3848
there will never be enough slightly visible pyro face. ( with his nose and mouth showing) i want to see pyro blowing some guys :-( preferably with his eyes covered
>> No. 3851
File 133278917119.jpg - (249.07KB , 600x777 , c3c19ef0cf68d02b58506b280c1dbd7c6992b5b1.jpg )
>> No. 3857
draw sniper x scout i want scout fucking sniper in his booty hole and snipers dick all big and throbbign with cum sperting out on his stomach and scout laughing. also put pyro in the BG watching in shock or secret arousal

>> No. 3858
File 133314998424.gif - (1.00MB , 175x131 , demomen laughing.gif )
>> No. 3859
File 13331655803.gif - (486.72KB , 200x146 , gtfo 3.gif )
>> No. 3860
File 13331763079.gif - (171.35KB , 390x239 , laughingbros.gif )
>> No. 3861
File 13331765576.gif - (1.35MB , 300x169 , bort.gif )
>> No. 3862
File 133317721761.jpg - (131.95KB , 500x667 , throbbingcumspert.jpg )
>> No. 3863
Dunno why making fun of it, ok probably underaged, but this kind of specific request is easier to draw than just "scout fucking sniper".
>> No. 3865
File 133322056871.jpg - (11.15KB , 251x251 , 1309616937584.jpg )
Oh god, I rarely visit this board, was linked but hot damn if someone were to do this and make it as magically comic as the description, it would be fantabulous.
>> No. 3866
File 133322093860.png - (98.34KB , 350x350 , I WARNED YOU ABOUT SPIES BRO I TOLD YOU DOG.png )
>ok probably underaged

There's your reason right there.

I mean, really. Booty hole cum spert
>> No. 3868
File 133331643949.jpg - (64.73KB , 668x687 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Well, that was 5 minutes of my life I will never get back.
I regret nothing.
>> No. 3869

Dat spelling error. Awww yeah.

Captcha: Panis ointoho
>> No. 3871
Oh hohohoho! tell me, how old are you exactly? Ah Ha Ha Haha. Everybody seems to be jumping on the teasing bandwagon, I don't want to be left out.
>> No. 3880
It was actually a joke, and I probably should have stated so on the request...I thought it was obviously a joke request.But even though it got me banned, thanks for the hilarious drawing! It's exactly what I wanted.
>> No. 3884

...well, I think you're funny, but that might actually be a bad thing.
>> No. 3887
Well I'm glad my dumb, ban worthy, underaged sounding, low taste humour was funny to you! Seriously I might come off as being sarcastic but I mean it.
>> No. 3917
Thank you for making me laugh harder than never before.
>> No. 3923
Requesting Spy fucking Sniper with the Ambassador. I really hope I'm not the only person who saw the size of that thing and picture this.
>> No. 3964
Tentaspy sucking himself off (I figure, as boneless as octopi are, tentaspies should be *much* more flexible and limber than a normal human, and this, then, should be possible for it/him) and taking pleasure in the deed.
>> No. 3973
The more I think about this, the more I want to see it happen... Seconded!
>> No. 3993
Jesus christ, yes. This is the first time I've been back to the chan in a while and I find this. That was originally my request, so ilu bro. You've filled a special place in my anus-- er, heart.
>> No. 3994
>> No. 4000

THIS. There are not nearly enough pics of sniper being fucked. He's always the fucker, never the fuckee. I demand a change of pace, lets stick a gun up snipers ass!

Actually while I'm on it, can we have more sniper getting anal in general?

I know sniper tends to be the "hot one" to many tf2 fans, and a lot of fics have him going to town on spy, but I'd like to see SPY going to town on HIM.

get crackin' guys
>> No. 4019

Try Y gallery and paheal. Sniper takes it up the ass more often there.
>> No. 4020
more pyros PLEASE
>> No. 4025
File 133819521028.png - (310.22KB , 598x272 , suptf2chan.png )
I politely request a big, sweaty Heavy donning the One Man Army.

since I can't draw for bollocks, have an mspaint shoop
this saints row mod picture was shamefully mutilated by me just to add said hat, I'm very sorry, original owner of this picture
>> No. 4040
I'd like to request someone (doesn't matter who, but Spy makes the most sense to me)soliciting Demopan for a blowjob. They'd be sittin' there, erect dick shamelessly protruding from their fly, offering two refined for the service while Demopan looks on. Torn between accepting the deal or keeping his dignity.
>> No. 4052
Engie using the Portal gun to screw himself (or any class, really. Imagine a mini-portal in someone's pants/underpants.
>> No. 4058

What? how would that work?
>> No. 4060

Stick your erect dick through one portal while having the other be very close to your anus...
>> No. 4090
Scout abusing another class, for once.
Heavy bottoming for someone (preferably Medic, but anyone'll do)
Pauling/Helen/Saxton (or just Helen with one of them)
Characters with small penises (I never liked 'em big, for some reason. I hope I'm not the only one.)
>> No. 4094
Am I the only one who thinks there should be a Team Fortress 2 version of this "Parody Fan Comic"? http://rape-me-op.livejournal.com/430.html#cutid1

It's a One Piece fan comic called "Why Does Everyone Out There Want to Rape Me?" where the main characters (the first six to be more exact) try to do as the title says to the specified character of that chapter.

Enough Said.
>> No. 4102

Yeeeaaah...no, lets not.
>> No. 4104
alright, scratch that! how about this instead? Two classes (Your Choice) trying out sexual positions from the Kama Sutra.

Capcha: vitypart war-songs,
>> No. 4106
>> No. 4107
I'm sorry, I just had to get this out of my system.

Scout cumming multiple times inside Medic with Medic up against a wall.
>> No. 4109
The only thing we need right now is sleazy erotic Balloonicorn art.
>> No. 4114
Have some inspiration.

>> No. 4116
Have some more inspiration

Durex Flying Condom Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyahoTR1Otk

Durex Chocolate Condom Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnJk_v2UPYQ

Durex Play Opera Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XJQWSwo-cI

Funny how all these commercials are from Durex. They always seem to have the most memorable commercials for they're products.
>> No. 4117
I'm sorry, I got a little ahead of myself.I think these would be better suited for something else in my opinion.

Enjoy the videos, anyway.
>> No. 4125
File 134102049962.png - (171.42KB , 675x700 , yesitissniperdontlie.png )

(it's exactly what it looks like)
>> No. 4126

Balloonicorn has hit an all time low huh?
>> No. 4128
We're all hitting an all-time, glorious low; i.e. I'm going straight to hell and I'm taking y'all with me.
>> No. 4129

I'm so proud of this fandom.
>> No. 4150
I don't know why, but lately I've been in the mood for some Scout Omorashi. I mean that "Bonk! Atomic Punch" can't be very good for one's urinary system, right?
>> No. 4152
2nd the scout omorashi please...or just pissing.
>> No. 4159
In celebration of Meet The Pyro, Male Pyro and Scout, because there is a huge lack of it.
>> No. 4160
foreskin teasing.sniper preferred. we need more flustered snipers
>> No. 4162
I would shank an ubered medic for some any-class spanking. I've fapped to all existing works. Fic works too, if you're one of those lucky multi-talented people.
>> No. 4163

Thirding this.
>> No. 4179
I want to see a Pyro wearing a rainbow strap-on. Extra bonus points if he/she/it is still wearing the suit and has the strap-on over it, like in some pictures or a model I saw once or twice.
>> No. 4180
well let's hope Scout doesn't start weeping when he's sees Pyro with that rainbow strap-on. Know what I mean?
>> No. 4189

Now I am imagining a strap-on with knobs, like the balloonicorn's horn. And Scout may cry when he first sees it, but methinks he'd be begging for it after only a short while, insofar as Scout would beg for anything, you know...

And now I am thinking about such a strap-on as an offensive weapon, with fire spurting out of it like the picture I recently posted to /Dumps/ Imagine the screaming from the other team if and when they saw THAT coming their way?
>> No. 4190
Scout tied up and being tickled by...well, could it be everyone? I would love to see everyone do it to him :O
>> No. 4191
imo, I think he'd cry more over the size of the strap-on, and the fact it's going in his ass.
>> No. 4193
Oh My Word, What Have I've done?
>> No. 4194
I would like to request a picture inspired by the song "You Can Leave Your Hat On" originally performed by Joe Cocker and covered by Tom Jones.

Get It?
>> No. 4260
File 134407938066.jpg - (648.57KB , 1000x1500 , oh yeah girl.jpg )
ok fuck it i said i wasn't gonna post this here but
anon if you are still around i filled your request half a year later lol
>> No. 4262

Oh wow, I never expected that request to actually be fulfilled! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
>> No. 4264
To be honest, I always pictured Spy to be more of a Sadist then a Masochist, sex wise that is.

But that's just me...I don't know about you guys.
>> No. 4277
I found an SFM video titled 'TF2: Strip Show' with that song in it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhIc-rIp0M0

Sage for no contribution.
>> No. 4278
oh my, that video got me giggling.

Thank You!
>> No. 4281
fourthing or whatever it is the scout omorashi
>> No. 4283
>> No. 4284
Hey, can somebody post pic where Miss Pauling fucking Solly in the ass, thx >:]
>> No. 4288
Gentlemen, I request MvM porn. It needs to be done. It has to be done.
>> No. 4290
Seconding this like burning. unf robots
>> No. 4291
Oh yes please. Especially robo-scoot. Heck, robo-scoot dominating anyone.
>> No. 4292
Robo-Scout and Scout.
>> No. 4294
there is way less BLU Solly/RED Demo porn than there should be. Jane and Tavish need some love too, yall.
>> No. 4296
Casually seconding/fifthing/whatever this because I expected to be tripping over this shit when in reality I've found very little.
>> No. 4297
human medic getting fucked hard with piston dicked heavy (or others +more)
>> No. 4312
don't got art, but perhaps this fanfic will tide you over?
>> No. 4313
ops, i forgot to post the link. http://mumbling-mice.tumblr.com/post/29539781674
>> No. 4317
Oh my word! that was hilarious. but for future reference, I think it would be better if the bots ejaculate a special lubricant or something. just a thought.

Capcha: 11:00 anyTime. okay...
>> No. 4318
Seconding bottom Sniper so hard. Even more so if it's with Tentaspy and it's full-on tentacle porn.
>> No. 4319
I really, really, really hope that someone will draw Sniper with a vagina ala TeratoMarty's Detached Sniper story. I'd try it myself but my arting skill is non-existant.
>> No. 4320
now that you mentioned it, anon, I wouldn't mind seeing some Detachable Sniper Inspired fan art where Sniper makes Scout give him head.

Truth be told, I've been wanting to see that ever since reading the first three chapters of it.
>> No. 4327
>> No. 4345
File 134682299546.jpg - (125.02KB , 850x1166 , SexToy-ScoutBot.jpg )
I wish to make up for my current actions. I feel like a heel for what I said and I'm prepared to delete that post. the only other time I caused such trouble was on live journal under a different name a few years back with a friend of mine I have yet to hear back from.

Now I've done it again and angered the administrators in the process. I hope this quick sketch of a Scout-Bot makes up for it.

I'm sorry. I really am.
>> No. 4346
P.S I didn't use any reference for the picture.
>> No. 4347

Oh, I can tell.
>> No. 4348
What should I do?
>> No. 4349
Lurk more.
>> No. 4350

Yeeeeeaaah always good to lurk
>> No. 4351
Get over yourself. And if you had some sort of emotional breakdown recently, or just lack self-confidence and feel desperate for approval,

(A)Don't post anything without taking a deep breath, stepping back, and figuring out whether or not your words are the result of feeling tired/angry/sad/etc.
(B)Realize that everyone screws up sometimes. Loads of the regular posters on this site who DO bother to namefag have been warned by mods, or tempbanned. It's not cause for earth-shattering alarm.
(C)Also, realize that a simple apology and/or (more importantly) learning from your mistake and not doing it again, is a lot better for you than posting repeatedly on the incident. Whether you're begging for redemption, lashing out at someone/something, or just generally acting in a way you may regret tomorrow, it's a bad idea- I'm saying this for your sake, not ours- to post anything anyhere when your emotions are getting the better of your judgement. This goes for anywhere else on the internet, but especially a place where people can (and will) anonymously mock your foolish behaviour.
>> No. 4370
File 134732564158.jpg - (181.06KB , 700x700 , 925438%20-%20Engineer%20Rule_63%20Sniper%20Team_Fo.jpg )
I would like to see a chubby femgineer like this one getting dp'd by spy (in back of course) and scout.
>> No. 4379
File 13480174158.jpg - (395.28KB , 600x858 , BlastedKing - 9344.jpg )
Hello, new here.
Have some Demoman/Soldier by BlastedKing from y!gal.

So, how about some engie and pyro with wax play? Don't care who's on "top," Pyro would more than likely like it either way.
>> No. 4388
I know it's a weird fetish, but...lesser-endowed guys? Or any of the classes more thick than long in terms of cock size.
>> No. 4392
2nd on flaccid guys please! I love thicker ones a lot more than long ones.
>> No. 4394
Where's all the classcest at? hmmm.
>> No. 4397
I wouldn't say flaccid guys per se, more like "guys who, when fully erect, aren't anywhere close to a porn star horse dick". Large ones actually frighten me a little.

Bonus points for Soldiercest, Democest, or Heavycest.
>> No. 4398
Yes yes more realistic cocks and class-cest. mmm.
>> No. 4408
Spy should try to use a croissant as a fucking dildo (preferably on a teammate*).

*Mundy makes an (in)efficiency quip, maybe.
>> No. 4410
Just finished re-reading Blutsauger and wanted to request some Vampire Spy x Medic. What with Halloween coming up and all I think that it would be appropriate.
>> No. 4415
Hello I'm new here
How would I go about finding Sniper x Medic porn please they're my OTP
>> No. 4416
This is a long shot, I'm not 100% sure if this belongs on afanart or fanart, and I really wish I had some examples, but

Hugging pillows?
>> No. 4425
File 135017617419.jpg - (80.17KB , 349x500 , icecreamkatana_-_TF2_HEATED_PASSION.jpg )
dunno,this pic sure does though. have pyro by icecreamkatana on y!gal
>> No. 4438
This is adorable
but what i mostly intended was something along the lines of "dakimakura" design, if you don't mind the japanese terminology. sort of what's being portrayed in the picture you provided.
>> No. 4447
Are you guys familiar with the concept of "Nantaimori"? If not, it's basically where sushi or sashimi is served on a man's body (or any other food, but sashimi and sushi are the most common). The female equivalent is called "Nyotaimori". Both are more commonly known as Body Sushi in the states and other parts of the world.

Now the reason i brought this up is because I'd though it be a good idea to see Scout used as a body sushi dish while the other mercenaries eat off of him ether with chopsticks or by other means. If you know what I mean.

Just a though.
>> No. 4464
Merasmus x Soldier please? I'm sure that magician has all kinds of tricks up his sleeves that he could use to exact revenge on Soldier. I'm kind of surprised that I haven't seen at least one picture featuring that pairing yet.
>> No. 4489
File 135192794091.jpg - (80.10KB , 572x715 , 772262%20-%20Sarcasmosaur%20merasmus%20soldier%20t.jpg )

Only merasmus image I could ever find, it's old.
>> No. 4497
File 135206620036.jpg - (192.97KB , 887x858 , leaving_so_soon__jane__by_timelordenglish-d4p10vr.jpg )
4464: Found some pics of this pairing, I think it's the same artist, thought I don't know his/hers name...
>> No. 4498
File 135206629986.jpg - (111.49KB , 720x720 , must_thou_always_wear_this_ridiculous_helmet__by_t.jpg )
Imma idiot, it says in the name file, it's TimeLordEnglish.

One more, also from him.
>> No. 4499

Thanks so much for finding these!
>> No. 4503
The sniper in leather pants. :D
>> No. 4504
Werewolf Demo/Medic (or Solly or Sniper or anyone I guess) knotting

make it happen
>> No. 4508
File 135280324457.jpg - (300.43KB , 1594x814 , 4balloonicorns.jpg )
Reading old posts and saw this prompt. Migh as well post my Spycest featuring Balloonicorn joke porn I did awhile ago. Enjoy I guess.
>> No. 4509
And by "right now," I mean "in perpetuity".
>> No. 4510
File 13528499085.jpg - (95.01KB , 400x400 , 26057877.jpg )
>> No. 4527
I haven't been on here in a while. Are we allowed to request gore here? I finally saw the first Hostel movie and think Medic would look great torturing someone.
>> No. 4533
For some reason, I have all of these weird fetishes centering around Heavy, mostly involving him bottoming.

Either more of him in drag (bonus points if he's with a Femclass, wearing a men's suit), being pegged by a Femclass or tied in her tentacles (she either has a magic/science-induced sudden penis/tentacles or prosthetics/dildo), and "any of the classes have a small penis, but their partner loves/prefers it." And size kinks.
>> No. 4608
File 13565711779.jpg - (581.20KB , 853x599 , tumblr_mfk3375abp1r6vf3lo2_1280.jpg )
I have an oral fixation and anything involving gratuitous making out is good for me, especially long tongues. I realise this sounds pretty weird, and I have trouble finding anything to fap to since I suppose it's quite a niche interest, lol. This is my first time posting here and I'm not sure if anyone will see or acknowledge this request, but I'll be super-grateful if you do.
>> No. 4613
That's not so weird a fetish. I just saw a shapeshifter porn comic on another chan that incorporated long tongues in it.
>> No. 4616

Aw, man. If you could find a URL I'd love you forever, anonymous hero.
>> No. 4618
This is an image request. I had this picture of scout, in a black and white, semi-realism style, standing in front of lockers in his underwear, with his penis whipped out and holding it, making a pouty face. it looked like a retro 50s pin up. Does anyone have it saved? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 4624
File 135662641216.jpg - (180.98KB , 544x800 , 548632 - Scout Team_Fortress_2 chai.jpg )

Is this it?
>> No. 4627
YES YES YES thank you!!!!!
>> No. 4633

Here you go! It's not TF2-related, and I'm warning you now for a few other fetishes you may or may not like (futa, breast expansion) but there IS a long tongue bit in Chapter 1.
>> No. 4646
File 135755295458.jpg - (24.16KB , 640x480 , tumblr_mejtxkqqlH1qg8am1o1_1280.jpg )

>not TF2-related

Get that shit outta here.
>> No. 4651
hi. so I've seen this picture an artist named "Desolee" on Sparkledog Central drew: SoldierXSpyXScout, and I've been looking for it and didn't seem to find it. If you go on the livestream of Desolee, you see the picture, but there's no link to it.


this is the pic I've been looking for. does anybody have it?
thank you in advance for all the helpers!
>> No. 4652
File 135811847642.jpg - (331.83KB , 1280x901 , tumblr_mduc48tnt41r099vio1_1280.jpg )
4651: Found it, just for you. A high resolution, too!
(You can find more of the drawings on Desolee's tumblr page, where this one was found)
>> No. 4654
ah! Thank you so much for finding the picture! Silly me- I should have thought of looking through Desolee's tumblr! Thanks a lot again!
>> No. 4664
I'm not sure how likely it would be for this request to be fulfiled, but would someone please draw a pregnant fempyro having sex with an engineer in either cowgirl or reverse cowgirl position.
>> No. 4709
Sorry. Just trying to help fill a fetish, I'll remember next time.

I don't draw porn and I can't write, so I wasn't sure how to help.
>> No. 4723
I really hate asking this here, but after repeated attempts to find what I'm looking for to no avail I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me. Anyway, I was poking around in the afanfic archives and came across a few that were written in response to some pictures drawn by Humon (Gumon): one was an image involving Heavy, Medic, and Sniper, while the others featured Heavy and Medic along with a tied up Demoman and Soldier. I've tried clicking on the thread's attached image files but I get a 404 error, and Ive come up empty-handed after searching other sites for the pictures (though I did find one that involved Heavy, Medic and a tied up Spy and Scouts mom). If anybody that was around back then happened to save the pictures I would really appreciate it if you would repost them here.
>> No. 4724

Hope this is what you were after?
>> No. 4725

Oops, I didnt know we had a lost and found thread lol. Sorry about that admins, but yes that is exactly the picture I'm looking for. Thanks so much for posing it Mawaru (and so quickly too!), the fact that I couldn't find the picture was really bugging me.
>> No. 4726
No worries! Sorry I didn't have the one involving Sniper, though
>> No. 5613
I'd like to see some Strap-On Sex between the Scout and a Female Scout if that's okay with you guys, that is.

To be honest, I've been wanting to see something like this for some time now. Hope you don't mind.
>> No. 5625
Could we get some amputee stuff? Possibly something with Sniper or Engineer?
>> No. 5626
File 137190309670.jpg - (316.83KB , 1000x641 , scoutlol.jpg )
Sounds hot. On it.

Have some unfinished Scout in the meantime.
>> No. 5628
Hey thanks, anon, That means a lot to me.

I mean I'd love to draw some TF2 porn myself but I feel like my current art style isn't fit for the chan.
>> No. 5639
I think it'd be really interestingsexy to see some Engi on Spybot action. Preferably the robot strapped down like Engineer was dismantling him or some shit.
>> No. 5645
Odd request. Two Centaur!Snipers mating.
>> No. 5733
Medic/(preferably unmasked, but masked or halfway masked is just as good) Pyro, anyone? With top Medic, and a bit of gore, or alternatively rough sex.

>>2075 sounded good as well.

It seems to me there isn't much of that pairing around, so anything is appreciated.
>> No. 5734
Pardon me, that was >>2076 .
>> No. 5822
Can we get some Medic giving bloody corset piercings to the other classes? Extra points if the piercings are still bleeding and holding closed an incision.
>> No. 5823
Maybe we could encourage artists from elsewhere to come here and take requests, because 9/10 don't get filled anymore.
>> No. 5824
File 140398948185.png - (276.25KB , 1024x1024 , corsetpiercings.png )
I tried to fill my own request but maybe someone else out there will like it too?
>> No. 5832
OMFRJ yes plz X3
>> No. 5844
No using emoticons here, please.
>> No. 5854
Requesting Engi torturing Spy using some sort of fucking machine. preferably tied up with his extension cord. i asked for this a while back and people gave me weird looks
>> No. 5868

this is me again. still want this
>> No. 5876

I'll give it a shot
>> No. 5884

Goshdarnit I was just about to scan it in and after looking at it for 5 minutes I'm going to doctor the lines up. Brb ruining my sleep schedule in the name of porn
>> No. 5885
File 143523071429.png - (1.83MB , 1199x1804 , 001smaller.png )

Good gravy ok. This is probably about as far from torture as anything can get and maskless Spy looks HELLA Spanish, but this is the longest I have worked on a picture in a long time and I'm pretty darn proud of it. There's a lot of other minor anatomy issues but the majority of stuff checks out to me soooo time for sleeps. Hope you like it, anon! If you ever see it aha
>> No. 5886

Some notes on the contraption: I designed it as sort of a modified sentry, with the barrel of the gun modified into a pneumatic piston with a dildo butt thing on the end. The pointy thing is an extendable rod with a lube tube connector (because lube is important) and the tip pivots and unscrews for cleaning and whathaveyou. There's also This thing I found on the internet that's sort of a dual-purpose ball-cupper/vibrator, and the main complaint in the reviews was that the included bullet died too fast, so I wired it up so there is no battery to die.

Spy was also going to be getting a robot handjob but I was running out of space on the sentry, so nah.

This is at a bar significantly above what I usually draw cause most of what I do I do quickly and dirtily and without staring at pictures of dicks for hours on end
>> No. 5906

omg i love it RMD! this is exactly what i wanted (well, spy seems to be enjoying it a bit too much haha)

thank you so much bro! id love to pay you back so feel free to give me your steamid and ill send some scraps :)

you da real mvp
>> No. 5924

You're super welcome, Anon. :) Glad you liked it so much!
>> No. 5944
Could anyone help me out? I'm looking for a dragon of Soldier's torso and cock covered in needles, I think it's one of Katya's works
>> No. 5945
That doesn't go in RMD's thread. This is for RMD's work only. We have a Requests board, if you're looking for art/fic by someone else.
>> No. 5947
Uh... this is the requests thread. Not sure where you got the idea that this was RMD's.
>> No. 5949
Got the threads mixed up, sorry. I meant to say that this thread isn't for looking for pre-existing artwork, that we have a requests board for that. It's for requesting art that hasn't been drawn yet.
>> No. 5952

I don't know about dragons, but that sounds an awful lot like a story TeratoMarty wrote about Medic taking advantage of Soldier's celibacy and fear of medicalness to stick him full of needles, among other things. It was actually pretty good, let me see if I can find a link to Marty's thread... here we go: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/155.html

Search "needle" and the third result should take you mid-fic. The rest of his stuff is A+ too though
>> No. 5953
Yo anon I found your thing! I'm almost positive this is it: http://tf2chan.net/afanart/src/12900171559.jpg

I also started drawing a picture for it that'll probably go in my thread now aha unless people want it here
>> No. 5955
Thank you so much! I've been looking for that for months!
>> No. 5956
You're super welcome! You should make a thread if you are the least bit artistically inclined. :D
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